Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Advertorial - My Aspiration to be a Chio Mummy




Yes lah, I aspire to be a Chio Mummy~!!!

Actually, my Laogong and I always believe in keeping up in shape and market value, no matter how old we are or no matter whether we are married or have become parents.

As much as we believe that it's normal to focus on your house and your children once married, We also believe the need to take care of ourselves. By taking care, we are referring to maintaining the romance in the marriage and taking care of how we look. I believe every parent wish that his/her children will be proud to introduce you to their friends in future.

I won't say I will ashamed of my parents if they are fat and look like obasan/ojisan, but I know I do secretly wish my parents look better than they are now. But I guess the last generation can never be the same as our generation, because their focus is on survival and hunting food for their family... But as much as it comes to essential needs, we all can easy meet them all. Hence, we have to seek for greater aspiration in life even as parents.

You may think it's bullshit or something, but try going around to do a survey. I have heard not one but many saying that they will like to have children LATER because they are worried about losing their looks and shape. And some are even quite sure they will never give up their life and looks by having children. Most likely, these are people who have parents who look like obasan and ojisan. What I don't understand is, why can't they think of a better solution which allows them to have the cake and eat it at the same time. Nothing is Impossible, as long as we think hard enough...

Well, and I do have my fears about staying FAT after I give birth. You see, I have a mum who still has her spare tyre around her waist since she gave birth. And my mum used to be a 22-inch waist young girl. *cough* But then, she felt that it's worth the sacrifice made for having me and my brother. I am really not sure if she is fine with it. But then, at least my used-to-be ultra slim dad, grew fat together with her. My dad and mum now look as if they are as pregnant as me every day... Hahaha... oops...

I was not born chubby but I put on weight rather easily since puberty, mainly because I LOVE to eat. My close friends will notice that I normally gained up to 4kg from the December holidays to the Chinese New Year in the following year. After which, I will feel bad about myself and start starving myself to slim down. But the same cycle will take place again the following year.

This went on and on... and it was never really effective. Normally I will end up with low immunity and eventually fall sick. And it was being sick, that made me have no mood to eat and finally slim down. I won't encourage anyone to try this method since it's really not a healthy way to slim down. Most of the time, you are just harming your own body. And till now, I am still looking for an easier and more effective way to slim down.

And yes, I think I tried all the methods you can think of....

There was a period of time I was heavy on slimming pills. I practically tried every slimming pill I can find on the shelf, the all famous brands of Slimming Pills to some weird herbal pills from brands I found in Guardian. Then I realized all the brands DON'T WORK.

And then, I decided to try living on carrots, lettuce and cucumbers. I didn't last more than a month. I realized I was cranky and grouchy with no carbo~!!! A lot of my friends felt like killing me because I became short tempered and irritable.

And then, I decided to try going to the GYM for regular exercises. I signed not once but twice with the famous 'C' GYM. I ended up under-using the packages :(


Well, but I definitely will like to find a way to slim down faster after I give birth. Other than the post-natal massages I will be signing up for, I may consider some slimming packages too. But of so many slimming centres, which actually produce the best results???

I was browsing the internet and found this very interesting new technology by Cenosis. It's called the Cavitation.

So What is Cavitation?

Cavitation is the latest technology in slimming. It makes use of stable cavitations to obtain the best results by breaking fat cells membrane through the bursting of micro-bubbles. The complex fatty acids are then broken down into simpler fatty acids. These simple fatty acids can then be passed out through excretory system.

And What Happens During Cavitation?

There were even Clinical Studies done and Case Studies to have proven that the following are achieved after using Cavitation:
1. Body weight is loss
2. Fat tissues are reduced
3. No collateral effects

Studies are done on 10 women between the ages of 20 – 50.

That's not all.

To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, the University of Milan chose 3 groups of 7 patients randomly from 3 different cities which includes Milan, Lecco and Bergamo in the period between February and June 2005.

Treatment was done for duration of 45 minutes on 400 cm sq area at 7 days time interval between the two treatments. The results were recorded and analyzed.

In All the three groups in the above picture it can be seen that the High density Lipoprotein level (HDL), has been increased after 48hrs of the treatment. The level of the low density lipoprotein (LDL) has been reduced, and the total cholesterol level is reduced. Total triglyceride level after 48hrs of treatment reaches normal value.

HDL: Good Cholesterol
LDL: Bad Cholesterol
Triglyceride: Complex Fatty Acids

When it comes to machine, it is natural for us to be worried about the safety measures for using it and whether there will be any side effects to human bodies. But we don't have to worry about this machine because it has been granted the ‘N2’ license, which is a safety assurance license to ensure that this medical apparatus used for cavitation is handled only by either a medical doctor or physiotherapist.

Unlike the other slimming centre, where the slimming therapists may not be certified by NEA, the physiotherapists in Cenosis, being educated medically and technologically, are able to perform cavitation treatment in accordance with the safety standards set by NEA, as well as give you, excellent results in slimming down.

Hey, what's more?! Cenosis is having a first-timer trial discount now! You can now try out this new wonderful technology at a special price of $33!!! Make an appointment with Cenosis right now and tell me about your experiences!!!

To make an appointment, you can simply Call 7000 700 6626 or visit

UP = a MUST watch Movie~!!!

Back from my outing with my Laogong :)

We watched very good movie called the UP. Yes, the 3D animation by Walt Disney!!! It is so good that I will call it a MUST watch movie!!!

At first, we both thought the movie is about a cranky old man who learns how to interact with the little boy. But we realized we are WRONG~!!! There are much more moral to the story...

The movie tells of a young boy who met with a young girl. Both of them are adventures seekers and they promised each other that one day they will go to a place called The Paradise Fall and live there in their little house. However, as they grow up, they put their dreams aside as they focus on building their home and enjoying each other's company. Even till the last part when the young girl (now an old lady) passed away, they didn't go to the Paradise Fall. At this point of time, the young old (now the old man) felt a loss and felt he needs to fulfill his dead wife's dream. He then tries to fly his house in helium balloon towards the Paradise Fall. But when he did reach the Paradise Fall and opened up the stretch book made by his wife. He then realized, his wife had never regretted marrying him and giving up her dream. To her, able to grow old with him, is already the biggest adventure of her life...

I cried at several parts of the movie... It's just too touching. As I held on to the hands of my Laogong, we both had this strong belief that, our greatest adventure in our life is also to grow old with each other...

Though sometimes we do wonder if we made the right decisions to get married so young (my Laogong is only 25 yrs old when he ROMed me and 27 yrs old when we had our customary wedding and he will be a father at 28 yrs old... and yes, he is 2 yrs younger than me...and when he ROMed me, he had just graduated from NTU...) and whether it's the right decision to have a baby so early. However, if we really think about it, maybe we lost our so called Prime Years and unable to enjoy the late nights like many other of our age. But then what we gain is something these same group of people cannot enjoy or understand too.

Holding each other dearly, we believe we can walk to the end together... as we build our future together...with no regrets...


Laogong and I then watched his favourite 'Last Light' at Vivo before we headed to Sentosa for my favourite Subway Dinner ^^

Yummy... We had our favourite Subway Melt together with chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cookies... Heehee...

Yea! Finally, I can go out~~~


Yeah!!! Laogong just SMSed to say he will be bringing me out later at 3pm!!!

Hurray~~~ Been feeling so bored because this seems to be the off-peak season for both my property sideline and for I am literally rotting away...

Finally, I can go out for Fresh Air and to watch the movie UP (3D)~!!! Heehee... I heard it's a really nice movie. will come back with a movie review for u guys~

Oh yah, wanted to share how come I can be so free though the property market is blooming. Well, it's not actually the right time to go in for Local Buyers. From my experience, currently most of the Buyers who can afford the sky-high property prices and Cash Above Valuation (min 20K) are Permanent Residents (or Expats) who had been renting and residing in Singapore for the last few years. The economy was pretty unstable earlier on and there were too much uncertainty whether these Expats may be retrenched and forced to return home.

However, following the revival of the economy, those who remains in Singapore with a job, are pretty certain they will be in Singapore for another 3-5 years. It will then be practical to buy a property instead of continue renting one. And since these Expats may have saved up quite a bit during the recession (since everyone cuts down on spending back then + they need to contribute lesser to their CPF Accounts), they are willing to pay a high price to get a newly renovated home. In other words, they are eyeing the following units:
1. 5 years old new units in new towns like Punggol and Sengkang.
2. 5 year old EC
3. newly TOP or soon to TOP Condo

There is another group of PRs and Local Buyers who are willing to buy the new development as well. These are the investors who see great potential in these new units, as well as attracted to the new deferred payment scheme. With this scheme, Buyers will only need to fork out the initial 20% downpayment (including the 5% Option Fee) and the remaining payment (with interest) will only be valid from TOP date onwards.

Interesting right? I find it very interesting myself too.

Yesterday papers was discussing about the current property prices have hit the 2007 peak. There will be a lot of speculation from now onwards, as to whether the prices will continue to surge or eventually drop in the 3Q or 4Q. Government is now intervening the prices at the moment, hence it is believe the prices will be moderated and drop slightly by 10-20% in months to come.

Well, if you are a seller who wish to maximize your profits, it may be a good time to sell your property now then wait for the drop to buy a cheaper property. But of coz, if u are not in a rush for spare cash, then it doesn't affect you.

On the other hand, if you are a Buyer, I will suggest you to wait for a while, till the prices are moderated. Frankly, you shouldn't be buying a Condo which is $100psf more than it's usual asking price.

But I have to be frank that, there shouldn't be much changes in the HDB prices though, other than the Cash Above Valuation portion. And because HDB prices are matching up with the private condos prices, it may seem more logical to buy a Condo if you can afford it. Imagine paying for more than $230K for 3 room, more than $350K for 4 room and more than $400K for 5 room flat, in comparison to paying $600K-$700K for a Suburban Condo. At the low season, you can even get a Suburban Condo at $550K.

Just a thought...

It’s Weekends AGAIN~!!!

Oops…yes, I realized I hadn’t been writing blogs for a few days.

So Sorry…

I had been a Maria at my mum’s house lately, busy cleaning and packing my old room to make space for my brother and his family, who will be moving back in November.

Will have to finish the packing and cleaning by this Friday so that my parents can get rid of whatever unwanted furniture and items asap. Well, I should say it’s good exercise for a pregnant woman. I can’t be sitting around doing nothing all day.

You must be wondering how come I am so free when the property marketing is in a craze now. I will blog about this separately.

Now to share about my weekends.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Baby Lucius First Month Birthday

It was a LONG wait for us to finally get to meet Baby Lucius~!!!

Really love his BIG BIG eyes and I really hope my Jamie has BIG BIG eyes too.

If not ah? I will just keep nagging at my laogong for having tiny eyes lor… :P

Anyhow, I guess no matter how my Jamie looks like; I will still think she is the most beautiful baby girl in the world.

Not only the ladies got excited over the baby, it was a good experience for the men to observe and cheer for their buddy (Ivy’s hubby) when it was feeding time. From the look of the men, I think they had fun watching how the feeding was done.

And yes, we took pictures with Ivy and Baby Lucius. But because there were other guests around or/and baby Lucius was sleeping most of the time, so we didn’t take too many photos too. Nevertheless, we have many more years ahead to take the growing up pictures of baby Lucius.

Really look forward to see him again.

It is always a blessing to be able to share our different life stages with our close friends. And I know in years to come, we will be sharing a lot more about our mothering and parenting experiences…

And I am glad we always have a role model ahead of us… Yes Ivy, We are so proud of u :)


Sunday, 16 August 2009

Learning how to Bath and Clean our Baby

Went for our 4th lesson for Parentcraft by Thomson Medical Centre. Our Lecturer was the all famous Mrs Wong Boh Boi. She is not only experienced but very passionate about sharing her experiences and watching each and every one of us become successful mothers.

For the last 3 lessons, we had been learning more technical and theoretical concepts about how the pregnant mummy’s body will change over time and how does baby grows over time in the tummy. The daddies had to learn hw to do massage for the mummies too. And I must say all the techniques taught are really helpful because my Laogong had managed to ‘rescue’ me during my last 2 leg cramp attacks and also many occasions when I thought my back was breaking apart.

Not forgetting, daddies and mummies are also taught how to interact with the baby too. I must say it’s not only educational for us as first time parents but at the same time, it prepares us in a positive light as we look forward to receive our baby. Many a time, the daddies especially may not be very ready or not sure of what to expect during a pregnancy. They may even think the mummies are being unreasonable or attention seeking. However, after understanding what to expect during a pregnancy from an experienced lecturer (who has many good case studies and examples), most daddies are unenlightened.

And I do hope the breathing methods taught for labour will come in handy. Or at least, my Laogong will remember and cheer me on when it’s time for my delivery. Nothing beats having your hubby with you during labour…

On Sunday, we started our practical lessons on how to clean and wash the baby. Examples and Case studies of how misled maids accidentally or almost accidentally killed the babies were shared. It made us realized the importance of sending a maid to proper lessons before letting them handle the baby. As much as some maids may already have their own children, but different culture background, may end up in different ways of caretaking a baby.

We had fun learning how to bath the ‘plastic baby’ and wiping ‘him’ up in cloth diaper etc and also different ways of burping and carrying the baby. I realized men seem to be better when comes to being hands on with babies. Maybe it is because of their more powerful left brain that allows them to have better psychomotor skills. While I need some to learn the direction in which I can turn the baby around, Laogong seems to be able to do so with little effort. Wow… I really hope he will be able to help with his the baby chores when Jamie arrives.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Fulfilling National Day Long Weekends

Hey All!

How’s your National Day Long Weekends? Had a good rest? Enjoyed yourselves? Anyone went for a short trip?

Heehee, I did~!!!

It was indeed a very fulfilling Long weekend with my laogong!!! It was his last relaxing weekend too since his new Masters School Term is starting tomorrow! And though I was advised not to travel (by the old folks, as usual), but I didn’t want him to stay home and rot his Long weekends away. So we planned for an impromptu roadtrip to Malacca and JB, with 3 of my close friends on Saturday. On Sunday, we had a good rest and watched NDP telecast at home. On Monday, we had potluck at my laogong’s colleague house! Yummy…

Here comes the details and the photos~!!!


Saturday, 8 August 2009

Think most of ya will know I went for my one-day Malacca cum JB roadtrip on Saturday. It was really fun~!!! Despite it was a short one-day trip and the weather was crazily HOT, but then having my close friends with me are the best part of the trip!!!

The weather in Malacca was SO HOT on was a 3hr drive to Malacca, and we wasted close to 2hrs stuck in a jam in TUAS... But we were lucky that we set off as early as 5.30am. If not, I believe we will be spending half a day at the causeway stuck in the jam.

*me and my Laogong*

*my dear friends who came with me on the road trip - Russ, Sandra and FW*

We reached Malacca before noon and decided to do some sightseeing before lunch...

But I think most of us wore the wrong attire…. I had this really thick ¾ bottoms on and my legs were literally leaking sweat like a tap. Russ wore this black top and jeans which I guess was the result of her mild heatstroke. Laogong had his jeans on too and I can see him sweating cats and dogs. Only Sandra and FW wore slightly more cooling attire. I had to admit it was my fault to ask them to wear less revealing attire because I presume it’s a gesture of respect to the locals. But well, there were so many international tourists in Malacca all in Bermudas and some in revealing tops or dresses even!!!

I am glad, Russ didn’t faint that day. Next time we shall revisit Malacca in sundresses, mini shorts and sleeveless tops. It’s better to be suntanned than to suffer from heatstroke. And most importantly, we must always have our water bottles with us.

Because of the horrible weather, we could only visit Christ Church and take some photos. Was rather disappointed that the A'Famosa fort is under renovation and there was no way to get in to take a few shots. I had always liked the Fort very much, for reasons I cannot comprehend. The Fort was built by the Portuguese after they captured Malacca to defend themselves. However, the Fort suffered severe destruction during the Dutch invasion. I really would prefer its destructed state because it would make it more authentic and ‘real’. If the renovation would mean rebuilding the Fort, then the glory of the Fort would be forgotten with the new wash of paint.

*Laogong and me in front of the Queen Victoria Fountain*

*Me and my Jamie in front of Christ Church*

I noticed that Malacca is doing some major heritage preservation and had built a visitor centre just across the road. I also noticed that most of the heritage attractions are nearby, mainly because the 3 different colonies (Portuguese, Dutch and British) had setup their bases and ports along the Melaka river. This was what made Malacca so special, because it is rare to find 3 different types of buildings existing on the same plot of land in the same district. Frankly, I have this very strong feeling towards Malacca and Penang. And I am still trying to understand why is this so…

*Notice for Heritage Conservation Programme*

Yeah, maybe it is simply because I really love political and cultural geography. Maybe I should read up more on it then as a pastime!
After the photo shoots at Christ Church, we walked towards Jonker Street which was just 5 minutes away from Christ Church.

There is something very interesting about the Chinese name for Jonker Street, which is known as 鸡场街. But please don’t be mistaken, Jonker Street isn’t a red light district. In fact, it was the old Chinatown where it houses some of the Malacca’s oldest dwellings or houses dating back to the 17th century. It was also known for its once rich baba-nyonya heritage and rich man’s antiques.

It is all the more famous for the rich artifacts from different periods of colonial rule from the Portuguese, Dutch, and British. If you have sufficient time to stroll through the street with eagle eyes, you can easily hunt and bargain for the unique and valuable antique furniture, Chinese porcelain, brassware, cast iron beds, lamps, coins and money notes, as well as the priceless Buddha statues.

I went to Malacca 3 times and yet each time I missed visiting the all famous Jonker street at its most happening hours. It was stated in the visitor centre that, on every Friday evenings, Saturday evenings and Sunday evenings from 6.00pm to 12.00 midnight. Traders will line along the pedestrian street and setting up stalls to sell and display products associated with or reflect the cultural colours, such as antique copper coins, local and ethnic traditional food, unique arts and crafts, souvenirs, ornamental jewelry, and wooden clogs.

Sound really fun. Hope I can visit Jonker street at night in my next visit to Malacca! There is even a Geographer Cafe located at the middle of the street is especially known among the foreign visitors, for its happening live bands on Friday and weekend nights. Oh Man…

But we did walk around Jonker street still in the ‘bright daylight’ (I mean the hot sun)… Hahaha…

And we found authentic looking bakeries, popiah stalls etc etc. Wow… so cool…those stalls are like shops in the backyard of the owners’ houses. And the biscuits and cakes look so authentic. Pity we didn’t take many photos because we were too concerned about the heat. We bought some traditional biscuits and the Portuguese egg tart… (Yummy…)

We had the all famous chicken rice ball there... yummy....

There was a long queue outside the coffee shop (with no aircon). My dear friends were very worried about me standing in the sun and told me to ‘hide’ in the aircon shop nearby. Russ and Sandra then waited for about 30-45minutes before we managed to get the seats. Just as we sat down happily, poor Russ had a mild heatstroke and started turning pale... We didn’t know what we can do for her. And when she started to feel puky, the stall holders was nice enough to offer us remedies to help her feel better, instead of chasing us out of the store...

*The all famous Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball*

After lunch, we decided not to go for more sightseeing but headed towards some aircon shopping complex. Hence we went to the Mega Mall Plaza Mahkota. We bought some toiletries from Watson at half of those we can find in Singapore and sourced for some gifts before we headed back to JB for dinner.

*The old street of Malacca*

*The Dutch Landmark, The Windmill*

At about 4pm, we set off towards JB. It was another 3hrs drive back. As usual, all of us fell asleep on the way. I have to really praise my Laogong for staying awake for so many hours and managed to fetch us to and fro safely throughout the roadtrip. And ermmm, I am pretty amazed by the speed he drove at… :X

At about 7plus, we reached Taman Sentosa. I only remember one shop which we last had seafood and directed the rest to this restaurant. We were so hungry that we just kept ordering until we realized we ordered 7 dishes for 5 pax... We had oats prawns, hot plate toufu, youtiao salad, yam ring, kang kong, sweet and sour spare ribs and the all famous herbal paper chicken!!! All these for only RM113. It was a good meal.

*Laogong and his Favourite Yam Ring*

*Yummy~!!! Can't wait to eat liao!!!*

*Our Feast*

We then walked over to the nearby 鱿鱼大王shop and bought cuttle fish and 马蹄酥. The 马蹄酥 we bought was so yummy that we finished half a packet on the same night we reached home. Since it was still early, so we headed to THE STORE to buy some groceries. Wow! We were amazed that Vitagen cost only RM3.99 for 5 bottles (compared to S$3+ in Singapore). Since Vitagen is said to be good for digestion, we decided to buy 15 bottles of Vitagen. Other than that, we bought Laogong’s favourite chocolate wafers too.

It was a great one-day roadtrip. And though I had been to Malacca for 3 times, I realized I had new discoveries each time I went there. Most importantly, I went with 3 different groups of friends who are able to share the same excitement as me, in a new place, discovering new things. It’s really not where you are that matter, but who you go there with. I will be looking forward to going to Malacca again. And this time round, I will wish to try the all famous Nonya dishes and Satay Celup!!!

By the way, just like to share with you all that the exchange rate for RM is really good now. We managed to change RM at the rate of 2.42~!!! So, if you are thinking of going to Msia in the short run, do make your way to the money changers now before the rate drops~~~

Hee, and I am definitely looking forward to another roadtrip before Jamie arrives~~~

*A Healthy Cheers to our Friendship*


Sunday, 9 August 2009

We had a very relaxing Sunday.

I simply woke up with a full body ache. And after lunch, I had another nap until 4pm.

Laogong and I were then stuck on our laptops until it’s time for the NDP telecast!!!

I must say I really like the NDP this year, especially the chapter that displays songs from the 60s to the 90s. It reminds me of the good ‘old’ days at DblO on retro nights. Hahaha…

I also spotted our PM Lee watery eyes… Frankly, it was a great show and I love the Majulah Singapura spirit we all shared. It’s true that we had been through lots of ups and downs since the independence of Singapore. And it’s because of the ‘never say die’ attitude and belief among our early leaders that Singapore is who she is now. Though a small red dot on the world map but all the great things we had achieved so far!

There are bound to be many more challenges ahead of us. Even for us, as individuals, we are bound to experience many more unexplainable obstacles in our life journey. But as long as we hold our heads high and have faith in ourselves, we can definitely be able to jump over each and every hurdle that comes our way.

Lets live on with this ‘never say die’ spirit for ourselves and for our nation!!!


Monday, 10 August 2009

We had potluck at Laogong’s colleagues house on Monday.

But hor, ended up we didn’t need to cook anything. We only need to bring our liquor collection and buy the ice cream dessert. Thanks to Jamie. Heehee, I seemed to get a lot of privileges lately because of Jamie. Wonder should I feel jealous or not. Heehee…

Anyway, we had the great chef to cook the very yummy and spicy Black Pepper Crabs, the host who cooked the cheese-baked chicken wings and another couple who prepared the chef salad with lotsa 料! And the host’s mother even sponsored curry chicken and bee hoon! Yummy~!!!

I even get to have some wine which was believed to be good for the baby :)

*The Big Chef at work with his Black Pepper Crabs*

*Me having my healthy wine for Jamie*

*The Feast*

*Laogong helping to clean up after dinner*


So much for my Long Weekends…

What about yours?

Friday, August 7, 2009

24th week Gynae Checkup

Hihi All :)

It's my 24th week regular Gynae Checkup today!

As usual, it was a 1hr plus wait at the clinic but luckily I had a laptop with me, so I just keep myself entertained on Facebook, Gmail and Msn ^^

My Laogong on the other hand, had a good nap.

Everything is normal for Baby Jamie.

Ohhh yaa... did I mention that I already gave Baby a name? I am calling her Jamie (Lok). Heehee... Why ah? We both just happened to like the name. And it's actually my other name ^^ So just nice lor, can give it to my girl girl now :D

Oh Yes! I was talking about Baby Jamie. She is 700gram now. Was 312gram last mth. Growing well~!!! Heard baby should be doubling her weight every month for now. Not sure of her length now though. Didn't get the ultrasound scanned picture today :(

Maybe coz cheeky Jamie was head down and lying on her tummy! She showed us her buttocks and shook it at us somemore~!!! So cheeky~!!! My Gynae, couldn't helped it and kept laughing as she pointed the buttocks to us.

Aiyoh... Jamie must have waited for her turn until impatient liao...Coz I told her we are going to see the gynae and throughout the 1hr plus of wait, she kept fidgeting non-stop... *shakes head* I felt so paiseh in front of the gynae... My Laogong felt paiseh also. After he got out of the gynae room, he 'spanked' Baby Jamie buttocks (on the part of my tummy where her buttocks are supposed to be) for being rude just now. Kekeke... Baby Jamie got her first spank from Daddy before she is born :P

Can't wait to feel her first flying kick in my tummy. Gynae said I should be able to feel it by 28th week. So excited over it! But hor, actually I am already suffering from her fidgeting liao. Coz she is having her head down and legs up. And she keeps poking her legs into my ribcage!!! Nowadays, I have to eat small but more meals... But hor, I always have craving leh!!! But I just cannot eat as much as I want to~!!!

Think it's coz Jamie is vain. And refuses to let mummy overeat and make her grow into a fat baby 0___0 Haizz... I am terrorized by my Baby :P

But well, maybe it is not a bad thing. At least I will be able to be in control of my weight gain! So far so good! Gained only 800gram and 400gram belongs to Jamie :P So Happy ^^

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to JB and Malacca^^ to shop and feast on seafood :P Yummy... I hope I can eat more tomorrow~~~

"Good Jamie, better let mummy eat her fill tomorrow!!!"

I promise I will take alot of pictures for my trip tomorrow and posted my latest picture online for you all k :D

Till then, nitez and see ya all soon ^^

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sorry for the MIA...

Paiseh all... I MIA-ed again~!!!

Wonder why I am so lethargic and always sleepy these days :( Maybe hormonal changes again... And hor, my skin condition got BAD again :( Dry and Flaky skin...OMG~!!! Am I going to be an ugly mummy?!!

I had been waking up at 12noon leh... ermmm.. abit late hor?! And I don't sleep that late leh... Anyone knows what reason can it be?

But was really shocked to hear from my galfriend, R yesterday. She was sharing about her flu and MC for 7 days. It seems that nowadays GP will give Tamiflu pills to whoever who has flu... However, she decided not to take the pills because she is pregnant now and is worried about the side effects on her baby. Hope that she only had common flu and will recover very soon on its own...

You must be wondering why she wished to take the risk. At first, we both didn't know of any known side effects of Tamiflu. But I guess God (whichever God it is) heard her questions last night and this morning there was an article on the side effects of Tamiflu pills. It was written there that there was a 45 yrs old man who was under stress and taking Tamiflu. He ended up committing suicide. There were other examples of the side effects, like hallucination and insomnia. Sounds really scary. All the more when we are pregnant, we are more vulnerable to depression. Hence taking Tamiflu may resulted in suicidal inclination. And since it can cause such great harm to the mummy, most likely the child will be affected too.

Lets pray for her k? Pray to whichever God you believe in. And Hope her flu is just a common flu and she will recover really soon, with no harm done to her baby...

She has prayed to conceive this baby for 2 years and finally had her wish granted. So, I really hope she can pull through whatever challenges that came and will come along the way...