Saturday, September 13, 2014

Planes 2: You never know what's out there for you...

It's been a while since I last watched The Planes 2 but I still feel like sharing about this meaningful movie.

I always feel that the script writer of Cars and Planes had never meant the movies to be for children. The morals behind these two movies series are too chim for children to digest or cheer about, 

Even as an adult, it took me a while to digest the show. Honestly, it was not among the top list of my must watch movies initially. But I didn't regret watching it and I highly recommend everyone who is experiencing unhappiness at work or at a career crossroad to watch the movie. 

I was feeling unhappy over my previous job when I watched this movie. I was also feeling nervous about the job change too. I didn't know if I was too old to change a job and if I was just fighting a lost battle. 

After watching the movie, I felt inspired and assured that a change maybe after all the 'correct' step/route to take. And no one is ever too old for a new change or to take up a new responsibility. Dusty, the crop duster, worked so hard to be finally a world winner but he decided to give up his dream career to be a fire-fighter plane in order to save his town.  This shows that 牺牲小我完成大我 can turn out not only heroic but also a better career than you thought it is. 

The movie also tells that everyone has a past but we have to learn to let go of the baggage so that we can soar high and 'free'. This is easily said than done though. But if we don't try, we will never get a step closer to our destination. The leader of the fire-fighter planes was once a tv star until mishap happened to his co-star. But he learnt to let go and try out something new as an alternative career. It turns out he has ascended from a fake tv hero to a real fire-fighting hero.

The movie tells of the danger of forest fire and the 'excitement' of the uncertainty that lies ahead. Though we never know how bad the situation would be but as long as we take precautions, remain alert and work as a team, things will work out just find. Being in a new job for Dusty he felt left out and he sometimes tells himself that he had to do this job because he has no choice but eventually he became good friends with the other fire fighters and believes he can be one of them too. 

Being humble and selfless will bring people to you. Selfish people only think for themselves hence in time of danger, people fled from the selfish people. However, Dusty knew he was injured and he was unable to fly very high, but he did not tell his team mates about it and still push himself to the max limit. We thought he would die since his engine is out of production already. However, turned out there is a hidden gem among the fire fighter who could custom-made a new engine box for Dusty. When you give your all to others, others will give their all to you too. 

AND, we must always look out for the 卧虎藏龙 in the office.. People may stay low and humble but these gems have lots more to teach the newbies than the loud and proud ones. We don't need people to praise themselves so as to be taken noticed of; we can open our ears to hear who are the ones that others are singing praises of, to know who are the real gems. 

When Others fly out, Heros fly in.., 

Being in the social sector is never easy. As the world becomes more critical, complacent and demanding, sometimes we may get a bit discouraged. Sometimes we may wonder if it makes any sense at all. 

But this movie kicks me a bit and makes me understand that: 

Yes... Because we are the Heros, so we will definitely continue to plunge in and do our best for the society ^^