Saturday, October 17, 2009

Makeover of Our Room (Phase Two) - Almost Done!!!

Not only did I finish packing the Hospital Bag, but also my hubby managed to makeover our room in just two hours~!!!

Finally we moved the baby cot into the bedroom and moved out the study desk... And tidied up the cupboards that remained in the room. And not forgetting, we moved in the baby drawer too~!!! Yeahhh... Finally, it's almost done~!!!

This is how our room looks like two hours ago...

And this is how it looks like now...

We can even accommodate a mattress for the confinement lady next to the baby cot, so that she can share the bedroom with us. It had been a discussion topic for sometimes as my inlaws are worried the confinement lady will not be able to attend to the baby in time, if she has to sleep in another room. Now that we have a space for her to sleep beside the cot, I guess all the worries are solved.

However, we have to admit that putting the study table in the living room will mean eating into the inlaws' space. But it also create a corner to put the baby bottle steamer (steriliser) and other baby things ^^

I guess everyone has to play a part in making space for this additional member into the family :D But hor, I think now it's great that we can use PC and watch TV at the same time :P hahaha... but just that, there is no aircon in the living room, so I need the fan to blast at me continuously :P

Yeahh~!!! Think the whole makeover will be finished in the next 2 weeks where I will put the bedsheet for the mattress and the pillow case for the pillows etc ^^ And most importantly, clean the fan above the baby cot :D So Happy~!!! And We are ALL ready for baby.

And hor, I think Jamie was very excited when she knows her daddy was making over the room for her just now. She kept kicking me non-stop~!!!

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