Monday, December 28, 2009

I love my Post-Natal Home Theraphy Massages~

Hey Hey!

I just finished the last session of my Post-Natal Home Theraphy Massages by Rustic Nirvana~

It was a good experience with the therapist. She is from mainland and had been in this trade for a few years. She knows her stuff and able to answer my questions on what are all the functions of each therapy I went through. I had bad experiences with some beauty salon, whose therapists weren't sure about the functions and possible side effects of each product on my skin. As I had mild sensitive skin, hence it could be quite annoying to see the rashes after each session. But Jane was very experienced and responsible. She will check if I have any rashes each time we finished a session and explain the content of each product.

I like her 'hard-massages'. Which means she really rubbed my fats hard. It could be a bit painful for some and could even resulted in some blue-blacks on the thighs especially. However, I felt my stiff muscles relaxed and most importantly, I see the effects it had on my stubborn fats.

Unlike the usual Jamu Massages, which emphases on the tummy, the Post-Natal Home Theraphy Massages comprises the following:

1. Sea Salt Application
2. Portable Steamer Wonder
3. Whole Body Jamu Massages
4. Overnight Jamu Wrap

Firstly, Jane applied the dead sea salt on my whole body. It helps to drain the excessive water retained in my body. Then I went through a 5-10 minute steaming session with her portable pot of specially brewed herbs in the uniquely designed space cover. This steaming session helped to invigorate the body to perspire heavily and hence the body is able to rejuvenate by greatly reducing water retention.

After the steaming session, Jane would do the Whole Body Jamu Massage using the Rustic Nirvana traditional home blended jamu oil for 45-60min. After the massage, she would apply the jamu herbs and tightly wrapped me up with the overnight traditional jamu belt wrap.

I was advised to wrap the belt for as long as I can. Hence I even kept it on when I went out. I would only removed it at night, before I sleep, when I need to take my bath. Every morning I would then be amused to see the effect on my tummy~!!!

Today is the last session and in replacement of the overnight wrap, I had a longer massage session. At the end of the session, Jane measure my body to show me the effects.

Ta-da, I took some photos.. take a look ^^

My waist was 107cm and I weighted 64.7kg just before I delivered.

My waist was then 96cm and I weighted 57.6kg on the first day of the massage.

My waist is now 90cm and I weight 56.9kg~!!!

Hence the massage works! Not only it reduced my weight but it reduced my body in inches/cm~!!!

I am looking forward to the 5 other sessions I am entitled to. Yes~!!! Now the package is selling at 1 for 1 (5 sessions of home massages + 5 sessions at Rustic Nirvana) for only $838 (Usual Price $1283)~!!! For mummies-to-be and mummies who haven't signed up any Jamu massages, you should consider signing up the package with Rustic Nirvana. If you will like to try out their services before signing the package, you can sign up with the Mother2Baby Club by emailing your particulars to Membership is FREE and you are entitled to a complimentary pre-natal or post-natal massage (worth $120).

Hee, I think I will be going for this 5 other sessions maybe some time later. Because I am starting my freelance property soon, hence I should be going for these 5 sessions after I stablised my working schedule. I will need to juggle with caretaking of Jamie on weekday daytime and property on weekday night time and on weekends. Though it will be tiring, I believe I will enjoy the process. Nothing beats watching your baby grows up everyday ^^

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New iPhone~


YES~!!! I bought myself an iPhone for Xmas^^


Was thinking for some time whether to get myself the iPhone. And so happened my hubby has to recontract his phoneline, hence he decided to upgrade to the $58/mth Smartsurf plan and I got the iPhone yesterday for just $268~!!!

Take a look at my new PINK iPhone :D

Had fun playing with it since last night :D

It was a nice dayout with Jamie and my Hubby. We had our favourite makan at PS and not forgetting snapping lotsa photos :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas~!!!

Merry Xmas to Everyone~!!!

So What did you all do for Xmas? For me, I had two Xmas Gatherings this year. And both are with my very close friends.

This year is the first Xmas with Jamie and also for Jamie :) I hope next year, I will be able to celebrate Xmas at my new home. By then, Jamie should be able to walk around the house welcoming and entertaining all the guests ^^ Can't wait to watch her grow up :)

I had dinner with my Uni friends on 22nd December, Tuesday. It was the first gathering for Lucius and Jamie too :) Can't wait to watch them play together too~~~!!! Lucius has grown so much over the months, and I think he should be able to crawl around rapidly by Chinese New Year 2010.

We had dinner at Aermis, Cityhall. I hope I spell the name correctly. It's a the fountain and opposite The Soup Spoon. We chose the restaurant partly because it is not easy to find a place where they have space for two strollers. And partly, Lucius can watch the pretty fountain :)

The dinner was great. I love Mint Hot Chocolate and Fish and Chips~

However, it was a pity we all had to rush home to eat Tangyuan. But I believe there will be many more such gatherings next time. And it will be easier after the babies grow up.

I guess as we grow up, we somehow will just look forward to simpler and more cosy gatherings. I no longer have the mood or urge for clubbing sessions. I used to love clubbing sessions and crowded parties. However, I guess it's really not what we do but who we are with that makes the difference. And as long as we are with our close friends, even if it's just a simple sit-down dinner or cosy home gathering, it's very enjoyable already.

Last night, my hubby, baby jamie and I spent our Xmas Eve at Wenwen's house. We reached earlier with the pizza and drinks. While we waited for Wenwen to come home, me and Xiaxia decorated the Xmas Tree. And I think it looks really pretty :)

before decoration..

after decoration...

after lights ON...

We had pizza for dinner and did gift exchange ^^ Heehee... I got a mini thermoflask for my hot drinks and my hubby got a thermo warmer!!! Nice gifts wor~!!!

Most importantly, Jamie was the center of attention all night~ Xiaxia and Wenwen all just can't keep their hands off her! Hahaha... And I am really grateful that they love her so much~ As much as they love me I guess ^^

Jamie: I am the princess~!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jamie is Botak Now~!!!

Hihi All :)

Took Jamie for her shave yesterday and now she is BOTAK~!!!

First we put her on a pretty yellow dress and then brought her to my usual salon at AMK. See see, Now u see the hair... now you don't~!!!

Jamie was sleeping when we were shaving her hair.. kekeke... now we let her wear a cap even when at home :P

At the first time, my hubby and I did our hair cut too ^^ Take a look at the new mummy look... hope it makes me look younger :P

kekeke.. and hor, we eventually tugged Jamie with a pacifier when she turned cranky.. and I think she looks cute~!!! She even 'threatened' me with her fist when I wana take it out of her mouth :P So cute~!!!

Asher's Full Month Celebration and Dinner with Xiaxia (191209)

So happy that we can attend Asher's Full Month Celebration ^^

And Jamie gets to wear another pretty dress for this event~!!!

I think it was quite fated that Asher eventually was still 8 days younger than Jamie. I remember Rachel was worried that she had to induce much earlier and hence Asher could have become Jamie's 'senior'. However, it turned out I was the one who had to do deliver much earlier. Hahaha...

Asher was so tiny~ At first, I thought Jamie was tiny enough but he was smaller in size than Jamie~!!! Take a look at the two new mummies carrying different babies :P

Jamie was really thrilled because it was her first day out with her new stroller~!!! And she seemed to got used to it already. She was sleeping very soundly throughout the whole outing...

Can't wait to watch Jamie and Asher grow up together and become good friends ^^

After visiting Rachel, we met Xiaxia and CL at Thomson Plaza for dinner. It was the first time Xiaxia sees Jamie, after she visited me at TMC after my delivery. Though it was a pity that she couldn't attend Jamie's full month celebration, she still has many more years to watch Jamie grows up~!!!

See how delighted she was, carrying Jamie in her arms~!!! Jamie was so cranky and cried so loud for her milk, while my hubby had to ask for hot water at a bakery, Xiaxia wasn't even irritated by her crying. I believe she will be a good mother herself next time~!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

FINALLY decided on a stroller...

FINALLY decided on a stroller~!!!

Not a branded one like Maclaren, Combi or even Capella. However, looks good enough for basic use ^^ Was pondering over whether to buy an expensive stroller and those branded one seem to cost minimum $299... Phew... Can't bear to spend that money, though it's an essential item.

Was really luck to have know Melody. Was chatting with her about choosing a stroller and found out that she has an extra stroller. Read about the stroller and found it not bad, and decided to buy over it :) Wow... I paid a really reasonable and cost-efficient amount for this brand new stroller~!!!

I love it's colour too! Looks really cheeful and sporty :) Think will turn a few heads when I stroll Jamie along ECP next time ^^ Hahaha...

Let Jamie tried on this 'toy' I got from my brother. She seems to enjoy it coz she can now sit in the living room with us and not feel lonely sleeping in the bedroom herself! See how Happy she looks~

Had been doing 5 days of OJT and so far, I enjoyed myself and hope to continue to enjoy myself :)

Ohhh yaaa!!! My massage is finally starting on next Monday~!!! Tell you all more tomorrow about the massage ^^

Monday, December 14, 2009

OJT Everyday...

Ever wonder what I am doing this weekends?

Heehee, I am OJT everyday now... Was really shacked and tired on the first night when my hubby and I were on our own without the Confinement Lady. However,with adjusted expectations and more experiences with our Baby Jamie after 2 days, I guess it's so far so good. Lets hope it remains great ;)

Jiayou to all New Daddies and Mummies like us~!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jamie's Full Month Ritual Celebration

Dear Friends (who are reading the post),

Really Thankful to have you present for Jamie's Full Month Celebration yesterday (12-12-09)~!!! Sorry if the house is too small an crowded. And sorry if I didn't managed to talk much to you or take any photos. And hope the food is good and sufficient.

Really Appreciate all the blessings and gifts from all of you :) Looking forward to see all of you soon!

Lots of Love from,

Daddy Chris and Mummy Jolene^^


It was really a great event yesterday!!! And the Full Month Ritual on 10-12-09 was very interesting too :) Learnt something about the Full Month Ritual and ready to share with you all.

We did the bathing ritual which includes trimming Jamie's hair, trimming her fingernails and toenails. And of coz, the bathing itself.

Take a look at what was placed into the bathtub... Hard-boiled Eggs, Coins and Flowers...

After that we did the praying of the Gods and Ancestors...

After the ritual, we changed Jamie into a set of new clothes and we went back to my MIL house...


Yesterday Full Month Celebration was really great! Haven't count the number of guests who attended but the house was really crowded. But it's a pity there were too many people and hence we couldn't take many photos.

Just some of the photos we took~

Lucky we managed to take some photos with Jamie and of coz our Family Photo too...

It was a tiring day for all of us - Daddy, Mummy and Baby... Take a look at the tired Daddy and Baby...