Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shopping Dayout with Jamie on eve of new job start...

Sounds so sad right :P

I believe I will still have the chance to bring Jamie for shopping on weekdays :) But then I guess today is a special day. Because it marks the end of my Stay-at-Home-Mum or Work-from-Home-Mum Days...

From Tomorrow onwards, I will be a Working Mother...

I already know that I will definitely miss Jamie a lot at work tomorrow. I may even wish to call home at lunch time to 'talk' to Jamie. However, I am sure Jamie will be in good hands and will be well-take care of.

Hence I will keep reminding myself that I will work hard and bow low for the sake of Jamie. I want to buy her more pretty dresses and more toys. I want to give the best I can to Jamie. I want her to have a no-worries childhood. I want her to be a happy child. Jamie will be my motivation and aspiration to work hard and jiayou in my new job.

But of coz other than for the sake of my child, there are many other reasons for me to wish to work for my former boss again. And one thing for sure (at least for now), I want to retire in this job. It has always been my dream to find the right job so I can retire in it, just like my dad. He has been working 30+ yrs for the same company and he is retiring from the job soon. I wish I can be like my father....It's very tiring to keep finding the right job and the right boss...and the right colleague(s)...

So All the Way for this new job :D

Since I was worried that I may not have the time to bring Jamie for a shopping trip before the Lucius' BIG DAY, I brought Jamie to Kiddy Palace in TPY to choose her a pretty dress for her favourite korkor :D

See Jamie's pretty dress for Lucius Korkor's First Year BIRTHDAY~!!!

Other than that, since it is the last day of the GSS for Kiddy Palace Members, hence I also bought Jamie's supply of diapers and wet tissues.

Am really curious whether Pureen Diapers is good or not, and since it is selling at only $15.95 for 84pc (M size), hence I bought a packet to try. Won't mind changing to Pureen from Huggies if it's good. However, Huggies is still my favourite :P

Heehee, take a look at Jamie new loots...

Had been using Laogong's haversack as diaper bag since Jamie was born. So specially bought a new haversack for Jamie (and her caretakers - Me and Pyone) so Laogong can have his haversack back :D

OH YA.. Not forgetting the fun learning tool complimentary from Aunty Joey and Uncle Desmond I met up for tea time after our shopping!

Actually I had tried to avoid walking into any kiddy palace shop for sometime because I know I definitely will want to buy something for Jamie. But since financially we may not be able to sustain anymore if I continue to have no fixed pay, hence I had to force myself to stop buying things for Jamie. Now that I know I can have a fixed pay job, I thought it will be nice to buy Jamie something again to mark the start of Looking forward to buy more loots for Jamie soon ^^

Hahaha... What an excuse to shop for Jamie :P

Love you Jamie!!! Mummy Loves You SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH~!!! So Much till I only want to have one child so I can LOVE U AND YOU ONLY :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Suddenly A Big Fan of Tom Cruise!!!

Seriously, I was never a Fan of Tom Cruise.

I had always thought he is not very good looking, shot and of big ego. Read a lot on papers that he didn't like to take roles that makes him look ugly or dirty. And he only likes to show certain angle of his face which he thinks he looks best in. He seems to be only interested in showing what he thinks he is good in, and not what the movie goers want of him.

Unlike him, Brad Pitt was the Blond and Tanned Guy who seems to be taller and always pick movie scripts with depths. He never minds too much about getting himself dirty or ugly. Looking at all the movies he had done before, you can see his growth. However, things changed after he got together with Anglie Jolie.

After I watched the Movie Knight and Diaz, I have a switch in preference.

I was a bit shocked to realize, Tom Cruise is actually not that short (maybe because Diaz is not too tall?!) and also he is able to be both fair and yet garang.

Ermmm, yes.. I had always thought fair guys are less garang than the tanned ones. But I think ermmm some guys just don't get tanned even if they go under the sun as much as they can.

Anyhow I really like the plot for Knight and Diaz and the Name of this movie is just great! Cruise = Crusader = Knight vs Diaz = Day.

The movie seems to tell us that some times it's not that bad to lead an exciting life too ^^ And the movie makes girls wish to have a knight like Tom Cruise to protect them from all danger!

Way to go Tom Cruise!

I think he looks great in Long Hair. His deep set eyes really suit Long Hair better than short hair...

See below for the pictures... Agree with me?

Seriously if a guy who that sort of pretty eyes look at me in the eye, most likely my feet will go soft and I will lost my sense of speech for as long as he is in sight...

Hahaha...I feel young again, going crazy over movie stars :P

Last but not least, I think Cruise and Diaz are like the best match I saw in so many movies. I think they are like even made for each other in real life. Tom Cruise has this boyish face and eyes that makes me want to protect him and yet he is a big boy with a big ego who wants to be the knight. And Diaz is always like a young girl who is excited over little things, and need some discipline by the big boy once a while :D

I used to watch their Vanilla Sky. Forgot about the plot but I think it's a very intense movie... Don't mind re-watching it...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jamie First Cycling Experience (26 June 2010)

It was a tiring day today but it is totally worth it!

Guess even after I started my full time job, I will want to make time to bring Jamie out.

Had a long Open House today from 11am to 4pm. Had to clean up the house abit too to prepare for the Open House but it's just part of the job to ensure the house is at its best condition for viewing to fetch the best price.

I was pretty tired after the viewing, but I had promised Jamie to bring her to ECP to cycle. I never want to be a Mother who doesn't keep her promises. So despite I am tired and sleepy, I still bring her and Pyone to ECP. And of coz, my very nice Laogong came along too. He is really very nice to me because despite it being his last school holidays weekends, he still make time to help me out at the Open House in case too many buyers come at the same time.

Jamie really enjoyed herself and she had her many first times today.

Not only it's her first Cycling Experience...

It is also her First Encounter with the sand and sandcastles...

And her First time able to sit up unsupported in a Baby Chair to eat her meal!!!

I am really looking forward to experiencing more first times with Jamie!!!

Yeah! I found a full time job~

It has been a good long wait.

I can't say I really sent out many resumes. But I know I am looking for THE job.

THE job that I can retire in for good.

My Laogong likes to call me a serial job hopper. Seriously, I don't find it fun to keep changing jobs and keep starting all over again. It's really very tiring. And since I tried almost every job I am interested in and even tried something I never thought I will do - Sales... I guess, I know what's my Ideal Job in mind.

And I am pretty excited about this new job I found.

I can't share much about it now yet. Will share more after I start work.

All I can say is, all things happened for a reason. In other words, maybe we can call it fate that we may end up walking in circles and coming to the same place you left long ago. It may not be a bad thing after all. It may just mean when you first got the job, it may not be the RIGHT time. But now that years had passed and things had changed, it is the RIGHT time for you to take up the job again...

Sounds really interesting right?

Heehee... Stay Tuned :) I am starting work on 1 July 2010. Hear more about my job after next thursday then :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Brian~

Jamie went for her first children birthday party last Saturday!!!

Was really happy that Jamie was invited though Annie had wanted a simple birthday celebration for Brian.

There was a lovely cake with a jungle theme and lotsa of party hats!

Seriously, I cannot remember when's the last children party I attended but this is definitely the first children party I attended with Jamie! And I am looking forward for more to come! I can't help but start thinking about Jamie's birthday party already ^^

Heehee, still thinking about the theme for Jamie's party :D

Partly, I am also not sure if I have found a job by then. If I am still on freelance job, then budget maybe a constraint. Hence, I pray that I can find a full time job soon so that I can start saving for Jamie's birthday party :)

2 Great Movies I watched lately...

Hihi, sorry for the backlog again...

Had been busy and hence couldn't blog much. Anyhow, I will catch up with the backlog before I accumulated more backlogs!!!

Watched two movies lately and really like them both A LOT!!!

Top on the List is SEX AND THE CITY 2~
Follow by TOY STORY 3~


Had wanted to watch Sex and the City 2 with my 3 girlfriends but then everyone seems to be kinda of busy and I won't want to miss the movie. So ended up, I watched it with Laogong and my SIL for her birthday celebration. I think I will feel even more INTO the movie if I had watched it with my 3 girlfriends :P

But even so, I feel very much attached to this movie.

I did not really follow on the series but then I watched Sex and the City 1. I love the movie series because it seems to answer a lot of questions.

And the 4 different women in the movie, in the part 2 now represent 4 different women playing different roles in the society now.

We have the newly wed Carrie who is ever worried her romance with Mr Big will end with her marriage and longs for daily sparkles to maintain their relationship. She ends up kissing an ex bf who she used to like a lot. Mr Big then realized the two of them had very different expectations in the marriage. Hence he 'punished' her with a diamond ring (which she had refused to wear all along because she wished to be unconventional, since not having children is an unconventional marriage too).

We also have the career-minded control freak Miranda who was being unfairly treated at work because she was a outspoken woman working with this new MCP partner. She then realized it was not worth it to miss her son's school events for a lousy boss. She then quited and got herself a better law firm to work and add value in.

We have the girly Charolette who has two lovely girls but yet they are driving her crazy because she lost all her ME time. She found herself a good nanny which she then was worried about having affairs with her hubby. She then realized she needs to maintain her own ME time too and that her marriage should be based on trust. And of coz, she found out that her nanny is a lesbian ^^

Last but not least, we have the always so sexy Samantha. She is her old ways, having sex around with different men in the movie. However, the movie focus on the all worrying Menopause of every woman in the world... Samantha was so worried she became unattractive and low sex drive that she was high on vitamins to curb her menopause symptoms...

My favourite character from the movie? Hmmm.. I seem to have a bit of everyone...

I am the Carrier who hopes she is forever in love with her hubby; the always worried that about not being attractive Samantha; the Charlotte who needs ME time and also the Miranda who wants the best of both worlds - career and time for her family.

I love the friendship between the 4 women too. When one has problems, the rest all headed down for each other...

And though everyone has very different personalities yet they can accommodate with each other differences, at the same time complement each other. There is this scene when the two mothers, Charlotte and Miranda had a drink together and Miranda cheered Charlotte up and tells her its okay to hope to have some ME time.

She is like me who loves my baby girl so much, and worries that Jamie loves my helper more than me. But at the same time, I know that I cannot do without my helper. Without her, I can never have my ME time or have my life back. But yet I am like Miranda who hopes to find the right boss to appreciate me, so I can have the best of both worlds - working hard and yet a lovely mother to Jamie...

These 4 characters really reflect many women in this world... And from them, we realized we are actually just normal human beings, who have our needs and desires as well. As much as we wish to have a status in the society, we hope we can be wonderful lovers, wives and mothers...

Being a woman is really not easy.

All Women out there, Cheers to All of You~ U are a surviver!!!


The other wonderful movie I watched is the Toy Story 3

Frankly, I didn't want to watch Toy Story and Toy Story 2 because I thought the toys look ugly and non-relevant to me. Maybe because the toys are toys for boys???

I was lucky that Sandra invited me to watch this movie at a corporate rate. If not, I may have skipped it as well. It was a great movie and very very relevant to me.

I always believe there is a child in everyone... especially myself. I too have a very special toy from my Laogong. This toy used to be a 'decoration' in the first family car. He gave it to me before he got enlisted into NS, in fear I felt lonely when he cannot be with me always. The toy was meant to keep me company always, at all times... We gave it a crappy name because of a crappy joke. Yaa, I named it Pipi ^^ My old friends would have all seen Pipi since year 2000. Yes, he is as old as my relationship with my Laogong.

He was there when my Laogong cannot be there for me. He sat through all my Uni exams with me. I know it's childish and crappy but yes, he was right there on the examination table with me :P

Most people would have got over toys or even more so, soft toys. But never me. Why? Maybe because I grew up as a emotionally lonely and insecure girl. I need to hug soft toys to sleep especially if I sleep in the dark. I had always thought my mother didn't love me very much or was never proud of anything I do. Ya, not even when I topped the class or was the top 25% in JC... Whatever I did back then, even till now, was never enough for her to feel proud of me.

So, my toys became my good friends, who hear me out when I was sad or cried to sleep. They were always there for me. They were always there for me. However, most of which were thrown away by my mum or man-slaughtered by her via the washing machine (because by then they were so vulnerable and in stitches...)

I never let my mother has the chance to come near Pipi then, because as the day grew, Pipi became 'weaker' and now he is in stitches all over. I really don't know how long can he continue to be there for me. But the movie touches me. It gave the other perspective. Here, I was worrying whether PIpi will be there for me till I am old. But actually he is more worried I threw him away one day, and hence he cannot grow old with me.

I cried in the movie twice. Once when the toys were about to be burnt into flames (but was later saved by the 3 very cute aliens) and another time when Andy waved goodbye to Woody.

Sob... I love the movie song very much.... 'You have a friend in me' (I think).

It said... Our friendship will never die...

This is how I feel towards Pipi :D

And I was so worried that Pipi will be lonely when I was busy at work, that I found him a few friends, and I am glad I did. After watching the movie, I can't imagine if Pipi had been alone all these years...

Pipi now has a pinky dog, a twin brother, a pink penguin and a toy stitch to accompany him :D And not forgetting the many other soft toys in my collections - a BIG yellow dog, a purple dog, a killer whale, a nemo, a turtle, a horse and many many many more toys ^^ (and of coz my dwarf ^^)

But most importantly, I will always be there for him, as much as he is always there for me :) He is not just a toy to me. He is a special someone to both me and my Laogong. Laogong knows he can count on Pipi to take care of me when he is not around.

I still remember I almost lost Pipi once. When the esplanade was newly opened, Laogong and I took Pipi out for a spin to the esplanade. But when we were about to leave the place, Pipi was nowhere to be found. We did not bring a bag along so Laogong had kept it in his pocket. It must have dropped out!!!

We searched everywhere but couldn't find Pipi. We decided to look around the last place we saw him before we leave. I was crying hysterically by then. And guess what? Pipi heard my prayers!!! He heard my crying~ He was sitting on the door knot of the handicapped toilet exactly where we last saw him!!!

But before this last search, we could not find him anywhere there!!!

It sounded really creepy but all the more I felt that Pipi is 'alive'!!! And he tried his best to be founded by me~!!! From then on, I never let him leave my sight.

I have to say, now that I have Jamie, I need to protect Pipi further. Since he is so old and weak already, he can barely escape Jamie's evil claws without losing an arm or leg... So I hid him away in the daytime and only took him out at night when it's time to sleep.

Now that I saw the movie, I secretly hope I can catch Pipi in action with the rest of the toys in the middle of the night ^^

"Pipi, I will always be there for u, like you are always there for me :)"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jamie is 7 mth old liao!!!

7 months have past and Jamie is 7 months old now!

Frankly, sometimes I still cannot imagine myself to have delivered Jamie :P

Actually a bit sad that I haven't spend a lot of time with Jamie lately. Working on a flexible working hours also means, I can't fixed a routine with Jamie where I have a certain fixed schedule which I spent time with her. It's like halfway through our playing, I may have to leave home to work. I wonder if her staying up all nights lately means she is protesting she wants more time from me, and since I am staying up late every night, it seems like the best time I can spare for her too.

Seriously, sometimes I feel I am losing Jamie everyday :( Haizzz.. I must put in the effort to spend some quality time with her... And this can only be so if I have fixed working hours...

Anyway, steal a glimpse at my pretty Jamie...

She is a big girl now :D My pretty little princess :D

I was trying to carry her as if she was a young baby but realized she has all grown up... Wow.... And I seem to have missed out 3months of her childhood coz I had let Pyone took over all my duties... I feel so redundant nowadays :(

I hope to find back the loss time...

I want my Jamie back...

Friday, June 11, 2010

2N2D Trip to Genting/KL/JB

We knew that we will be travelling this week, however we only knew we will have to set off on Monday night on Monday itself after Laogong got home from work. And because it was so impromtu, we did not have the chance to browse for the hotels. I had to drive to my client place to settle some Letter of Intent issue as well before I can go home to pack my bag. I was glad that things are settled before the trip, or else I will be half the time wondering how's the matter during the trip.

We set off at about 1am. Jamie was still awake and watching us went out. She must be wondering what time we would be back, because Pyone told me Jamie stayed awake till 3am that night.

Poor Jamie...

Anyway we had supper and reached the customs at about 2am.

The following is our short trip itinerary:

08 June 2010 (Tuesday)
1am – Had supper
2am – Set off from Singapore Custom

6.30am – Reached foot of Genting Highlands
- Had breakfast at Mcdonalds at the Shell Petrol Station cum Stopver

7.30am – Reached Genting Highlands
- Play Jackpot
- Tour the place

10.00am - Had Lunch at Marrybrown
- Watched Prince of Persia at 10.45am
- Ate the Prata Cheesy Sausage
- Laze and Have Teabreak at Starbucks

1.00pm – Set off to Kuala Lumpur
- Stop for Short Naps

4.30pm – Reach KL and Checked in to Hotel Istana (5-star), Twin Deluxe
- Took a Nap

6.30pm – Woke up from Nap
- Had A&W
- Shop at Bukit Bintang
- Walk to Berjaya Times to Shop

10.30pm – Reach Hotel and Took a Bath.
- Watch TV and Sleep

09 June 2010 (Wednesday)
8.45am – Wake up and Wash up
9.30am – Breakfast at Hotel Istana


10.30am – Went back room to take a nap
11.30am – Wake up and Pack up
12.00noon – Check out and head towards JB.
4.00pm – Stop over at Yong Peng for a rest and teabreak of Waffle Spicy Chicken

5.30pm – Reach JB City Square Plaza. Shop.
7.00pm – Had Mcdonalds for Dinner at City Square Plaza

8.00pm – Set off to Singapore
9.00pm – Reach home

Ya, we didn't do much because it was meant to be a Er Ren Shi Jie short trip where me and Laogong spend time together without the distraction from Jamie. We didn't plan what we want to do too, so just go to a place and see what we can do. Laogong loves the cold weather in Genting, that's why going there is a MUST in this trip. And then going JB for shopping instead of spending a few more hrs in KL was because we ran out of places to shop after one night since we know Bukit Bintang pretty well already.

Was happy we managed to watch Prince of Persia too coz only then Laogong has a good cosy place to steal a short wink... And also I think the movie is pretty nice with a very nice ending too :D I was thinking it was a corny show hence never had thought I want to watch it in Singapore.

Think Jamie was very upset she cannot find us for the last few days and she showed us black face when we got home. It took her a while to simmer down and let me carry her too. But she still refused to smile :( And I realized she can really do without me soon. I am not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

I think it will be good if I need to go to work but bad too coz I am not sure if she will still love me next time :( Haizz But well, we can't have the best of all worlds sometimes...