Thursday, November 11, 2010



Time really flies... One year has passed and WE have survived this year as new parents. The process of learning about parenthood is definitely not easy and now we have entered the stage of learning about parenting.

The new challenge now is no longer just about whether we know how to bath or feed Jamie. We now need to learn and to standardize the discipline methods for Jamie. We need to provide even more for Jamie physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically...

Jamie's Birthday Party on 6th Nov 2010 was a great success.

It was raining since late afternoon but my guests did not disappoint me. I really appreciate their time and effort in making their way down to the FAR EAST Aloha Loyang on a raining day. I am really really touched by everyone of them who attended Jamie's Birthday Party...

However, I still have to apologise for:

1. Not having enough time for any group of friends, as I was very busy running around receiving and sending off my guests. But I tried as much as possible, esp during cake cutting to take photos with all my guests. However, I think I still missed out a number of friends :( So Sorry about it :(

2. It was only later then I realised the guests who came after 8.30pm did not have much food left. I feel really bad about it. I was quite confident there would definitely be food leftover at the end of the day because a number of guests only made known to us about their absence after I confirmed the number of pax with the caterer, hence I was unable to make further reduction to my order. However, despite the 20-30 absentees, the second serving of food had to be topped up earlier than expected. Sighh.. I am really sorry about what happened.

And because of that, I told myself that I may not organise such big scale events in years to come. And I have intention of organising small groups of quality catch up session with each group of friends instead.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience and I enjoyed myself a lot throughout the planning and preparation for the party. But of coz at the same time, I was really stressed too. But thank you my hubby for always supporting my crazy ideas :D

Take a look at some photos taken on that day. For more photos, kindly browse from my facebook account :D

Oh ya, because it was a very special occasion when my grandma-in-law birthday happened to be very near Jamie's birthday, hence we decided to celebrate grandma-in-law's birthday during Jamie's cake cutting session too. This additional event had made Jamie's birthday even more memorable and special...

Hereby I will like to thanks all my guests for attending Jamie's first year birthday and for all the thoughtful presents too! Jamie really loves them all :) Thanks so much :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 more days to Jamie's 1st Year Birthday Party...

It's quite an irony why I could blog today.

Not coz I was sick with stomach flu, I guess I might not have time to blog until after Jamie's Birthday Party~

Just 2 more days left~ And I could say I am 90% ready :) I just need to do a few more things and buy a few more things will do :) The rest like the following had been completed and packed in boxes. And those ordered would be sent directly to the venue on the day of the event latest by 5.30pm.

1. Goodie Bags - 4 varieties x 10pc each
2. Balloon package - 1 jumbo balloon bouquet, 2 entrance balloon bouquet and 7pc x 3 bouquet of printed balloons.
3. Catering - 100 pax
4. Cake - 3kg and 2-tier
5. Table Cloth/Banner/Posters/Decorations

I just need to buy/pack the following and will do all done :)

1. More plates and cutleries for cake cutting
2. More cups and syrup + ice for drinks
3. Stationery for decoration purposes
4. Guestbook - still thinking how to do it
5. Angbao Box - With Sandra
6. Pool Pit - Borrowing from Ivy
7. Balls for the Pit
8. Colouring Pages and Crayons
9. Guestlist - still thinking how should I prepare the guest list.. hmmm...
10. Music for the day
11. Portable Speaker
12. Icecream and cone/cup for the children

Almost done :D

It's always a mixed feeling to plan an event. As much as I think it's fun, I am stressed over whether:
1. my guests will enjoy themselves
2. my guests will have enough food
3. whether any bad things will happen
4. whether the weather will be good
5. whether the gifts will be able to cover the expenses (oops :X)

But I guess it's pretty normal to feel this way? Hmmm...

Anyway I really hope things will turn out well and everyone will enjoy the day and the kids will love the goodie bags :D

Okay, time to rest.

Will need to go to office to finish some work before I can go off to see the doc and go home to rest... Nitez :)

Hope to chat again here soon ^^

Oh ya, I hadn't shared about the vendors/suppliers I chose for the party :) I will share more after the party k so I can give a more accurate comment :) Anyway, so far their customer service is really good :) And the vendors/suppliers I am using now are:

1. Catering - Elsie's Kitchen (Halal)
2. Cake - Pine Gardens
3. Balloons - Baby Kid World
4. Goodie Bags - Baby Kid World + Baby Terror Online + Many Party Favours + Kidz Goodies
5. Table Cloth/Banner - Baby Kid World
6. Party Supplies - a shop in AMK and SKP in Bishan

Will comment more on each vendor/supplier after the event ;)