Thursday, January 31, 2013

One more week...!!!

One more week and my confinement is officially over!!! Yippie!!!

The new CL is okie so far but I guess she is those modern CL who may not be familiar with the old ways of doing things. I think I am more old fashion than her lol

But anyhow, today is her 3rd day and only one more week left... I guess I can't be 挑剔 too :)

Though angry with my agent for all the hiccups, am still grateful to her for getting me free replacements so speedily :)

Well, because of the frequent change of CL, I get to try three different styles of cooking too :)

Quite like some of the dishes :

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sleepless... Why can't I sleep?!

Getting a bit frustrated over the fact that I can't sleep very much...

Not at night and not in the day too...

Too much in my mind?

Too much tonic?!

I really don't know!

Does anyone has the answer?

But I do know I have many unfinished matters on hand...

1) not sure what to expect of the 3rd and hopeful last Confinement Lady who will stay on with us till 6 Feb...

2) to cfm guest list, cfm caterer and purchase deco for James first mth celebration...

3) to bao angbao money...

4) to collate hotel list and book for my Beijing trip...

Maybe that's why I can't sleep because no matter how I try to push aside the matters, my mind will never take a break until everything is settled and planned. Guess my mind has a mind of its own after all Lolz... Hahaha... Sounds funny...

Maybe I should just let it be... Enjoy my planning and stop telling myself to "take a break" because my mind doesn't believe in taking a break until the day I lie in my coffin...

But I really getting a bit 茫然... why I so suay? And have to change 3 confinement ladies for a simple confinement period... Why can't things be simple and need not be so complicated? Or maybe this is to teach me a lesson not to make last minute decisions in future again...?

Yah lah... Obviously it's not my 'style' to make last minute decision but it's not within my control that this decision still had to be made too. I guess I will still believe that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.... But we must also understand that even if we do plan, we may not pass with flying colours either... Hehe... With this in mind, we then can be ever ready for last minute cok-up or challenges!


Friday, January 25, 2013

爱美日记 - Getting ready for CNY

Wondering if anyone is still curious about the mysterious parcel which arrived almost a week ago...

Have I opened it? Of coz I did! I even tried it on and took some photos. BUT I am not going to upload the photos!

Why? Because I look bad in it.... Kinda of disappointed or maybe I am just not good with online shopping for fashion products :(

Chinese New Year is in two weeks time and it is so happened to be just after my confinement. I know I am seriously not ready for it but I am not going to just give up like that.

Well, the wig I bought doesn't look good on me doesn't mean I can't try doing hair extensions. Yah lah! I bought wig meant for Chinese New Year. It's nice on its own but not nice on me coz of my current fat round face :( Oh well! It's cheap and convenience to order the hair though. I bought it on for only S$68. But of coz I also bought the accessories like wig stand, wig stray, wig comb and hair net. But total price of S$100 is very reasonable too :) it's brown, very long and has wavy bottom. Really very nice but not for round face like mine now :(

If anyone wants to buy from me let me know k? I only wore it to try out once. Spray,stand and comb not yet used before. I will let all go at $80 with free normal mail.

Heehee... Back to hair extensions. I did some research on and noted that these days, everyone go for real human hair extensions. It is as cheap as S$1 per strand and most are selling at first 100 strands for 100 strands free. I checked out a few famous bloggers website too and noticed they all go to Milly's for their hair extensions.

Milly's used to have a branch in Bugis that provides hair dressing services too. But a pity the Bugis branch no longer does that :( I managed to book an appointment to do hair extension at the Far East branch on 7 Feb. But I am still unable to find a salon that can help me cut and color my extensions. Thank goodness! Abby volunteers to check out her usual salon for me to see if there is any slot on 8 Feb for us to do our hair together! Love ya, Abby!!! Muacks!!!

Curious how I will look like with my hair extension? Heehee! I will post photos and blog about it once I had done so :) So stay tune ^^

Sunday, January 20, 2013

12th day after Delivery

Sometimes I wonder where is the origin of the magic number '12'...

Why do we need to wait for 12 days before we can bath n wash our hair...

Why do we need to wait for 12 days before those delivered by c-sec can eat chicken and eggs...


Why the number '12'???

I guess no one really know why now... at least the old folks who chose to follow the tradition did not really ask why in the first place...

Anyhow... Lets celebrate the 12th day of my delivery!!! Claps claps!!!

I washed my hair and bathed with the herbal water. Not too clean but clean enough though.

I am getting tired of the confinement food I ate everyday. Finally I can eat something different. I can now start to see chicken dishes during meals... N eggs too...

But seriously I suddenly don't feel like eating anything or eating much.. Maybe coz of my corset or maybe coz I am just sick of eating too much before delivery lolz

Back to my confinement food for the last 12 days. Thanks to my CL, she tried her best to make my meals look interesting ... Introducing new ways of cooking the same dishes... Thank you aunty :)

Today I finally can eat pig trotters!!! I thought I would b thrilled but I am just equally sick of food now lol

What's wrong with me?!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

8 days after delivery...

These 5 days had been really chaotic... And finally I see lights down the tunnel for some real peace.

Since we are with the new confinement lady (CL) now and she is up to expectations so far, we shall not bring up the old matters with the previous CL.

Though the unpleasant experience had created a Lot of stresses, it had also create more blessings in disguise.

Now I really just hope my little prince will be safe and happy for the next few weeks of confinement...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bye bye Ultra Big Tummy!!!

Hours before the Cut

Didn't have time to blog the last two days because was too busy doing my last shopping and going through my checklist!

I am all rise and shine on 9 Jan 2013 morning at 4am! We are supposed to be at the admission counter at 5.30am and C-Section at 8.30am! Though this is not my first cut but I feel more anxious than the last round. Maybe becoz I know what to expect already?

Happy Anniversary Laogong and me! It's our 13th year together and also another new beginning too! We are looking forward to 'collect' our anniversary gift in 5-6 hours time!

Jamie seems to b fine and happy when I told her we are going to see didi tomorrow. She only whined when I told her Mummy won't be home to sleep for the next few nights. Let's pray for a positive attitude from her when she sees her new companion!

Dear James, enjoy the few hours you have left in Mummy's womb and may you become the second man of the house and takes over the good example baba had set for you in taking care of the family and the extended families!

Haha! Sounds like some great expectations but it's not difficult as long as you want to! May you be a caring child who also has good EQ like your big sister!

Seeya soon, my dear James!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 more days!!!

3 more days to James' BIG day!!!

Actually I bought everything I need already but I guess there is always such a word as 'In Case'... Lolz so I am buying some more things tmr :P

Now that I can do my C-Section on 9/1, means I need to prepare for CNY too!!!

So I need to shop for CNY stuff too, eg angbao money and 送礼 for my mum, mil and Godma. And buy new year clothes for Laogong :) haha I bought mine and Jamie's by the way months ago :P

So happy we are not going to miss any CNY fun!!! Even if it means burning out pockets more :P

Want to share more photos of my drama queen - Jamie here Lolz...

Friday, January 4, 2013


Maybe it is really too last minute for us to hope we can get a good confinement lady (CL). But I still believe in fate. If the agent can make it happen once, she can make it happen again.

Some said," Chinese New Year season mah, sure not many CL left to work. I should count myself lucky Liao."

I guess if they were honest from the beginning, we can work things out. I don't believe there is only one solution to each problem. And seriously, it's not that we cannot afford to pay more at the CNY rate, just that we 不甘心let them treat us like cabbages and chop chop chop. If u are sincere and you are honest about your thoughts, we can always negotiate for a price both parties are happy with. What I don't like is, say ok already then pattern Liao Liao.

So the first CL said she only wants to work CNY rate after she said ok. Was she trying her luck to see if she can find another last min customer like me who cfm need CL during CNY? When she could not find one, she Qing Cai and take me first. When she finds one then she chu pattern n ciao? Shows how in compassionate she is but at least it's only the money issue.

Second CL is worse... She said ok one week ago. She saw the news came out saying no bus tix after 2/2 to other parts of JB. She called to say she cannot find bus tix after 2/2 so she needs to go home by 2/2. I blasted at the agent, this is the kind of 'good ppl' u are introducing me?! Nevermind, we will b nice.. We are familiar with JB/Msia routes n we have a GPS. It only takes lg 1.5hr to reach malacca and 3hrs to reach kl. We can send her to her doorstep at segamat in an hr. Then her fox tail revealed... She said she really needs to go back earlier to prepare for Cny prayers and said she needs to go by 6/2 and her relative can fetch her from causeway. Oh, now u have transport! Obviously she was trying her luck.. We didnt say anything n agent said fair enough then she shld rebate 2 days to us. CL said 'no! I rather not work!' For S$164 she rather not work?! It could have been an easy two wks chores for S$2300-S$164. Actually we are prepared to give the full sum to her plus a big angbao, if she does her job properly. But we are not gg to submit to her threats and worse it was only for S$164!!! It is really not about the money but the other party's attitude and lack of compassionate and honesty. Now is she wants I also don't want Liao..

Agent told me she still have one 'not too bad CL'. Seriously I am very sian already.. Why is it so difficult to find someone FYI take care of James? Was it the reason why he felt he was not ready to come out yet or he can sense that 'we are not ready' to receive him yet? He must b a very smart boy to have known all these things might happen. I guess my gynae n some friends are right. Babies do know when we are really ready to receive him.

Some told me to change agency n demand a full refund of deposit. Some told me just accept this 3rd one lor. Some told me find another agency.

I decide to accept this 3rd CL n wait for gynae signal. Actually I m just Sian now.. Maybe I need to wait for another two wks before James can come out.. If so maybe I just don't want a CL after all? I m happy with a 50% refund to stop my stress...

Another two hours more for the verdict.. All the best to me ^^

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New School Term

All ready for Jamie's first day of N2 tmr!!!

Time flies! It was only yesterday when she was 19mths and enrolled into Toddler/PG class. And now she is a little 3+ years old lady! She even chose the towel and pj she wants to wear tmr in school :)

It has always been like a tradition since my schooldays when my mum tried to buy everything new for the new school term and she would stayed up to pack them nicely into the sch bag on the eve of the new school term just to make sure we didn't miss anything out!

And here I am, sleepless and anxiously took over the chore from my helper to pack Jamie's bag with Jamie.

I even did the ultra kiasu thing -> write Jamie's name on every uniform, towel and PJ!!! Haha coz Sometimes the teachers will pack in the wrong items for the children. To avoid confusion n argument I think it's really a Gd practice to do this! Heehee...

All packed and all ready! Time to zz... N start hoping James come out soon...