Monday, October 12, 2009

Counting down to Jamie's Arrival

hee... as usual, once in a while, I am in my blogging mood.. and I will blog a bit more...

6 weeks more wor... or less...

yaa... did I mention that Jamie was 1.8kg in my 32nd mth? Meaning now, she should be over 2kg by now, since I am in my 34th week. Wow... but the good thing is, I hadn't been putting on too much weight :P Hahaha...

Show you the record I had been taking note and the pictures I took each month... Don't I look the same? :P

5th week - 26th March 09 - Mummy's weight unknown - Baby was 0.59cm

Photo taken when we were still clueless about the pregnancy and went for our Bintan Trip ^^

7th week - 8th April 09 - Mummy's weight was 52.3kg - Baby was 0.98cm

No picture

9th week - 24th April 09 - Mummy's weight was 52kg - Baby was 2.3cm

Suspected I had a drop in weight due to the Bad Bad Morning Sickness which started during the 7th week... arghhh... puke and puke after each meal :( Hate Fish, Hate Oily Food... Love Fried Fries though...

Photo taken on my Birthday Celebration ^^

12th week - 15th May 09 - Mummy's weight was 52.6kg - Baby was 5.59cm.

First Photo taken here was on 11th week. It was my Tai Tai dayout with Russ. Thank Goodness my Morning Sickness had started to be better. So now I can eat more... And I was extremely in love with Mcdonalds' French Fries... yummy...

Second Photo taken was after my 12th week gynae checkup. That day, we had our OSCAR Scan and External and Internal Blood Test. This was the day, my hubby first joined me for the gynae checkup and we saw our baby together. Hee... So cute... We had dinner at Beach Culture at Pasir Ris Park. Very nice place...

16th week - 12 June 09 - Mummy was 54kg - Baby was 10.26cm

Photo taken on our first JB roadtrip~!!! It's baby first overseas trip also ^^

20th week - 10 July 09 - Mummy was 57.5kg - Baby was 17.05cm and 312g

First Photo taken during 18th week at Sandra's wedding~
Second Photo taken during 20th week at gynae clinic~

24th week - 7 August 09 - Mummy was 58.5kg - Baby was 700g

Photos taken was during our One Day Roadtrip to Malacca and JB with Russ, Sandra and Fuwei on 8 August 09~!!! My tummy was growing fat and HUGE... I ate very well.. and more energetic too~

28th week - 4 September 09 - Mummy was 60.2kg - Baby was 1.23kg

First and Second Photo was taken when I was 26th week pregnant. First Photo was Me and my Hubby went to Sentosa for a walkwalk and we watch the movie UP. Very nice and meaningful show~ And the Second Photo was me and Xia & Wen Girl-Day out and Feasting day~!!! See how much I can eat :P And I ate a lot of Salmon Sashimi as usual ^^

Third Photo was taken when I just finished my monthly gynae check at my 28th week. My hubby brought me to Night Safari after that to walk walk ^^

32th week - 2 October 09 - Mummy was 60.7kg - Baby was 1.85kg

Suspected that I had a low weight gain due to the 3D2N of drip in KKH. But still hope I don't put on too much weight during the remaining 8 weeks.

First photo was taken during my 29th week. My hubby and I went to Genting together with Wenwen and her two sisters. It was my hubby first time drive-up to Genting and it was GREAT!!! I love the weather there and we had fun in the casino too :) It was a great getaway before I deliver ^^

Second photo was taken at Haohao's house. We had steamboat at his house on 190909, during my 30th week. Third Photo was taken in KKH before I checked out from my 3D2N stay. I was in my 31st week.

Forth and Fifth photo were taken after my 32nd week checkup. I was at Ivy's house celebrating Russ' Birthday as well as celebrating the Mooncake festival together with Ivy, Russ and Sandra :)

Sixth Photo was taken last Saturday at My Baby Niece, Claris' First Year Birthday Party!!! I was 33 weeks pregnant then! And last but not least, the Seventh and Eighth Photos were taken yesterday at the BBQ with Xiaxia and Wenwen ^^

Hohoho.. So happening for the last 4 weeks right?!! Yeahhh, I was thinking since I can move around now so better move around more~!!! Before I cannot go out anymore when closer to my delivery. And worse hor, I will be 'locked in' for the first few months till CNY I think. Sob Sob...

However, I will be looking forward to slowly adjusting back to my normal life again.. And get back to work after CNY 2010... Hope things will go on as planned ^^

This Friday will be my next gynae checkup. For the last 2nd month, the gynae checkup will be fortnightly. And for the last month, it will be weekly~!!! Wow.. so fast hor... after this checkup, from my next checkup onwards, it will be weekly already~~~

Update ya more photos after this Friday's checkup ^^

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