Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Counting down to Baby's 3rd month on earth

Time really flies...

Jamie is going to be 3 months really soon ^^

And she will be celebrating her first Chinese New Year...

Just changed her milk bottles' teats and she is adjusting to it slowly. Sometimes she will choke on her milk and sometimes she will overfeed herself because the milk flow was faster. Sighh... and she just puked this morning coz of that :( Flooded her pillow and my bedsheet...

Poor Jamie... I hope she will be alright when she is in infant care.

Just made a call to the Sunny Bunny Infant Care Montessori just few blocks away from our inlaw's house. It is the nearest Infant Care to our inlaw's house but also the most expensive. It will cost us $700 after government subsidy of $600.

Somehow I had this feeling, my girl is going to be the youngest infant there. I hope this also means extra attention for her. Will take a look at the infant care centre tomorrow afternoon. And give Jamie a trial period there for 2 weeks. If everything is okay, then she may start her 'schooling' soon.

Sometimes I look at this 'princess' at home and wonder if she will cry her lungs out at the infant care since she won't be able to get as much attention as you can when she is at home. Sighh, but I guess in a way, it will be good for her, coz she will then learn to self-entertain herself, be more disciplined and also more independent. That's most of the time, the issue when staying with the grandparents :X

Sighh.. really hope there is another option for me regarding the caretaking of my girl :( I will definitely hope there will be someone in the family who can help me caretake her... preferably my mother. And I know she feels very sad now that she is old and can't handle two children (my baby and my niece) at the same time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Laogong~!!!

Yesterday was my laogong's birthday~!!!

But we couldn't go out until my MIL came home from work and helped us take care of Jamie. It was almost 8pm by the time we went out. We went to the Beach Hut at ECP. It is one of the few places which my laogong had always wanted to go.

There was a live band there but yet it's not too noisy. Other than listening to the songs played by the band, we enjoyed looking at the people walking to and fro.

See our yummy dinner :D

After movie, we went to watch the Movie, 'Law Abiding Citizen'.

The leading actor, Gerard Butler is also the leading actor of the two famous Movie, '300' and 'P.S. I Love You'. This 'Irish' man has a good body manz!!! :P He has very lovely gray eyes too~ Nice...

In the movie, he acted as a thinker who planned 10 years to take revenge on those who lightly sentenced the two criminals who killed his wife and daughter.

These days, we watched alot of 'Thinking Movies'. Another of such movie is the Movie by Jude Law and the 'Iron Man' (Who has a great built too :P)

Having been stuck at home for so long, I think these movies made me feel 'alive' because I get to think a lot while watching the movies :)

Heehee, as for what birthday present other than the birthday dinner I treated Laogong, I am still waiting for Laogong to spot a watch which he likes very much :)

A Week of Birthday Celebrations for my Friends~!!!

January is filled with my good friends' birthday and hence last week was a week of Birthday Celebration. That includes my laogong's birthday which was yesterday!!!

And today is my '大妹' , Yeewen's Birthday!!! Hereby, I wish her Happy Birthday and hope all her wishes will come true!!!

We celebrated Yeewen's birthday on 20/01/2010.

It was only two weeks since we last saw each other, but it was like months to us. Sound really mushy but think we enjoy each other's company very much and always looking forward to our next meet ups.

See Jamie's all ready to go out~!!!

After my massage last Wednesday, I went to have my 'tea break' at Gloria Jeans at Cityhall. I met two really nice guys there who helped me look after Jamie while I ordered my food and drink. One of them even helped me to take my food to my table when Jamie started crying for me.

We had dinner at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant and went for a drink at Harry's at Esplanade. Think Harry's has somehow become our regular chilled out place on weekdays because there isn't any crowd on weekday nights. More so, when Jamie joined us last Wednesday~!!!

We also bought Wenwen's her birthday cake~!!!

Chin Leng and my laogong joined us too towards the end of our meetup. And we celebrated for the other two men as well, whose birthday is on 26/01 and 23/01 respectively.


On Friday, we celebrated Shihua aka Michael's Birthday (19/01) and Meimei's Birthday (25/01). It was our first YJC gathering for this year. Hope we have many more gatherings this year.

Was happy that both Winston and Gabian announced their good news. I guess we will have more weddings to look forward to every year~!!!

We went to Sun with Moon for dinner and had a good chat. Winston who is always full of surprises got them their birthday cake too~

Look at how delicious the food are~

The two lovely slices of cake~ and Singing birthday song~

Last but not least, the group photos~~

A week of Shiok Shiok Post-Natal Massages at Rustic Nirvana

Sob Sob, my week of rest had ended.

But really happy that my laogong gave me the 3 days of 0.5 days off ^^ And thankful that my mum helped me to look after Jamie on Thursday so that I can go for my post-natal massage.

I guess every new mummy needs their hubbies to pamper them and give them off days once a while. And of coz this can only be done with extra hands to help us with our babies too. Hence I am thankful I have a helpful mother-in-law and an understanding mother.

And of coz I have a very sweet and nice laogong.

He has been very tired since both his working and studying school term started but yet he will try as much as possible to let me go out with my friends. He will then rest at home and take care of Jamie.

And throughout the week of my remaining Post-Natal Massages at Rustic Nirvana, he will either send me to the doorstep or sponsor cab fares if he is unable to send me there.

Hence when he told me he was unable to give me a full week of 0.5 days rest, I know it was because of his work and study schedule. And hence, I took Jamie to Rustic Nirvana with me on Tuesday and Wednesday and left her at my mum's house on Thursday.

I have to say being family-friendly, Rustic Nirvana had helped to relieve my stress a lot. The friendly and helpful staffs took care of Jamie while I was doing my Massages. It was because of this exclusive service that many other mummies are able to enjoy their post-natal massages at the spa in peace.

I chose the Branch at Liang Seah Street because it has a small crowd on weekday afternoons. My Therapist was a 21 years old young local lady (Kelly) who had been in service for two years. Her cheerful personalities made my massage sessions very enjoyable. Despite being young, she was very professional in her service and knew her job very well. She could explain all the session procedures and product functions very well.

My 5-day Post-Natal Massages are free because they came in complimentary to the Home Confinement Package I bought some time back. Each session includes a Whole Body Jamu Massage + Jamu Wrap + Steamer Wonder or Sandstone Bath. To enhance the effect of the 5 sessions, I bought an additional box of anti-cellulite ampules (contain 10 bottles of ampules) + a bottle of Fat-Burning Gel + complimentary 2 session of Sea Salt Application, which cost me $500 (U.P. $570). It was believed that each application of the products will have an effect which last for 24 hours. And true enough, even after I had taken my shower, I still felt the on and off heating sensation.

On Monday and Tuesday I had the Jamu Massage + Jamu Wrap + Steamer Wonder and on Wednesday to Friday, I had the Jamu Massage + Jamu Wrap + Sandstone Bath. In additional, I had the Sea Salt Applications on Thursday and Friday.

As mentioned earlier on, the Sea Salt Application helps to drain the excessive water retained in my body and the Whole Body Jamu Massages helps in detox and slim down my whole body.

This time round, I enjoyed a longer session of Steamer Wonder - lasted for 20-30 minutes. In this treatment , I was covered with a specially designed blanket with a pot of specially brewed herbs. This steaming session helped to invigorate the body to perspire heavily and hence the body is able to rejuvenate by greatly reducing water retention.

On the other hand, the Sandstone Bath assimilates the detoxification process by Japanese women who enjoy immersing themselves in beach sand on hot sunny days. In this treatment, I was immersed in a tub of heatd sand that has been treated with aromatic salts and herbs, all in the comfort of an air-conditioned setting.

Personally, I enjoyed the Sandstone Bath more than the Steamer Wonder. Maybe because I felt that the heat was more equally distributed when I was immersed in the Sand. I even fell asleep during all the 3 sessions during the Sandstone Bath!!!

This time round, the effect of the Post-Natal Massages was more evenly spread out over my whole body. I have slimmer arms and thighs now with additional with a slimmer tummy.

Before Massage - I weighed 57.2kg and tummy is 94cm.

After Massage - I weigh 56kg and tummy is 91cm.

Rustic Nirvana is still selling the Home Confinement Package at 1 for 1 (5 sessions of home massages + 5 sessions at Rustic Nirvana) for only $838 (Usual Price $1283)~!!! For mummies-to-be and mummies who haven't signed up any Jamu massages, you should consider signing up the package with Rustic Nirvana. If you will like to try out their services before signing the package, you can sign up with the Mother2Baby Club by emailing your particulars to Membership is FREE and you are entitled to a complimentary pre-natal or post-natal massage (worth $120).

It's a pity that I had budget constraints, if not I may consider signing a maintenance package with Rustic Nirvana. No one will mind being even slimmer :P Well, I will just pray hard that I find a job soon~!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 x 0.5 days 'off days' this week...


At last I can go for the remaining 5 sessions of Post-Natal Massages!!! But this time, I will need to go to the studio itself. I chose the one at Liang Seah street because of their availability. I arranged for a 5 days intensive Massage sessions for this week!

But because of the schedule (only have 3pm slots), Laogong and I discussed and made arrangement for Jamie to follow Laogong to school on Mon and Friday, my mum to help me on Thurs and I will bring Jamie to the spa on Tues and Wed!

In this case, it means I can have have 3 days of 0.5 days off from Jamie!!! Thank you Laogong~!!! I guess he must have realised how deprived I had felt and how uptight I had become stuck at home with Jamie. So sweet of him~!!!

I remember how he insisted I should go for a chill out with his reservist friends last Friday to Lunar and how upset he was to have to lug Jamie for our shopping trip on Saturday and how happy he was to be able to watch 'Daybreaker' without Jamie on Sunday. We even get to visit the Half-finished IR in Sentosa~

I guess he too need a breather too... As much as we love to have Jamie around, but we definitely need some life back... and not crippled ourselves because of Jamie...

Laogong suggested putting Jamie into infant care before I get a full time job after he saw how happy I was yesterday after my massage, shopping and makan with a friend. I felt recharged~!!!

And Jamie was such a sweet little darling when I whispered 'Mummy is home' and gave her a kiss on the forehead while she was sleeping when I returned home. She woke up in 5min and 'cried' for me. She gave me this very poor thing look to show how much she missed me~

This is really the joy of having a baby.. to feel needed...

But of coz, we must not forget to pamper ourselves when need to too. And most importantly, never to excuse yourself from exercises or to bring fat or lazy to put on makeup after delivery. Many will say, what's the point since we are already obasans... but then, it's our mindset that decides are we going to be a pretty and sexy obasan or a yellow-faced obasan..

Hence I am looking forward to be back in shape again!!! I measured my weight at the spa yesterday.. 57.2kg... with BMI of 22.9 and fats of 30 units... it's like a hopeless case for me, I had never been so fat before. Looking at myself in the mirror everyday was a torture... I even became paranoid, about others' harmless comments and started to worry when my Laogong stayed out late with friends or for work. I told myself I must pick myself up again and to look pretty and attractive once again~!!! Only then, I can have my life back and feel really blissful as a mummy :)

Jiayou Jolene!!! And all the mummies out there!!! Jiayou~!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Can't Help Falling in Love with You... My Lovely Jamie...

though sometimes I do feel very deprived...

I no longer:
1. Able to do what I like during the daytime (compared to when I was pregnant), because Jamie is getting stickier these days. She needs to be carried the whole of today and refused to sleep on her own. She is so insecure... :(
2. Eat in peace when we go out with baby. We have to take turn to eat instead of enjoy what we eat.
3. Able to watch a movie if we go out with baby. I don't mind to bring baby into a cinema if the management doesn't mind :P

and many more...

however I don't regret having my baby girl...instead I am falling very deeply in love with her each day...

I love the way she touches my face every morning when she wakes up.
I love the way she calls for me when she wants a hug.
I love the way she needs me to be by her side to accompany her to sleep every nite.
I love the way she stretches out her hands to ask me to hug her when I come back from viewings.
I love the way she lies in my arms asleep very contentedly.
I love the way she feels safe when I hug her when she has nightmares.
I love the way she is having fun playing with water when she baths.
I love the way she smiles when she is happy.

I love everything about her...!!!

Makes me forget how deprived I am ;P I guess that's what all mummies feel :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 2 months old to Jamie~!!

Jamie is two months old officially from yesterday!!!

She is very much behaving like a big baby now and can even pose to the camera~!!! Each time I told her to give a smiley face, she will give a wide smile or wink at me~!!! Hahaha... I wonder if its coincidental~ But take a look at the cute poses she gave me when I took her photos since after her first month celebration ^^

See how much she has changed over the 2 months :)


I really enjoy interacting with Jamie :) And I think I will miss her when I am back at work :( And maybe all the training I gave her will be gone to waste too :( Sob... Lately we had been 'communicating' well. And whenever Jamie struggles in a way I cannot comprehend, I will ask her 'what's wrong with Jamie? can jamie tell mummy what she wants?' Then Jamie will response in a way as if hinting me what she wants. Then I will ask if she wants milk, water, sleepy, change diaper or just a hug... then each time I 'hit the jackpot' she will either wink at me or give me a smile. Hence I will then know what she wants. Hahaha... sounds ridiculous to some, but then it works~!!!

And whenever I need Jamie to wait for me to prepare water for her to bath or milk or water, I will tell her nicely that mummy will do XXX so hope she can wait patiently and mummy will be back right away. She will somehow wait patiently.

Nowdays she sleeps with us on the big bed at night and in her cot in the daytime. It seems that she knows which is which. And hence when night time comes when we try to place her into her cot, she will make noise and indicate it's not where she should be sleeping. And when we put her in her usual position on the big bed, she will give the very happy smile. And she likes us to sleep with her too after her last feed. She will make noise and I have to pack my things and tell her mummy will be sleeping with her, then she happily gets tug into the blanket and wait for me to come over and sleeps with her.

In the morning, she will look at me and 'call' me but if I can't hear her 'calling', she will use her hands to touch my face to ask me to wake up to prepare her milk for her. So cute... And each time I give her kisses on her forehead and hands, she will smile like a little flower. Think she knows mummy loves her alot ^^

I trained her to love bathing and to treat it like a playtime. I always tell her its playing water time!!! And she always kicks happily in the bathtub...

Take a look at some photos I take during her bath time. See how happy she looks :)

And I think Jamie is gettin sticker to me each day... I fear I will cry when I have to go back to work :( And can't wait to rush home to see Jamie everyday~~~

Was at my mum's house yesterday and glad she was quite proud of me that I am taking good care of Jamie. Initially when I left her home to go back to my inlaw house after my confinement, she was worried whenever I can handle Jamie on my own. I guess I was not confident of what I am capable of too.

But it turns out, 1 mth down the road, I am enjoying myself very much and believe will continue to enjoy myself :) And I think I am doing not a bad job too, washing baby clothes myself, feeding, bathing, cleaning etc. And I am looking forward to cooking her food when she is 4 mths old~!!!

Hee, my niece is getting prettier as her hair grows longer and thicker. See how cute she is and how much she loves seeing her little cousin (though she still gets jealous) :) Even Jamie knows how to be jealous too whenever she hears me said Clarisse is cute and smart... hahaha... It's really cute to hear Jamie and Clarisse baby talking to each other to get my attention. Heehee...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 10th Year Anniversary

It's another very happening and 'busy' weekends for us~!!!

9th Jan 2010 was my 10th year together with my hubby~ Time really flies right? I still remember our first date and we had been together for 10 years already~!!!

Was really great we are still celebrating our together anniversary every year :) And we had been buying useful presents for each other all these years.

Since I bought my new iphone, my hubby had been very fascinated by the fast speed compared to his 2G iphone. And since I will be recontracting my phoneline, I decided to buy him a new 3GS iphone for the anniversary ^^

It was a very busy day for us on the 9th. I went to the gynae in the morning and got home at about 10.30am. I then told laogong (preferred to call him that though I know it sounds mushy on the blog :P) what I wish to get for him. He then told me he had initially wanted to pay for my iphone, but I was being 'funny' coz I wanted to reward myself for my hard work (for delivering Jamie...hahaha...) Hence, now that I was going to buy him a new iphone, he will wish to rebate what I paid for mine too. And hence, for our anniversary this year, we bought iphones for each other~!!!

Jamie seemed to know that we were bring her out. After I dressed her up, I went on to prepare the items to bring out. She then waited patiently in her rocker and took a nap too.

First we had lunch at Mcdonald in AMK. Yeah!! We had my favourite twister fries and we bought two cute new toys for Jamie... See how she 'posed' with her new toys~!!!

We went to laogong's school first to settle his admin work. He will be going for reservist on Monday and hence need to submit a leave form. As he was busy with his work, I fed Jamie her milk and took snaps of his workplace.

After which, we headed towards PS and recontract my phoneline and bought a new iPhone~!!! Take a look at our iPhones with their distinctive casings~!!!

After that, we bought dinner home. We had dinner before we left for our movie - Sherlock Holmes without Jamie.

The movie is really great~!!! I like Sherlock Holmes wittiness and observant personalities!!! Will like to be like him if I can :D


Today was another busy day for us.

We visited a friend cum potential seller or/and buyer. He has a 6.5 months old little boy and the boy is really cute! He is already learning how to walk in his walker~!!! Wow... so fast~

His house is in good condition and I believe can fetch a good price in the market. However, will have to wait for his final decision before we proceed.

We then went to Jurong Point Ichiban for our lunch. Yummy~!!! Had not bad sushi since I delivered... Yummy~!!! Will never get sick of sushi and sashimi~!!! Hohoho... Jio me for Sashimi buffet next time ^^

After lunch, we visited Joey who lived in Jurong West as well. Wow~ I had always wanted to visit Joey and finally I managed to visit her today~ So happy :D

Her house is very pretty and we like the cosy theme very much :) So did Jamie, she had a good nap on Joey's bed ^^

Hee, see pretty Jamie in her pretty yellow dress today...