Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Gaming Indulgence - Cafe World

Haloo All~!!!

Anyone knows what's wrong with Facebook ah? I had been trying to upload some photos since last Friday and it always failed me :( Sob...

Anyway, my friends recommended a new Facebook game and I think it is so addictive and it requires some strategies planning too :)

It's called CAFEWORLD.

Hee, and I think the recipes look really nice... It's different from Restnt City because you don't have to keep track of the staffs level or feed them when they have low energy level. And you don't need to trade ingredients. All you need to do is to ensure there are always food in the cafe to be served to keep up your popularity. And you need to schedule your cooking according to ensure there will always be new supply of food. Because once you don't have food in the cafe, your popularity will drop and it takes VERY long to rise again. It happened to me, when I hit a popularity of 80+ but was at a bottom 5 the next morning because I ran out of food.

And there are different recipes that would be cooked at different duration. Beginners can start with the 5min burgers and 15min salad. And since 1 round of salad can serve 100 pax, hence it is the most worthy recipe to start with.

After which, you can plan for longer duration recipes so that you have a supply of food for the next day. Example, I have 6 stoves now. And I have two stoves cooking a 1-day recipe so that I don't have to worry about tomorrow's food supply. I have one stove cooking a 2-day recipe to ensure if I forget to refill tomorrow, I still have a standby supply for the cafe two days later.

At the same time, I will have one empty stove to standby in case I suddenly have too many customers and need to cook the 5,15 or 30min recipes. I have other stoves cooking the 1,4 and 12 hr recipes to ensure there are food 24/7.

Not bad huh?! Quite interesting actually and I think you can improve your maths this way too... Hahaha...

This is how my Cafe looks like now...

Happy Playing~!!! And remember to add me as your neighbours coz the more neighbours you have, the more bonus coins you can get on a daily basis :) I have about 12 neighbours now and getting 1000 bonus coins everyday!!!

Oh yaa, not forgetting, the good thing about the cafeworld is that when your friends send you gifts like soda, milkshake, tea etc... all these can help to boost the tips paid by each customers, as in if you have 10 customers in the cafe now and you click on the gift that gives you 10 coins per customers.. It means you will get an additional 100 coins from these 10 customers. Hehehe and you can accumulate your coins so you get the most out of the customers when it's full house ^^

Happy Playing~!!!

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