Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obasan to Hot Mama #7 (My Slimming Journey - Losing 16kg in 3 months) - The Last Lap


It's the last Lap now! 

But I have to confess, as time passes the temptation grows too. It seems that my body is struggling madly with its desire to eat other food.. Haha so it's really about how strong your determination and will power are. 

Please give me some applauses for staying firm so far! Hahaha... 

Losing 12kg in 2 months is no longer a myth! It is not impossible as I had made it happened! On 12/07/2013, I was 63.4kg and now I am 51.3kg! 

I have friends giving me their blessings and feeling happy for my weight loss. But I also have friends and family members telling me 'you are very thin already, can stop this diet already'.

No offence k, if I had sounded defensive or rude by retaliating that 'I was even slimmer before.' I know you all care for me but rest assured that I am losing weight the healthy way. I am not starving myself, but just eating healthily and not overeating. So don't worry! Just cheer me on k? 

Lately there are friends enquiring about this slimming programme but unsure if they can follow through. Having browsed my menu, you may feel it's impossible to sustain, but actually it is not that tough at all. 

But first of all, you must be have a strong reason why you want to embark on this slimming programme. It can be any of these valid reasons:
1. I am upset with what I see in the mirror
2. I want to be healthier
3. I want to improve my fertility
4. I want to feel less lethargic and more energetic 

Yes, since acupuncture is a traditional way of improving blood circulation, removing body toxins and regulating your body system to maximize it's functionality, this slimming programme actually helps to make you healthier and increase in your energy level. 

I also understand from my therapist that being overweight sometimes affect fertility too. She shares many successful stories of those infertile clients after undergoing this regime to slim down, they conceive very easily. So if u have fertility issue, it's a option to consider too. Last but not least, if u hate what you see in the mirror, then it's time to shred off those 'extras' and become a more pretty and confident you :) 

Menu Time again! So what had I ate these few weeks? Well, I am quite sick of what I had last few weeks so I started to play cheat a bit ^^ 

Ehhh but you have to assess your slimming pace before you decide to play cheat hor! Every individual slim at different pace and every body react differently with different food. So you have to keep trying out the different food in the same category before you decide which customized menu works best for you. 

Actually you are still able to enjoy what you like to eat. Just try to make slight adjustments and choose the varieties that are non-saucy or less oily. 

Home-made sashimi 

Lava Rock Ribeye Steak at Hougang 

Home-made omelet 

Home-made soft boiled eggs

Meatballs from Pizza Hut 
(No whipped potato and no sauce)

Salmon salad at Ichiban Boshi

Meatless minestrone at Soup Spoon
(Remove the pasta)

Casear Salad at Soup Spoon

Yong Tau Fu (from workplace canteen)

Home-made chicken wings
(Remove skin)

Home-made boiled prawns

Home-made stir fry crab and prawns

I had also tried out new fruits for my yoghurt breakfast ;) Yummy!

Non-Fat (Sugarless) Yoghurt with Strawberry

Non-Fat (Sugarless) Yoghurt with Dragonfruit 

See? My menu is getting more interesting right? Kekeke... So I am really not starving myself, while I slim down! 

But of coz, most of the time I still eat simple food like these at home for dinner:
1. Broccoli
2. Dried bean curd
3. Long bean
4. Mushroom
5. Carrot

People had been asking me, so when are you going to stop this diet plan? Seriously I hope it will just be another month but the last 3kg is really too stubborn to lose. I had been staring at the weighing machine everyday and my weight seemed stagnant or simply 'stuck'. Therapist said that usually her other clients had this problem at the earlier stage when there was a short drop in weight and the body started to 'panick' thinking that the owner is sick. However once the body realized the owner is not unwell, it will continue to lose weight. 

But  I am also guilty of not been sleeping well and not sleeping much. Sleep and Water are two big factors that determine the speed of weight loss too. 

So... I have to work hard to sleep earlier :( 
This is my biggest challenge in the programme. So jiayou jiayou jiayou to myself! 

Anyone who wishes to find out more about my slimming programme is welcome to tag along for my next sessions to have a look at how it works ^^

Simply drop me an email, FB msg or whatsapp me if you have my number ;)

Good night!!! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

<我的朋友,我的同学,我爱过的一切> 观后感





第一次看了后,心里实在很不爽。我无法接受家明把自己的女儿取名May。这似乎有意地让人相信 - '女儿真的是前世的情人'。那么他对太太的感情到底是真爱还是只想有个伴,去完成普通人应该完成的 '任务'?









这个决定也帮了Rachel (May的女儿)。如果她跟了家明,她可能会成为另一个May;变成是在没有双亲的环境长大的孩子。可是因为她被领养了,所以她现在丰衣足食,还可以来新加坡表演、寻父。



Wednesday, September 4, 2013

iWatch - 电视迷,追踪 <泡沫之夏>




不会。或许是因为我来自中文学会戏剧组,又可能只是纯粹的喜欢分析一切。因为我是相信因果的。每件事都是因果循环而造成的。可以是前世造的因,今世得的果,或是平日的生活作息、童年阴影什么的。There is always a reason for everything that happens in our lives... Everyone who plays a part in your life now, also play a part in your last/past life. It could be the same part or a different part. But these people were meant to be connected to you for a reason...


昨天莫名地选了一部不是很新的台湾与内地合作的 <泡沫之夏>。喜欢看紧凑港剧的观众,会觉得这部剧的节奏很慢。喜欢开开心心台湾偶像剧的观众,会觉得这部剧有点'暗'。因为剧情就一直环绕这三个寂寞,对彼此又爱又恨的人。更何况,剧中有两个是出身卑微的孤儿,而另一个是很有权势与财力但心灵很寂寞、空虚的人。他们依附着对方,希望可以填补心里的那个空洞。。。


Tell you more about it soon! Meantime look for the drama in 风行影视 Apps! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lingering Cough

It has been weeks and my cough and sore throat is still lingering around.

Oh my! When will I be fully recovered? It's irritating to keep coughing! 

Therapist had arranged for me to try out their 养生塑性massage this Friday. She said it will not only help me in sculpturing my body shape, but also able to help me improve my health.

But... My 大姨妈 came to visit me and I cannot go for the massage on Friday Liao! :( Boohoo! 

Haiz.. Nevermind, I will go next week then ^^ "A" has been talking about this massage a lot and she really loves it! I guess she can't be wrong lah! After all she is so right about this slimming programme!!! 

Oh yah, I owe you a post on my slimming progress ^^ Hee hee, I just found a new Taiwan-China drama to 'chase' :P So I am a bit not in the right mood to talk about myself now ^^!

BUT! A great news to share for now is... I hit my newest low weight of 54.9kg! 8.5kg in 2 months! I don't think there is a faster and easier way than this slimming programme. 

Stay time! I will write another post soon!