Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Day Out...And Last Bit of Shopping (I hope...)

Heehee, I very guai leh.

Coz yesterday Rachel told me I should walk more to aid baby in heading down and exercise my pelvic muscles, and today I was out the whole day.

I had lunch at China Square with my 'sister' Xia at 1pm. Then I walked to Raffles Place mrt and took a train to PS to meet my friend for teabreak (TCC) at 2pm. Then I shopped around PS and took the train to Cityhall to meet another friend for Dinner (Mos Burger).

Woo.. I did my last bit of shopping (I hope...) and I think I can arrange everything nicely by end of this week~!!! Heehee... so exciting...

After that, I can go out for makans and walk around at ease ^^ And wait for baby's arrival... I guess this is my 'best' moments though I am getting cramps and giddiness as I walked. Hope to meet up more friends for makans and catch up before Jamie arrive. Coz I know it will mean no meet up for next 6 months liao :(

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