Monday, March 29, 2010

A Very Special 30th March 2010

Yea, tomorrow will be a very special 30th March 2010 :D

We are fetching our new helper after 6pm.

She was supposed to come over on Wednesday instead, however the agency just called and told me, she is free by tomorrow, 6pm, so I can fetch her tomorrow if I want to. Since my hubby is not free on Wednesday, I thought it will be good to get the helper over tomorrow too. I have a long list of stuffs to brief her. And Wednesday will be a new start for her... and myself...

arghhh got to wake up at 5am with her 0____0

Anyhow, I am very excited for the arrival of my new helper!!!

Hope my new helper is going to be a good helper... I guess I won't wish to expect too much but at least she must be hardworking and willing to learn. It's okay that she is slow, but she must be eager and willing to learn.

A capable helper who is lazy, is a bad helper compared to a helper who is slow to learn but willing to learn.

Keep Moving Forward

I was pretty moody for the last few days.

And very negative as well. Not sure if it's because of the post-natal depression which I may not have fully recovered from since my hormones are still changing since my delivery. The humming in my ears and the off-balance CG is still haunting me every now and then. I could felt myself not walking straight whenever I am on my heels :(

Sometimes I feel very lousy about myself or even finds myself unattractive and useless.

But I know I cannot allow myself keep thinking this way, and remember this Disney movie I used to watch some years back called, 'Meet the Robinsons'. It's a cartoon with a very meaningful Morale of the story which had cheered me up back then.

The story is about a boy who was a abandoned orphan, Louis. He had very much wished to see his mother's face and find out why did she abandoned him. He was a very talented young boy who invented crazy things. But because of that he scared away all the couples who wished to adopt him. And one day he decided to create something called the 'Memory Scanner' because he very much wished to remember what his mother looked like. He entered this Memory Scanner invention to a Science Fair at school.

However, an 'enemy' (Goon) from the future came to steal his invention. And the little boy's son from the future came to undo the wrongs of this 'enemy'. Everything got pretty complicated when the little boy's son, Wilbert had to take Louis to the future. And Louis got to know that this was his future later on. However just as he started to be happy about having a family at last, everything changed. Goon had claimed the invention his and changed the future.

Only now, then Louis realized that Goon was his childhood roommate who loved to play baseball but had sleepless nights because Louis had stayed up with his Memory Scanner invention. And being a boy who blamed Louis for his lost tournament because Goon felt asleep during it, he had grown up to become an unhappy and revengeful man.

At the split second just as everything was about to be changed forever, Louis took the time machine and went back to the past to change it back. Because of his brilliant inventions, he got himself a scientist couple who appreciated his talents and also his future wife to be interested in him.

The morale of the story was to keep moving forward because whatever the past cannot be undone and only when we made the best of what we have now, then we can build a better future for ourselves. And because we keep moving forward, there are bounded to have new windows opening to new opportunities in life. We could have a even happier future than we thought we can. However, if we are to be like Goon who forever focus on the bad things and is negative and cannot let go of the past, he would have wasted his life pitying himself and will never be happy again.

This movie once again touched my heart as I reminded myself to stop thinking of whatever possible wrong decisions I could have made in the past and focus on the positive lessons I learnt from my mistakes and keep moving forward... and I will never know what awaits me in future...

Jamie is well again!

So Happy that Jamie is Well and Happy again :D

She was so unlike herself yesterday.

Normally she will not want to lie on bed and do nothing if she is not sleeping. However, yesterday she just laid there in bed, looking so helpless. The medicine had made her weak.

She seemed to have many questions in her mind, as to what was happening to her and why did she feel so weak?

My hubby and I gave a nickname to the fever - fire monster. And told her she had to fight off the fire monster to be well again. I told her to rest so she could fight better and when she gets well, we can go gai gai again. She looked at me and 'agreed'. She was a good girl yesterday and slept for many hours.

At night she was well again and wished to get out of the bedroom. I walked her around the living room and she was even happy watching my MIL mopped the floor. She played with my inlaws too to show how much better she had gotten.

She is my happy and cheerful little baby again!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamie is Sick :(

Felt very bad that I actually wanted so much to go out yesterday even though Jamie just had her 2nd dose 5in1 jab. I should have known that Jamie would most likely have a fever, just like the other babies. Haizzz...

I felt really bad about it.

Before I went out, Jamie was still okay and cheerful. So I really thought she will be okay like the last two jabs.

When we received the call that Jamie was running a fever again, the first thing I thought was wanting to be there for my baby girl. Just like my Mummy was always there for me when I was sick.

When we got home, Jamie was soundly asleep. She just had her medicine and seemed okay. I checked her temperature and realized it was 37.4C. It was still a manageable fever. I was thankful that my MIL had used the cold towel method to cool down her head.

As I carried her back to the usual sleeping corner, Jamie opened her eyes weakly and gave me a smile, that seemed to say 'Mummy, you are back!' It made me feel even worse. I hugged her and kissed her and told her that Mummy will be here for her.

She looked relieved.

However, I sensed that Jamie was not her usual self. She was not smiling cheerful and looks so frail and weak. I felt my heartache. What happened to my Jamie?

I remember my da sao gave me a packet of Pigeon Cooling Plasters and took out one to put on Jamie's forehead. Jamie looked disturbed by that thing on her head. And tried to take it off a few times. And I thought one plaster looked too small to cover the whole head :(

So I took out another one and put it on her forehead too. Hmmm... she looked kinda of cute with the two cooling plasters across her forehead. And it blended it with her top she was wearing. She looked like a Japanese chef!

Jamie stayed ahead for the next 1-2hours, looking at me contentedly. I whispered to her that Mummy is not going to leave her alone liao. And will be here with her. So she can sleep when she wanted to. I kissed her all over to assure her how much Mummy loves her. She mumbled and kept talking to me and my hubby. Makes me feel so relieved and yet heartpain about her having to go through the torment of being sick.

I remember I never liked being sick as s child. I had always been a very outdoor and active person and being sick means I had to be kept on my bed and in the house. Hence I always prayed that I can recover fast and well so I can play again. I believe Jamie was feeling the same thing then too. But being young, she should be pretty curious at what was happening to her body and why did she feel the heat all over her head.

Slowly the heat subsided and Jamie could go to sleep...

The next morning (today), Jamie had her fever again. Feeling very worried now. I remember the traditional methods of my Mummy used to put icy cold towels on my forehead over and over again to 'absorb' the heat. I decided to try it out. I did the routine for about 1hr and Jamie was better already. Her medicine started to take effect too. She is now having her sleep.

I really hope Jamie gets well soon and be back to her usual cheerful self...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Biography of Jamie and her 5in1 jab

This morning I woke up seeing Mummy all dressed up and wonder if she is going out without me again :(

But she told me that she will be bringing me out!!! Hurray!!!

I wriggled in my sleeping corner and waited for her to change my clothes. She showed me this very nice looking yellow rompers with a collar. I took a look at it and realized it's a boy-boy romper!!! I wonder what my mummy is trying to do to me???

Next thing I knew, I was in the yellow boy-boy romper and she snapping away with her camera as usual. She even called me a 'handsome boy'!!! HUH?!!! But then I think I really look smart and cute in the romper so I couldn't be bothered with this 'gender confusion' issue. I showed her all my cutest poses with the nicest smile :D She was really happy to watch me 'entertain' her.

See how cute and handsome I looked in the yellow collared romper!

After we got onto the car, Mummy showed me this Cookie Monster Soft toy which I thought looked cute. As Daddy’s car turned into the main road, suddenly I felt the glaring sun rays into my eyes and could not open my eyes anymore. HUMPH... I can no longer look at the scenery now :(

Mummy noticed my moodiness, and did something amazing. She used the Cookie Monster to add as a shade for my eyes! I can then open my eyes once again. I love my Mummy!!! Daddy thought I looked cute hiding behind the Cookie Monster and wished to take a shot at me. Hehehe, I then pushed away the Cookie Monster :P
We waited at the Clinic for quite a while for my turn. Mummy spoke to this nice aunty who was holding a tiny baby in her arms. The aunty told Mummy that her baby girl was only 2kg when she was born. OMG, her baby was even lighter than I was at birth!!!
I looked around feeling bored, wonder how long more must we wait?

When it was my turn to see the nurse, I was dozing off already. Suddenly I heard another baby screaming in a room next to ours! I opened my eyes in bewilderment! I turned to look at my Mummy for an explanation. She told me it was okay and not to worry. But Daddy seemed to be joking about something called ‘the slaughter house’. Sounded so scary!

I saw the nurse asking Mummy to put me on this weighing machine and I was told that I now weigh 6.3kg. I wonder how tall I am now.
After weighing me, Mummy was made to sit down again. The nurse then told Mummy to grab by legs and arms. Hmmm.. I wonder what she means by ‘This will make you healthy and strong...’ OUCH!!!!!

I felt a sharp pain on my left thigh and started to cry in protest. Mummy faster hugged me tightly and told me it’s okay and she is here for me. I hugged her tightly too. I knew my Mummy won’t let any stranger do any harm to me. I guess it’s really okay then. I looked at Daddy and tried to tell him it’s painful. Daddy praised me and said I am a brave girl. I felt so happy to have Daddy’s praise!!!

After we left the clinic, Daddy drove us to a Mcdonalds. Mummy ordered this breakfast deluxe meal which I thought looked so delicious! Mummy took my hands and let me held on to the ice milo too! How I wish I could take a sip! Mummy told me I can eat some hotcakes in a few more months! I am so excited. There was so many people all around us and they were talking very loudly.

After our brunch, Mummy and Daddy tried to feed me a red colour liquid in the car. I heard Mummy said it was panadol and she wanted me to drink it because I seemed to be a bit feverish. I guess it’s good for me, and it tasted really sweet too!

When we reached home, I felt very drowsy. Mummy made me some milk and I drank half of it. After that I pooed. Phew.. at last we were home and I can poo now!!! I had been enduring since I woke up!!!

After Mummy changed my diaper, I really felt like sleeping. But Mummy told me I need to take a bath before I can sleep! I love bathing and playing with water! Ah Well, my sleep can wait then :D
I had fun playing in the bath tub and all changed for my nap already :D

Time to zzz...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Give me a Break!!!

Was feeling really unhappy for a few days.

Was even at the edge of minor depression (again)...

It's definitely not easy being a SAHM.. Not easy at all.

You don't have social life, and all you do is related to baby and the housework...

It's kinda of crazy manz, to think about it.

I really wonder how the older generation can take it... My mum herself was a SAHM cum home-based freelance worker cum babysitter since I was young. She used to be a very sociable person like me, and I believe she had struggled many times when she first decided to stop working.

Sometimes,I simple don't feel like talking to anyone and just focusing on just Jamie... And many a time, I really hope someone can give me a pat on the shoulder, telling me that I am a good SAHM...

But the sad thing is, most people don't really appreciate SAHM. In this cruel society where money makes the world go round, only the breadwinners will be respected. And somehow whoever chose to stay at home for the kids, are simply 'You asked for it'.

Well, sad to hear this right? Sighhh...

My Dear Mummy, I salute you!!! For giving up your social life and everything for us all these years.

Today I finally told myself, I need a break... I need time-off!!! Not that I have anything against Jamie, but I really need to get away from it all, and have some fresh air and feel alive again!!!

So I walked out of the house when Jamie was asleep. Grandma-in-law was at home so I need not be too worried. I prepared the milk and put it in the food warmer, in case Jamie woke up. And I went out for two full hours.

But guess what? I spent the first 1 hour doing baby groceries... Hahaha... But I was happy because finally I can enjoy the shopping process. Normally when I went shopping with my friends or hubby, it was a mad rush. I had to grab everything and head for the cashier queue. But then, Today I could take my time to go through my 'mental shopping list' slowly. I even did the groceries for the new helper who will be arriving next Wednesday.

After buying the stuffs, I wondered whether I should treat myself to a good teabreak. I tried calling home but the phone was engaged. Thinking that Jamie should be in good hands with Grandma-in-law, I ordered 2 side dishes and sticky chewy chocolate icecream from swenson.

I felt recharged and contented immediately after my teabreak!!! I even miss Jamie when I was browsing at the photos in my camera.

And I headed back home for my bao bei Jamie~

There she was, tired after crying for 1hr. She was looking at me with a 'Mummy, You are Back!' look~~~ She koala-ed me immediately and felt like the happiest baby in the world again! She smiled to me when I asked if she missed me~

Jamie, I really Love you so much! Though Mummy needs a time-off once a while but it doesn't mean Mummy doesn't love you anymore. Instead, it's because Mummy wants to love you more~~~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family Day at Universal Studio

We were pretty lucky to have gotten the three tickets for S$10 each from my mother's friend (who is working for RW now) on 13th March 2010. The good news came pretty last minute and we were all very excited. And since my mum was free that day, we thought it will be great if we could bring her out for a day of fun at Universal Studio with us.

Jamie wasn't as grouchy as we thought she would be when she was woken up at 7.30am. Instead she was really cheerful and excited when we dressed her up like a 'ranger'. She even had her a 'ranger-looking' hat on. See how happy she looked!

Because it was meant to be a relaxing family day out with Jamie and my mother, hence we did not intend to have any ride in the first place. But the place was so unpacked (since the Universal Studio was opened on that day mainly for its staffs and their family members) that, we actually managed to try out a few rides :)

Jamie had her sleepy look through the tour and even took her nap undisturbed. I guess it's mainly because 9.00am to 2.00pm had always been her on-and-off sleeping hours. Though it seemed that she might have missed out a lot, however, she 'took' many photos with us too! Yes, even in her sleep :P I believe we will bring her there again when she learnt how to walk so that she can truly enjoy the time there.


Our first stop was the Madagascar area, but the rides were not opened yet. However, we managed to catch the movie characters for phototaking! And I really love the penguins!!! There was this very naughty one which kept making 'funny expressions' when we were snapping away! Jamie was so so so amused to and not at all afraid when she took photos with the penguins!!!

hence our first stop was to take turns to watch the 4D Shrek Movie. It was actually the least exciting 'ride', however, it was also the only one that my mother was willing to try out. She thought it was so so only and was more worried about the hygiene level of the water that was splashing onto us throughout the Movie.

Sigh, we missed going to the Waterworld area AGAIN!!! We missed in Japan and now in Singapore. We did not thought it would have very interesting rides or shows until we saw the thriller in one of the merchandise shops! But at least because we missed it, hence we will not mind visiting Universal Studio again!!! hahaha...

I personally like the Mummy area MOST!!! And we also took the ride there! The ride was actually not very scary, but somehow I almost screamed my head off! Hahaha...

I didn't know my mother would be so 'fun' to be with. Because she had always been a serious mother who will tolerate no nonsense from us. Many a times, I actually thought she would stop us for taking 'funny' photos. However, she actually joined in the fun together with us!!!

It had really been a long time since we had a family day with my mother. And it was a pity, my father wasn't able to join us. I enjoyed myself a lot and I suddenly missed those times, when I used to go out with my parents. I remember we used to have a bicycle each, and we would cycle all the way to woodlands to have dinner on weekends. Or simply an exercise routine by cycling around the Senoko Industrial Estate. However, as my parents grew old and my father remained busy at work, we hardly had such chances anymore. I hope when Jamie grew up, we can cycle around like I used to do so with my parents. If Jamie can cycle around together with me and my parents, it will even be better.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jamie's First Food...

10 March was Jamie's Lunar 4month birthday. Being someone who had followed my mum since young and watched how she took care of the various babies she took care of as a babysitter, I too believe that a baby is capable enough to start their first foods when they hit 4 mth old.

I brought Jamie to my mother house for the 'ritual' then.

Jamie waited anxiously for something to happen.

It was not only an exciting day for Jamie, it was as excited for Clarisse as well. She welcomed her cousin with big hugs and sayangs!!!

Hee, it's so cute to watch the two children 'play' or even 'talk' to each other. Whenever Clarisse saw Jamie screaming, she will give her a pat on the head. But as Jamie's continued with her screaming... innocent Clarisse gave me a 'I don't know what's wrong with baby? I patted her but she is still crying :('

And when they played in the aircon room together. Clarisse even told me that Jamie was noisy and she wished to get out of the room. hahaha... so cute!!!

And hor, Clarisse for the first time, able to say the word 'Mei Mei' (sister) very clearly! She even told my father that 'Mei Mei is here' when he returned home. Kids are amazing... Jamie too wanted very much to join in the fun with her 'big' sister. They then watched TV happily together on a mattress in the living room.

Now come the food!!!

Jamie had been salivating whenever she watches us eat. However, it seemed she was not very adventurous herself when it comes to actual feeding of the food. Or maybe she is just not used to eating with a spoon Or that she didn't understand what it is all about anyway!

She looked like she did not enjoy the pumpkin porridge but then she seemed to want more still. She cried for a while when she was fed. However, we still decided to try again at night. And this time round, we tried the nestle white rice cereals mixed with her formula milk. Jamie seemed to enjoy it very much! Maybe it's coz it tasted like her own milk???

Well, I guess I will try to feed her a bit of cereals everyday and just nice I have the nestle white rice cereals and happytimes brown rice cereals.I will rotate the two types of cereals everyday. Maybe lunch she will have white rice cereals and dinner she can have brown rice cereals.

If Jamie likes what she is eating, I will introduce more food slowly to test her digestive system. But I was told to bear in mind not to introduce any sweet or salty food to Jamie too soon. If not she will become a fussy eater...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Mummies meet Mummies...

Am really Happy that the Nov 09 Forum Mummies finally met each other. And am very happy to be able to be one of the organizers, at the same time, managed to get some samples from sponsors...

I guess the Babies had their fun too meet playmates of their age. See how they tried to say 'Hallo' to each other and make friends!!!

However, I still couldn't understand why Jamie looked so grouchy the whole day, while other babies seemed to enjoy themselves so much... Or was she just trying to act cool??? See how cool she looked... Aiyoh... She was sooo anti-social!!!

Frankly it was amazing to gather 20 mummies + daddies + babies + some toddlers (tota

l about 40+ pax) for the gathering. But we did it!!! And we could keep organizing more of this type of gathering too :) Coz it not only help to bring people with similar experiences together (working mummies vs SAHM), it also helps to gather playmates for our little ones ^^ It makes me feel, I am not alone, experiencing the challenges... Yea, it's really like a support group for the new mummies~!!!

I am looking forward to many of such gatherings!

And I feel it's a good chance for the Daddies to get to know each other and maybe exchange some experiences with each other as well. Because Mummies and Daddies think very differently as parents. It's only through communicate with someone who thinks alike, you will realize certain pointers which you may miss out.

I am really amused by how orderly the Daddies can rearrange themselves for the group photoshoot~!!! We, mummies all wondered if it's coz of the army training!!! Hahaha...

But I guess because the group is really quite big, hence we didn't have a chance to talk to everyone. However, I managed to get to know some really nice mummies and also find out who are the babies who were born on the same day as Jamie!!!

All thanks to the 4 organizers! It was nice to be involved with the event coordination, which I always enjoyed doing. I guess I need not work for an organisation that allows me to organise events, instead I can do it at my free time or as a hobby even ^^ Hip Hip Hurray~!!!

I am happy to see that Laogong is happy to attend the event too. And he gets to snap snap snap away :D It's a great family day for 3 of us too!!!