Friday, May 23, 2014

Xmen - Feel More Sad than Excitement

Hmmm.. Was wondering whether to put strongly recommended or not because I was actually a little bit disappointed with this Xmen movie. 

Maybe because I had anticipated too much and hence was expecting for more excitement than I actually received...

But I would still strongly recommend the movie because: 
1. It touched my heart...
2. I love Wolverine!! (:P)

I actually felt sad when I watched the movie. I actually felt sad for the Xmen. I suddenly realised they are also humans who have different DNAs. But they will bleed and they will die. Even Wolverine who never age and can heal as fast as he  injure himself, will bleed and may die too.

It reminded me that this happens in real life too. You need not be a mutant to be rejected by the majority. You just needed to be different or unconventional. Why are people so scared of those who are different or unconventional? Is it because they are unpredictable so we can't control them? Is it because we are afraid of the unknown? Do you know they actually are more afraid of us than we are afraid of them... 

I like some of the many phrases Professor Xaiver said to Wolverine and the old Prof spoke to his younger self:

1. Because you make a mistake once doesn't mean you will be lost forever. Everyone deserves a second chance. 

2. There is always more than one possible future. Do not give up. Always have hope. 

Yes, I do believe in both phrases all my life... 

I know... when we are forced to the edge of the cliff, we cannot help but to think isn't it easier for us to just jump down the cliff and end all the suffering. 

Sometimes I feel like that too... When I am really tired and burnt out, I will want to just 'end' my current 'suffering'. 

But the good thing is that I am someone who is really stubborn. I am also a very proud person who is determined to be the surviver. I believe as long as we don't give up hope, we always stand a chance to create miracles... 

The other gimmicks you get for catching the movie is:

1. You will get to see Wolverine's good built! Even better than Captain America's!!! Oh! And Wolverine has a really well-kept toned butt :P

2. It's really a touching sight to see Magneto and Professor Xaiver fighting side by side in their last 'last lap'.

3. It's means a lot to me to see Wolverine who was once lost and difficult to 'manage', becomes a good mentor to young Professor Xaiver. 

4. The young Magneto is actually pretty attractive :P that's why Mystic is unable to resist him!

5. You will realise Professor Xaiver is actually in love with Mystic as if she is his own child 'being raised by him'. This also shows how 自负 he is. Maybe smart people are naturally 自负.

6. You will see iceman do his ice-glide! Everyone's talking about it! Though he is an iceman, he is totally hot! :X

7. You will realize President Kennedy was killed because he is also a mutant! Reminds me of the other movie - The Vampire Slayer...

8. For a moment, you will feel Magneto is right... 

9. You will feel like crying at some parts of the movie.

10. It has a great happy ending! And you get to see Jean and Scott again! 

So hit the cinema right now and catch this movie! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

iSpot - New Menu at TCC

TCC must have started it's new menu in May because I was still looking at the old menu when I had my 50% birthday lunch on 29 April. 

Likes the pretty drawings on the new menu. It's like reading a story book. 

Was a little disappointed when I could not find my all-time favorite baby crayfish and wasabi roe pasta in the new menu. 

Nor my chicken and mushroom baked penne...

Nor the cheesy sticks!!! 

Crys.. Was lost for a moment and didn't know what to order. I am really not good with choosing dishes and my friends knew I usually take some time to choose a dish, especially if it's a new restaurant to me. I would usually end up ordering the same as my friends or the same usual dish I order every time I visit the same restaurant. If it is a new restaurant, I will choose the next closest dish to my regular order. 

I saw the new dish - Baby cray fish and scallops baked rice, which was the next closest to my favorite old dishes... 

It has cheese and baby crayfish so I decided to give it a try ^^ 

I made the right choice! Love the cheesy texture and the many baby crayfish and scallops under the thick layer of cheese! 

Yummy!!! The serving size was just nice too! Big enough to fill my tummy and small enough to allow me to have my favorite tcc beverage - Latte Mocha. 

Love the thick chocolatey taste and the not too sweet smooth texture of the latte. Wish they can give me more cookies :P

And shared a side!!! Cannot remember the name but I think it's generally chicken balls with mustard sauce! Yummy Yummy~~~

Cannot help but peeked at Abby's dish...

So pretty right? It's deep fried soft shell crab cooked in black pepper sauce. I had a sip and noticed that it's not only not spicy like the Swenson Black Pepper Seafood Pasta, it also tasted sweet because of the teriyaki blend. A good choice for seafood lover who cannot take too much chilli but wants a tangy spicy taste. 

Definitely will try the other dishes during the next tcc lunch! 

Give it a try if you had not visited tcc recently! 

Godzilla - Take home more than you thought you will

I was hesitant when Laogong wanted to watch Gozilla last night. But it had been weeks since we last watched a movie together and it would be another week before Xmen is out. I knew Laogong just wished to spend some couple time. Afterall he was much neglected every day as the kids will take turns to fight for my attention.

I didn't get to see any thriller on the movie before the movie comes on screen. There was only a simple poster on the movie. 

I wasn't able to guess the storyline from the poster. I think that's the cleverness of the marketing agent. Coz by not releasing the thrillers, makes audience curious and they may walk into the cinemas to find out for themselves. 

The movie released at the right time too. A good "getaway" from the two superheroes movies. 

True enough, it was more than I expected. 

1. The graphic was great.
2. Fighting scenes were not lame.
3. It was not just about Godzilla.
4. Godzilla was not the villain.
5. The morales of the story were very meaning: 
a. By not letting go of the past doesn't always mean it's a bad thing or doesn't always mean the person involved is crazy or having a depression. The obsessiveness that comes with it (due to a sad past), may turn out to be in good use or for a good reason. 
b. Don't run away from your fears, face it!
c. Treasure your loved ones who are still alive.
d. Believe in your loved ones. 
e. Feels that the 'I will save my loved ones by doing whatever it takes to  save the world' spirit of the main role is similar to those Japanese animes I watched. I remember in those animes, the lead roles is always enticed to save the world so that he/she can save his/her loved ones. It's the love for his loved ones that gave him the faith and strength to go against such an enemy which is so much bigger and more powerful than humans. 
f. 斩草不除根,春风吹又生 - Be farsighted by getting rid of every potential threat for future invasion. 
g. The 'truth' may not be necessary true. But if we want to know the real truth, we must make sure we are capable to cope with it. 
h. Don't play God and try to control nature. We may have to pay a big price for being Kay kiang when we don't have the technology to deal with a stronger enemy. 

But of coz the movie is not perfect too. There are some really lame pointers about the movie:
1. I cannot help but think the Mutos looked like huge cockroaches. Hence I cannot help but want to laugh during the fighting scenes. 
2. As usual, the movie talks about heroic acts of American soldiers. 
3. I don't understand why Godzilla is the good guy and why 'God' sent a monster to restore course of nature? There seem to be an understatement in the movie. Tell me if I am wrong.
4. Confusing the history. So war world 2 is all about fighting Godzilla and Mutos?
5. I think movie is indirectly asking all countries not to have nuclear weapons or weapons with radiation or else the Mutos will look for you! Lolz...

Yes, you will hear wooohooo and laughter in the movie. Not a bad one t watch to relax from your hard day at work (at least to us).

So catch it if you have time before Xmen is out ^^

Monday, May 12, 2014






1. 剧情

的灵魂”来到现代,变成了康家大少爷而卷入名门家族的斗争。之后他爱上了弟弟的女人(aka 张晓),对她展开追求。兄弟因而反目成仇。这样的剧情不是更得人心吗?

结果《步步2》的剧情和《步步1》的结尾,似乎完全没关系。为什么我说似乎?因为明明就应该是续集,明明应该讲的是殷正想来到张晓的世界 (aka现代)找她。可是结果是张晓因为追电视剧入戏太深,结果搅浑了现实与剧情。而且还因为一起车祸,忘记了对四爷的爱。可是到了最后又开始扯上了《步步1》,真的搞得我晕头转向。导演是不是也被自己搞糊涂了?

由于其他原班人马没有参与,难免少了那种热闹的感觉。不过想想也对,现代版的“康熙”怎么可能后宫三千?导演竭尽所能处理好康震天三个儿子的复杂关系(aka 殷正与康司瀚是完全没有血缘关系的异父异母兄弟,而康司瀚/殷正与康司宇却是同父异母/同母异父的关系)。








我也无法认同殷正突然不爱蓝兰而爱上晓晓。是的,或许他一开始就错把蓝兰当晓晓。但是,他说什么也和蓝兰在一起很久了。他“突然” 把爱转向晓晓也太突然了吧?如果说他的心一直徘徊在两女之间,我还可以理解,但他一直都很确定他爱的是蓝兰,而一直找晓晓的麻烦不是吗?那么在蓝兰消失后就“突然”爱上晓晓。 这的确让人很难理解。也难怪蓝兰会以为殷正变心太快。


我觉得拍一部戏,一开始拍时就该明白这部戏是拍来卖座赚钱,还是拍来叫好赢奖的。我觉得这部戏是拍来赚钱的,所以很失望。但或许《步步1》原著写得太好了,所以让人对《步步2》也期望很高。或许一开始不应该宣传说《步步2》是《步步1》的续集,而是说故事只是“借题发挥”构想出来的。那么“步步迷” 就不会对《步步2》有这么大的期望了。
对于真结局反而只仓促地轻轻带过。甚至还重点交代康司瀚出狱与蓝兰重逢。但是就没有交代张晓和四爷的“未来”。让我突然有种 “难道还要拍第三集”的感觉!不过我还是觉得如果只是想赚钱,那么就见好就收吧!

2. 人物

殷正 VS 康司瀚







张晓 VS 蓝兰





3. 终结





Saturday, May 3, 2014

Everyone Needs Staycations - KSL Resort and Hotel

Staycation Period: 3-4 May 2014

I think I fell in love with "staycations" at KSL resort and hotel. Since March 2013, we had three 2D1N staycations at KSL. 

You may wonder why not go somewhere further away from home? Well, I tried 2D1N staycations at Genting, Malacca and Batam before too. But I realised I actually spent more time traveling to the three holiday destinations (4hrs to Genting, 2hrs to Malacca and 1+ hr to Batam) than spending time there. End up I felt more tiring after the staycations.

Hence, if I only have 1 night to spare, JB is more than sufficient coz it's just minutes away from the causeway. I could even go to Legoland before I headed back to Singapore on day2 during my staycation last year! I am so looking forward to bring my two children to Legoland, Hello Kitty Land or Little Big Club when they are tall enough to play majority of the rides. Otherwise the poor children will be more disappointed than excited to go there. 

What attracts me most to staycations in JB? Apart from the traveling time and distance, the exchange rates is a gimmick too. Currently every 1 SGD is about RM2.5+. Hence shopping and feasting is so much more affordable over there! 

A carful of excited adults and children! Our first staycation in Msia with my inlaws!

I used to eat Seoul Garden many years back when it was less costly. However these days I hardly eat Seoul Garden in Singapore now! Because it costs SGD40+ per pax in Singapore and RM30+ per pax in KSL!!! And only RM16+ for Jamie! (SGD$6+) too! 

So far, I never failed to eat Seoul Garden when I go KSL for staycations :P Maybe it's not the best restaurant but definitely the most worth it!

Seoul Garden Again!!!

Designed her own ice cream sundae!

James playing Meat(basketball)!

I had always wanted to try the colour contact lens that enlarge the eyeball. However it's quite costly to buy it in Singapore and likely I cannot find any lens that I can 'see' in. I saw this natural brown one for only RM40/pair (SGD16)! Cannot help it but buy to try it out! 

Hmmmm... My eyes look a bit too BIg and Anime with the lens... Hahaha... Bit at least I could see pretty well in it! Think will try it with fake lashes next time! :P

We were lucky to get a pool view room though the children didn't get to swim because it was raining. Didi was really amused by the pool view and kept 'checking out' the pool! 

Checking out the pool 

We decided to stop buying diapers from
JB though because the quality of the diapers there seemed to have dropped. Or maybe it is just James who may have more delicate skin than Jamie. 

Anyhow, we bought loads of tidbits and yacult back!!!! It's really cheap to buy yacult from JB (RM4+) and the quality is the same! Pity I don't have a cooler bag. If not I will definitely buy more back!

If you are looking for a short couple or family getaway over a weekend and feel that Singapore's hotels are too expensive, KSL resort and hotel is definitely a good place to consider! Not only you are only minutes away from home, you can also enjoy cheap and good food, shop till you drop, watch midnight movie without worrying you miss the last bus/train, enjoy cheap spa and nail care services and stock up your groceries! 

I paid only SGD91 for a superior twin room that comes with a queen size bed and a super single bed, free wifi and breakfast for 2. Cannot get a better deal in Singapore!!! 

James is already looking forward to his next staycation in KSL!