Wednesday, February 4, 2015






你可以取笑我的天真、取笑我的过度乐观,但是你无法强迫我接受这是我的索命。 我相信一切都是因果循环,只要我赎玩罪就可以翻身了。一切就等时机。。。

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Year Hair Makeover

Lunar New Year's coming!

Hehehe... and a new start must have a new hair style and colour ;) May the new "me" will only have good luck this year! 

These days my pretty princess had been following me wherever I go. So today she also followed me to the hair salon. When she found out that I am going to perm (curl) my hair...

Jamie: Oh.. But if you curl your hair, we will not be the same anymore! 
Me: Oh.. Then why not you curl your hair too?
Jamie: Hmmm.. Let me first see if your curl is pretty! 

Ohh.. Hahaha.. I love my princess who not only likes to follow me wherever I go, she also wants to look just like me and do what I do too! ^^ But I think she will grow up to be vain like me too :P

Take one last look at my straight brown hair... Bye Bye straight hair! 

Actually I was quite nervous about the outcome of the Korean digital perm which Matthew had recommended. Well, Matthew was always right when he introduced me my previous hair colors . So I knew I could trust his judgement on the perm outcome. It's just that I had a really bad experience during my previous romantic curl perm in year 2008. It somehow turned into a disaster because 1) my hair colour was black. Ermm I didn't have the budget to perm and dye on the same day. 2) it was those big and tight curls type of perm 3) I was too lazy to maintain the curl. So it somehow made me looked super aunty. I couldn't stand it and rebonded my hair after a month. 

There was two other times when I did those temporary-styled big curls for some events and I just looked really +10 years to my age. 

I always wanted purplish red for my hair color coz I think it will give me that "anime" look. Heehee... But I don't know if I can take the colour well. I spoke to Matthew the last time about the purplish colour I had in mind but was discouraged by him. He is not like those hair stylists who only guarantee the immediate outcome of any hair treatment/perm/colour.. The reason that I become Matthew's regular customer was because he is sincere about making sure our hair style/colour suit our features, suit our lifestyle and can last. He knew I do not have much time to maintain my hair as I need to juggle my roles as a wife and a mother. He also knew I am scared to look "mature". He also knew I wanted to try a purplish hair colour. He actually went home to research and think about the best way to give me a lasting purplish red hair and a natural looking perm (which is versatile enough for me to play around with it - adjust the curls' tightness as and when I like/want to. 

Ta-Da! This is how I look now! Really love the colour and the natural look of the perm! And this is only my indoor look! 

When I was under the sun, I can see the purplish shades even clearer! 

I hope my bosses and colleagues will not be too shocked to see me tomorrow! :P

Hehehe! But I really love the perm and colour! So did Jamie! Now she is asking me if she can perm and colour her hair too! Haha!