Friday, March 25, 2011

Start of Renovation - Aircon Trunking and Meeting Contractors/ID

After waiting for close to 3 months, we finally starting our renovation soon.

We were told that Step one was to buy the aircon and do the trunking before we bring the contractors down for site visits.

Before we did the trunking, my very hardworking Laogong went to do all the measurements of the layout we had in mind and placed the adhesive tapes accordingly.

We did the aircon pipe trunking on last Saturday (19 Mar 2011).

Immediately after we did our aircon trunking, we met two contractors on Sunday (20 Mar 2011) for site visits. I did not expect the sessions to be so exhausting. However, it was a good experience.

We did not waste a second. After the sessions with the contractors, we charged to IKEA to shop for furniture ideas. We saw something we really like the moment we started our rounds.

To ensure that the measurements is correct, we went back to the new house to confirm the measurements and headed back to IKEA to make purchase of these few items - 3 seater cum lounge seater cum footstool + dining table + coffee table.

WooHoo!!! So now we only left with buying a fridge and an oven (gotten a free microwave when purchase my sanyo washer cum dryer :P)!!!

We spoke with another three IDs so far and gotten two unsatisfied quotations. Will do the site visits again tomorrow (26 Mar 2011) and hope to hear good news soon from one or more contractor(s)/ID(s).

Poor Jamie had to tahan the dust and follow us along for all these running. However, she also looked like she enjoyed herself, checking out her new room during each visit ^^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Big Little Girl...

16months and going 17months.

Time really flies.

I guess, everyone is sick of hearing this from me :P

But yes, time really flies...

A month ago, Jamie was still staggering as she walks. Now she is practically running half the time! Sometimes, she even walked on tiptoes!!!

There was once she held on to the sofa and lifted up her legs.

Pyone told me it was because of this cartoon she watched everyday on Disney Playhouse Channel, called Ballerina Angelina.

Ohhh... I watched it a few times on TV before when I was on AL or on MC. I like the cartoon a lot myself because I used to be a dancer too. I didn't know Jamie would pick up those dance steps on TV. But I knew Jamie loves to sing and dance, like myself and my hubby.

These days she would sing to herself even!!!

I guess I will really send her to some performance arts, speech and drama and music or dance classes which she will enjoy a lot. Still observing what are her other interests. Think she loves to draw, so maybe can consider some drawing classes too?

Some of you must be thinking I am crazy. Don't worry, I will enrol her to a trial class first before I decide which to sign her up for. Will only sign her up on those she enjoys and also will only sign her up for one term first to see if it's beneficial or whether she just likes it on impulse.

Most importantly, she must like what she learns. Otherwise, she will either forget those skills or they will just become a white elephant taking up memory space in her brain and also eating into her childhood play hours.

Can't wait to explore more with her :D

Sometimes all these eagerness to give her my all, make me feel dampen about a #2. However, I would not want her to become a pampered and self-centered princess. Guess I will continue to pend on my plan for #2, maybe for another year. Will put her on observation and see how things go.

For now, I am glad that I had finally won her back again!

Seriously, before last week I felt that she really HATEs me for not spending time with her. But just few days back, I felt that she really LOVEs me again. She even chose me to pat her to sleep, when she usually needs Pyone to pat her to sleep. And she would lean really close to me to sleep these days. The funniest thing she did this morning was to pull me towards her when my hubby gave me the usual morning kiss before he headed off to work!!! Haha~ Guess Daddy has become a mummy-snatcher too?!!

I guess it was not easy making that decision. But her positive responsiveness and her love for me had assured me that I made the right choice.

Thank you Jamie, for loving Mummy again :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2011










因为我是一个相信缘分的人。 我相信老天爷老早已决定了大家的缘分。我们一辈子所作出的决定与行动都是冥冥中自有安排的。我们该在什么时候出现在哪里、做些什么也都早被安排好了。所以我相信这次的回来又离开,其实是有个重大的意义。我也希望可以继续为了这个重大的意义而做出自己的贡献。


Tuesday, March 1, 2011