Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Last Lap!!!

Initially I had thought I can wait until the last week then take leave but I realised I can't becoz my feet are swollen like pig trotters and my back feels as if it will give way anytime.

Both pregnancies are really different. Jamie's was much easier and less complication (other than the 3d2n at KKH due to food poisoning Lolz)

James' was much difficult with spotting at early stage and even in the second trimester. Now in my 3rd trimester, I am simply counting down to the end of the suffering :(

But of coz both are my darlings and I have nothing against them. Will love then as much and give them as much too :)

Though friends would say the real suffering comes after the delivery, I think I would say it's when I really can hold my 'reward' in my arms n hugs him dearly :)

Looking forward to see u, James!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Changing behavior...

Lately Jamie had been misbehaving herself and telling lies too..

As she has always been meeting our expectations and always mature and sensible, hence her abrupt change was a bit unacceptable.

Today teacher even told us she bit her classmate. Teacher also said she denied when she was questioned. She too denied when we first asked her but after being warned to tell the truth, she admitted she bit her friend because he did not want to give her the seat.

Though I know she is just going through the acceptance phase of becoming the older sister but I cannot help but feel that I failed as a mother.

After all I had always thought I had done a good job but I think it is really not good enough yet. I learnt from this incident and I guess it means I need to give Jamie more attention and not take her for granted. However mature and sensible she may be, she is still only a 3 year old child...

Friday, November 30, 2012


Jamie hugged my tummy and said,'hi didi! You go to school together with me ok?' then she looked at me and said,'Mummy, if didi throw toys on the floor, I will help him pick them up.' Sweetie jiejie!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Went for gynae checkup becoz of dizzy spells and nauseous.
Hubby and Jamie picked me up after my gynae checkup.

Jamie (looking concerned): Mummy, how are u?
Mummy: Jamie, Mummy and didi are sick again :(
Jamie (patted and hugged my tummy; then folding her arms and looking away) humph! Mummy, why you go work? You are not resting so u sick!

Sigh.. Kena scolded by my daughter... I think she really loves her didi and they seem to b able to 'communicate' with each other :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Last night:
Jamie: Mummy, I don't want to go to school.

Mummy: why Jamie?

Jamie: becoz I am bored in the car. Only have baba one person.

She means usually I will b in the car to bring her to school becoz her sch is at my workplace. But I guess kids are always in dilemma.

Today she came home:

Mummy: Jamie, Mummy gg to work on Thursday!

Jamie: No, Mummy! U cannot go to work!
Mummy: why Jamie?

Jamie: because didi is so big already! U need to stay at home and 'take care' of didi!

After she finished, she gave my tummy (aka didi) a big hug and say 'didi, I love you! How are u?'

She is really very sweet ^^

My Princess' Big Three Parties

I guess, for all mummies, the biggest event of the year (apart from Chinese New Year or Xmas etc), should be the children's birthday parties. It goes the same for me too :) Jamie's birthday is in November and I usually start planning in September. However, I started a bit later in my planning for her Big Three this year. Due to James, we even decided to down-size the usual guestlist and limit this year's guestlist to only immediate family members and few close friends/neighbours. I guess for children parties, the most important guests are Jamie's cousins and friends :) School Party is something we cannot do without. Every child waited a whole year for their turns to celebrate in school and show to every friend their beautiful birthday cake ^^ And of coz the super goodie bags too :) This year, we got Jamie involved in packing the goodie bags and she really had a good time packing them and of coz tasting the goodies too :P

Cake choosing was tough too and I took up to 2 weeks to finally select two cake designs to customise. Really glad Jamie loves the cakes :) This year, my tummy became a distraction to the other children too. They took turns to poke my tummy and asked what's in it. Protective Big Sis Jamie buzzed around to get their hands off my tummy and said, 'That's my didi, okay!' So cute ^^ I hope she remains protective when didi is born :)

Down-sizing the home party was really a good idea. Not only I have less logistics to manage, I also had more times to mingle among my friends and family members. Jamie enjoyed herself too coz all the children-guests were familiar faces whom she had played with before. Am happy the kids love the kids' play areas.

Thank you everyone who attended the event too :) Your presence had made this event special and meaningful to Jamie and us :) Hope to see you again during James' full month ^^

Monday, November 19, 2012


Mummy: Jamie, see Mummy is so fat now!
Jamie: (looking stern and poking my tummy) humph! Mummy, u eat too much already! You cannot eat anymore ok?!
Ermmm... Cannot eat anymore? Does it mean didi have to starve?! Lolz.#2


Jamie came home one day and looked at my tummy. She then walked around looking stern. I wondered what's wrong.
Suddenly she turned around and said,'mummy, didi is so big! How are u going to take care of didi?'
Oh manz...what's gg on in this 3 years old little girl's head?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bedrest for a week...

Sigh.. I started to bleed again..

I really freaked out on Monday (14/11) when I saw the fresh red blood in the tissue paper! All the drama series with miscarriage scenes suddenly just appeared before my eyes...

I could not get through my Laogong's Hp nor my girlfriends'. I could not even get a taxi to bring me to TMC!

I panicked and suddenly I remember my dear mummy. Someone whom I had always been loggerhead with but yet never fails to lend me a hand when I ask for one. The next thing that happened was my brother arriving in 20 min and he flew me to TMC. Though my brother is always a man with few words, I know he really cares for me in his own ways :)

Laogong joined us at TMC and was mad that I was made to wait for more than an hour. He dashed to the nurses and asked for assistance. The nurses sent me for CTG and my gynae gave me a checkup over there. I was glad to know I was fine and placenta was not bleeding. But gynae felt that I seriously need to bedrest and to be observed again after a week.

I didn't really understand the cause of the bleeding and did my own research.

It seems not uncommon and there were a few reasons for the bleeding. Only thing I remember gynae said was, James seems a bit impatient and too active.

I heard that there were MTBs required to bedrest few months till delivery! Oh my! I really cannot afford that much of rest. I need to b back at work. Hence I tell myself to rest well this week so that I can b back at work soon...

And of coz I kept nagging at James to be patient and wait a few more weeks till he is full term, otherwise we would be blown off by the 5 digits medical bills too...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's for Dinner Today?

In the hope to keep up with my blogging, I am adding in more 'Talking Points'!

One of which will be Makan Thrills - 'What's for Dinner Today?!' Will share about all the nice home-cook food or nice restaurants I visit ;) And of coz will take and post lots of nice photos on-the-go!!! So sit back and enjoy the yummy photos ^^

So what am I having for dinner tonight? Thanks to the bad jam, I am only having dinner now :( But what's in front of me really cheers me up!

Ta-Da!!! Home Made Kuay Chap!!! Thanks to my clever helper who likes to try new recipes whenever I bring her to try different food :D

I can see eggs, Tao pok, pork and pig small intestines!!! She said big intestines is too expensive ($7 for a small palm size) so she didn't buy this round... Hope I try it with the big intestines next time ^^

Yummy! 我开动了!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New iPhone game indulgence - Hello Cappuccino

Lately quite crazy over this 'new' iPhone game, recommended by one of my work Besties! It's called Hello Cappuccino and is those standard cafe game where you click to make some recipe within few seconds to few hours and only need to go back to check it after the time is up.

But I think the graphic is really pretty and it fulfilled our dream of Owning a cafe, virtually ^^

Impatient as usual, I 'cheated' and bought the 'coffee beans' so I can cook high profit recipes for better revenues ^^ see my pretty cafe!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Scene 1:
Pyone wants to change Jamie's plaster on her feet coz she scratched the bite wounds till it bled again.
Jamie dodged and said,'Auntie, you not teacher. You don't know. You cannot change.' =_=

Scene 2:
Mummy spotted Jamie eating tidbits when she was about to have dinner and asked,'Jamie have you had your dinner?'
Jamie: 'Yes Mummy, I eat two bowls of rice already. You have not eat your dinner, you cannot eat tidbits.' =_=


Scene 1:
Mummy taking more tissues from tissue box becoz icecream was dripping from Jamie's hands.
Jamie: Mummy, you cannot take too many tissues. Later auntie scold!

Scene 2:
Tv playing 'Lisa and Gasper' ending song.
Jamie: Mummy it's 10.30pm, sleeping time now. Let's go to the room. Later baba will scold us.

Sunday, October 28, 2012





Friday, October 12, 2012



我笑了笑。期待当然是有的,而且不比当年怀Jamie 的时候少。但是心态是有一点不一样。

或许是因为之前小产现象,再来的晕眩问题,所以对于James 我已经抱着随缘的心态。因为得来不易所以不会到处宣扬,反而选择默默地期盼他的到来。只要他健康快乐,才是最重要的。

已经六个多月了,很快我的两个宝贝就可以见面了。我想我更期待看Jamie 如何适应与面对弟弟的到来。她现在给我的感觉是她是很期待这个新成员、新玩伴。我相信她会是个好姐姐!

James 也要当个好弟弟哦!

Thursday, October 11, 2012




下个月就是Jamie 的三岁生日。因为James 的缘故,倒担心Jamie 会觉得我们对她分了心。所以今年即使会从简,但是该花的还是不会少。

蛋糕终于也订下了。Buffet 也订下了。现在只差goodie bags, cake toppers, 还有 decorations. 还好有不少是recycle 以前的。以后James 也可以recycle.

当妈妈就是这种心态吧?希望两个孩子可以和睦共处,开开心心地长大。每天Jamie 都会给我们新的惊喜。昨天她还示范怎么翻耕斗! 呵呵!接着弟弟也翻了一个晚上的耕斗! 呵呵!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello Prince James!!!

"See?! Baby boy is looking at you now!" Doc Chang said during detailed scan.

Many friends had been congratulating me for the past few days. Yes, I am indeed happy that my dream come true. I have always hope to have two children - a Boy and a Girl.

However, I don't mind if both are girls too ^^ But I am happier now with the fact that the old folks are happy over Prince James.

Actually the journey only begins now... To be mentally prepared that James can never be like Jamie. This is going to be tough because like every parent, the first child set the benchmark for the next child. I won't say Jamie is really good or bright but she has virtues which we really 没得嫌. She is sensible and observant. These two virtues are really priceless. Most people will say the children are going to b direct opposite of each other, but I secretly wish at least James can b as sensible and observant as his older sister.

Are the virtues able to b nurtured? From the concerned look of my then four month old Jamie, I must say it's hard to nurture such virtues. But I believe if we believe, we can work towards it by setting up the right environment for such nurturing.

Some people 'wish me luck' because parenting a Boy and a Girl is very different. But I believe, we can help them to understand the same set of family values and belief - to care for others and to share your cake. And I won't start worrying about the zillions of 'what if'... Its going to b a great challenge ahead and things may not turn out the way I expect or want it to be but I will definitely still b happy with the best outcome I can have :)

Jiayou to all mummies with little boys!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

New iPhone Game Craze - Triple Town

Lately starting to b crazy about this iPhone game called 'Triple Town'. Not sure if there is a iPad version though.

It's really so cute and easy to play^^ but if you don't want to 'disturb' the commuters on a public transport, it's best to mute the game. Because the villains in the game which are cute bears will go 'growl' and 'growl' time until you 'kill' them or 'change' them into a cathedral.

The objective of the game is to expand your town as much as you can. For free version, u can only only one 6x6 maps but if you pay USD4.98, you can play three other maps in 5x5 size.

To expand your town, you just need to match three or more features of the same type eg. Grass, bush, trees, houses, rocks, tombs etc to change them into the next upgraded feature. Example 3 grass will become bushes.

It's really addictive and fun! But one thing is it 'eats' a lot of battery if you are outside!! So if you are outside, best to bring along a portable charger!

Enjoy the game ^^

Thanks Yvonne for the recommendation too ^^

Monday, August 20, 2012

17 weeks - growing well :)

Did my 17th week check up on 18/08/2012. As usual baby was sleeping sideways so couldn't have a clear look at the genitals. But it's just only 3 weeks away from the next checkup plus the detailed scan.

Yay! After which I can start planning what to buy for my little James or Michelle ;)

If you ask me to b honest I will want a James of coz, becoz:
1. It fulfills my dream of having a boy and a girl as my children.
2. The old folks will prefer a boy.
3. I will hope my children will b more doted by the old folks.

Seeing Laogong grandma doesn't really like Jamie from young makes me sad. Reminds me of my own childhood. But I guess all old folks prefer boys becoz after all we are Chinese who believes only the boys will carry on the bloodline of the father. Women are still nevertheless treated as 赔钱货sometimes..

But to me, it's already a blessing my second baby has managed to survive the terrible early pregnancy. There are a lot of things I never thought would happen to me but I guess there is nothing impossible in this world.

Boy or girl are both my children. I will love both my children equally and they will have equal chances of achieving in their lives. Though having two children means a greater financial strain but I believe I will not stop working hard to maintain their current lifestyle and help fulfill my laogong's ambition.

Little ones, rest assure Mama will be always here for you and do anything to keep you safe, healthy and happy...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

12 wks and going strong

Finally can share my joy with everyone :) and of coz they get to hear what I actually went through since wk3. Time flies, it's the end of first trimester and beginning of the next stage. However my MS doesn't seem to go away... Maybe in a way, it helps to keep my weight gain minimum as I am already very overweight :(

I realised my pregnancy always made me v easily irritated and agitated. Maybe this is when we felt the most protective towards our young one?!

Hi baby, mama will protect you k? Like the way I protected Jamie jiejie ^^ u must jiayou jiayou jiayou too n continue to stay healthy k?! Pray for good news from the blood test result :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mummy's turn to fall sick

:( headache, flu, throat infection n cough... It's mummy's turn to fall sick now :(

Went to see the doctor but ended up could not eat the med coz puked whenever I eat med. This lil one seems more stubborn like Jamie.

Headache should b caused by the toilet bowl seat that crashed onto my head while I was puking yesterday. I know it sounds really funny but it's really painful too :( the bruise n bump only appeared this morning. I forgot to tell the doc about it. I seriously hope I won't be suffering from any brain concussion in my later years lol

Really hungry now and just 'ordered' a waffle.. Yummy... I need to rest my brain.. Hasn't stopped working the whole day though I am on mc :( just cannot help it :(

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roller coaster fever

Think the weather is really bad lately. Jamie had been down with 'roller coaster' fever since last Thursday and we really had no control over it.

One moment, she seemed to be well and hopping around. Next moment, she would look listless and sick.

Last Friday, she was 'rejected' by school because she was running the 'mysterious fever' in the morning.

This morning she was almost rejected but lucky enough she passed during the second check. But I received a call from her school at 12plus that she was running a 38.3 degrees fever.

As my maid was on leave, I decided to bring her to my office, while I waited for my hubby to tell me if he can knock off earlier and bring Jamie home.

I am really grateful and thankful to have understanding bosses and kind colleagues who always make Jamie feel 'at home'.

A children's corner was setup near my work station and Jamie looked really happy and 'not sick' anymore. She had so much fun that her fever dropped to 37.5 degrees without medication.

Monday, June 25, 2012



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Gynae told me it was a good size though I lost weight.

I guess as long as the weight gain is on the lil one is ok for me.

But everyday is a challenge now thinking of what to eat. Sometimes I really have no idea or even no appetite to eat. There is also the fear of puking out what the lil one doesn't like.

So far, other than the spicy food n bread&butter which last for two weeks, there is nothing else I could eat more than three days. I have to eat keep changing the menu for every meal before the lil one 'throws tantrum' again...

I used to b such a easy person to feed becoz I simply eat everything and anything... But now I am the most fussy eater I had ever seen in my own life too lol

I tried to b understanding n stay positive but sometimes, due to work location, I get very upset with this changing appetite... But well, I hope this will last not longer than the first trimester :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Anytime, Anywhere

It's kinda of early compared to the last time to b stuck by this discomfort. But well every experience is different I guess.

Though it could happen anytime and anywhere but it also has its blessings. At least I can eat fish and seafood this round lol

Skin is getting bad these days but I think this is part and parcel of hormonal change.

When boss asked me what help do I need after I returned to work, I told her frankly I don't know. Becoz I was not working when I had Jamie. There was no rush in anything and pace of life was OTOT. This is the first time I experience stress during this difficult period.

But I feel it has it's blessings though. At least we don't have to b worried got money for milk powder and diapers or not. Now I can even think of upgrading the ward to something more luxurious but not sure if it's worth the extra hundreds to spurge like that :(

Another blessing about working now is it stops me from thinking nonsenses. I remember I was crying a lot when I had Jamie becoz I was alone at home and negative thoughts just kept poisoning me. As much as I knew I am growing even fatter now, I also know I have datelines to worry more than my increasing weight.

But of coz this one has to go through more stress with me than Jamie. And I hope this means, the child will love me even more too, after knowing how much stress Mummy needs to go through to keep the job to ensure he/she gets a good life...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012





Monday, May 28, 2012

The waiting game continues...

I know I sound really heartless to say this but this waiting game is really disrupting my life :(

It's not only physically tiring because Jamie is extra sticky now... But also mentally tiring as I can do nothing buy just wait...

Sigh... But then every life is precious so though it's going to be tough, we will still try to pull it through...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bed Rest Day 3

Finally it's Wednesday and my condition is much better (touch wood). Now resting at my brother's place, with my poor mum having to juggle among the two grand daughters, one grand son, myself and my bro&da sao. As much as I feel bad about inconvenient the whole family, I really not sure who else can I rely on. My helper will only b back on 1jun and my inlaws are working. Due to work commitment, it's not possible for my laogong to take 5 days leave to take care of me. At least I don't think teachers have paid leave to take.

Thanks mum for always being there for me, be it during my confinement or now. Thanks brother n da Sao for accommodating me and Jamie in the house. I know it's not easy to have so many guests in the house. Hope Jamie stops being nuisance and starts to learn to b a big sister soon...

Just dug out my work n I realized I cannot don't do any work or don't think about work even when I m supposed to bed rest. I guess it's part of the package in this job that everyone just feel obliged towards it even when we are on leave or sick. Coz there are many people out there who need help more than ourselves. Although sometimes the help they need is beyond our purview or even ability, we try to help as much as we can and give them a listening ear. We also learnt to bear with their shouting and screaming, cursing or flying a few blows at us too (I know some of them wish they can) lol

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 2 without Helper

Day two and I simply collapsed on bed half way through laundry!

Actually it's not that tough I think but it's just the need for amazing amount of energy to give Jamie the attention whenever she needs and doing housework in systematic order so that we don't waste every bit of time. So as to have time left before bedtime to rest , not physically but mentally.

I concluded two things so far:
1) housewives = no easier life than working mummies! Coz the amount of mental energy we need to take care of children is ALOT as the children expect u to give them ur FULL attention even if u are multitasking... Eg running to her in between chores. I really salute my mum who gave up her youth and social life for my bro and I n be a long term housewife tho she is naturally a very sociable and outgoing person. And she not only mend the house but manage sidelines too coz back then my dad didn't earn very much due to
his education. Her sidelines include baby sitting up to two other children n sewing clothes etc... Really amazing amount of energy!
2) infants are a lot more easier to take care than toddlers! Partly coz infants aren't able to communicate their needs or even bargain with u so much! Jie will keep calling 'mummy, where are you..' until I appear! But of coz she isn't like that when my helper is at home. I should think Jamie is insecure now coz she is left with mummy when she used to have mummy and aunty. I guess she will slowly adapt to it... I hope it will be soon.

Anyhow I had been trying to think if there are shortcuts to my housework. Hahaha...wish me luck!

Supermum reporting! Day one!

Took leave since yesterday to run errands with Pyone and to send her off today. It was a blessing I had such good helper and happy that she wants to renew her contract for another two
Years! However I realised having a good helper = we become really spoilt! We suddenly become impaired or unable to do many things or unsure of what is the correct ways of doing certain chores etc!

Now that she is off for two months home visit, I suddenly feel a bit loss, but at the same time I thought its a good opportunity for me to refresh my understanding n knowledge of doing certain things eg, cooking n cleaning the house and routine care for Jamie :)

Yesterday was my day one on duty!! To make it less horrifying for myself and less horrifying for jamie, I brought her to my brother's place for my niece to play with her!

Since I got home after dinner at 9plus I had been going chores! From
Washing baby clothes to hand washing my clothes, throwing rubbish to changing rubbish bins lining, feeding Jamie w apple and milk to packing Jamie's bag etc etc...

It's really tiring but it's a good 'work out'!!! N I feel good being able to do so many things -> full time job + part time mother + part time housewife!

Hope I can juggle these duties just better and better !!! Good luck to myself!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Supermum reporting! Day one!

Took leave since yesterday to run errands with Pyone and to send her off today. It was a blessing I had such good helper and happy that she wants to renew her contract for another two
Years! However I realised having a good helper = we become really spoilt! We suddenly become impaired or unable to do many things or unsure of what is the correct ways of doing certain chores etc!

Now that she is off for two months home visit, I suddenly feel a bit loss, but at the same time I thought its a good opportunity for me to refresh my understanding n knowledge of doing certain things eg, cooking n cleaning the house and routine care for Jamie :)

Yesterday was my day one on duty!! To make it less horrifying for myself and less horrifying for jamie, I brought her to my brother's place for my niece to play with her!

Since I got home after dinner at 9plus I had been going chores! From
Washing baby clothes to hand washing my clothes, throwing rubbish to changing rubbish bins lining, feeding Jamie w apple and milk to packing Jamie's bag etc etc...

It's really tiring but it's a good 'work out'!!! N I feel good being able to do so many things -> full time job + part time mother + part time housewife!

Hope I can juggle these duties just better and better !!! Good luck to myself!

Thursday, March 29, 2012





Saturday, February 11, 2012



是的,想必我们都看惯了开心的结局。所以如此伤心的结局是令人难以接受的。但我相信可以再见到面已是种上天的恩赐。我想这位总是杞人忧天的若曦应该不会再犯同样的错,而再次失去自己最爱的人。她应该会很勇敢地争取与保护这个缘分与爱情。 好希望在'步'的续集里这对苦命鸳鸯可以永远在一起。

可是,想想那个年代,每个爷都是受害者。 八的偏激是因为康熙介意他额娘的出生而不在乎他的才干。四爷的孤僻是因为额娘的偏心和想证明自己的实力。惜即使到了最后一口气德妃还是不肯接受四爷。潇洒热爱自由的十三爷被宫廷纠纷捆绑了一辈子,更无法和心爱的女人在一起。有情有意的十四爷因为额娘对四爷的不认同而变成四爷拿来泄恨的对想,甚至到了最后还被四爷抢去自己妻子(若曦)的骨灰。虽说他们是阿哥、是天子,但却永远都无法拥有自己真正想要的平静与幸福。



Friday, February 10, 2012







Tuesday, February 7, 2012




Monday, January 9, 2012

Preparing for the Lunar New Year

A year had flown past in a breeze~

The last I remember about Lunar New Year was when I was still back in the Temple.

Frankly speaking, I kinda of miss those days. It was tiring 1) to rush back to Temple to help out during Lunar New Year eve after two rounds of reunion dinners, 2) to work long hours when we have events 3) to stay back late when we have urgent meetings. But the sense of achievements back then was really good or even great! I guess afterall, events had always been something I can cope with. However, I did not regret taking that step last year, because I believe in accepting new challenges in life or rather learning to step out of the comfort zone :)

I learnt a lot over this one year. Not only I learnt how to write official letters/reports, I also learnt how to talk to the general public and handling difficult issues... I also learnt how to conduct interviews with young children and to conduct investigations... There are so many new things I had learnt!!!
Wiah to continue to learn more things everyday :)

Hallo 2012~!!!

Hallo 2012!!!

I can't believe I failed to follow up with my blogging again :(

Well, I put it down into my new year resolution for year 2012 to keep blogging~~~ So you going to hear more from me once again (I hope!)! Oops.. Yes! U will~~~

The last time I blogged was when I was busy juggling with work and Jamie's birthday party :) It was great though I had 50% lesser guests than last year. I thought the numbers was more manageable, and I think the little children really love to make cupcakes! Maybe I can consider organising cupcake making workshops for little children or cupcake deco sessions for birthday parties for extra income :P hahaha... But really, it is more for the fun~!!!

See how HAPPY the little angels were~~~

See Little Children Happy Makes me Happy too ;)