Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jamie is still Sick :(

Finally I decided to get a digital thermometer for Jamie...

Realized the scanner thermometer is not accurate :( haizzz.. Jamie had been running a fever the whole day and it was only until evening time when I went to Thomson Plaza to get the digital thermometer then I realized it.

My poor Jamie.. I hope not too many brain cells had died coz of it :( haizzz.. Luckily at least I kept her on the cooler plaster for the whole day...

Laogong suggested giving Jamie a cold bath at night. Really worried about her body temperature and so had to do it. It's already a torment to watch her struggling during each medicine feed. And to watch her struggle in the cold water, I felt that we were really heartless to her.

But then, we had no choice :(

Her fever went down after the cold bath.

She was even enjoying her new toy car. She got really exciting watching the wind-up toy car moved from Me to Pyone and then from Pyone to Me. She would whine when the car stopped moving.

I guess this means she is still conscious... Phew...

Really pray that Jamie gets well soon...

Take a look at Jamie having her cold head treatment + her new loots I got from Thomson Plaza this evening... And most importantly, her new toy car :D

Guess I can don't eat when I am broke. But I can't help it but still wish to buy toys for Jamie when I don't even have enough to buy bread (food) home...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jamie has her first tooth~!!!

Was so worried when Jamie was suddenly down with a slight fever this afternoon. I was glad I decided to cancel my appointment and stayed home for her.

I gave her panadol and she finally get some sleep in the evening.

She had rejected her afternoon milk. And I didn't understand why. I decided to feed her from a spoon instead and she drank it.

Hmmm.. I wonder if it had anything to do with her teething then.

At night, she woke up and finished up her porridge as usual. Played a while before it was time to rest again. I gave her medicine in case her fever came back during the night.

Then out of curiosity, I rubbed my finger on her gum and felt... something SHARP..

OMG~!!! That's Jamie first tooth?!!

I got really excited and showed Jamie my teeth and told her she now has a tooth too. She started to chew her toy rabbit furiously as if in rejoice...

But then after a while, she got really uncomfy and cried.

I let her played awhile on my lap before patted her to sleep again.

Poor Jamie struggled on the bed for a while before she finally dozed off...

I really hope this is not the beginning of more teething discomfort :(

Nevertheless, I am proud that Jamie has her first tooth now :D

Jamie hates Broccoli...

Jamie had her first greens yesterday.

I was wondering which to try first and decided on broccoli. Guess I made the wrong choice because I realized only after I attempted giving Jamie broccoli, that it is one of the most hated vegetables by babies :P


Guess Jamie is just a normal baby too who hates Broccoli...

I blended broccoli and added into her porridge with her other favourites like salon and potato... And my smart little girl could spot that tingling taste of the greens.

At first, I did not know what was she trying to do by waving her hands in the air and giving me that 'Yucks' look, yet eating more of the porridge.

After a while, I finally understand that she loves the fish and potato but could not comprehend that additional 'weird' taste in her food. She started to wave more angrily at her food...

I decided to negotiate with her to finish her porridge by showing her a piece of her favourite carrot-favoured baby bites and saying that if she finished her porridge, she can have her biscuits for being a good girl... She took the deal and finished 3/4 of her food but no more than that. I had to reward her anyhow because she did kept majority of her 'promise'. She looked really happy as she ate her biscuit.

But things were abit wrong at night. I was not around due to work when Pyone fed Jamie her porridge with broccoli.

And no one seems to know what Jamie wants to. I guess she will eat her food if we gave her another biscuit. But then she may not give in this time either.

When I reached home, I was shocked to know that Jamie vomited all her dinner out in protest, dirtying the rocker. It showed how angry she was.

I had to give her a talk and counsel session when I got home. She had refused to drink her milk too after her vomit tantrum... No one else could get her to do anything they want her to do.

But my little girl was such a dear when she saw Mummy is home and wanted Mummy to sayang her. I decided to coax Jamie to have her dinner. I asked Pyone to warm up the porridge and put in her favourite pumpkin, potato and fish. While Pyone was warming up the food, I carried Jamie and stood and watched. I told her she was going to have her favourite food and she has to eat before she gets hungry later at night.

She did. She finished the huge bowl of porridge.

I guess as Jamie grows up, she showed not only preference in her food, but also seems to be understand more human language.

I remember I was at the zoo and Pyone was feeding Jamie milk when it was time for her lunch porridge. Jamie showed signs of her preference in having her porridge instead of milk. I told her we are outside so we can't have porridge now but she can have her porridge when we go home later. But first she must finish her milk so she won't go hungry before she gets home. After the negotiation session, Jamie finished the bottle of milk.

I think I really love being a mother ^^

And I hope Jamie loves having a Mummy who 'understands' what she was trying to 'say'...

Gearing up for Work...

After the Zoo day on Saturday, it's time for me to seriously start work.

It was a long day of viewing on Sunday.

No luck so far but then will still strive on :D

Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou ^^

I believe thinking positive will achieve positive results ^^

Jamie goes to the Zoo...

Guess I may end up blogging once a week, but then I will try my best to blog more regularly. Anyhow, I will still at least blog once a week.

It was a busy weekend for me.

On Saturday, we brought Jamie to the zoo. It was MOE family day so laogong managed to get $10/pax tickets to the zoo. He got 3 for ourselves and Pyone + 3 more for Yeewen, Yeepey and her bf...

It was a tiring but fun day for all of us :D And we were really lucky. It was drizzling when we reached the zoo and stopped when we started touring ard, and started to pour at 11am+. But we managed to hide at the elephant show sheltered area when it poured. So we had the free KFC lunch there as we watched the show. When the show ended, the rain stopped too. So Lucky right?

But hor, Jamie is still too young to appreciate the zoo and the animals. She was sleeping half the time too. I realized she likes to sleep when she is out on a warm day :P hahaha...

But I think she has her own fun that day coz it's a family day after all with Daddy and Mummy :D

Think will really like to bring her and my niece to the zoo after she learns how to walk :D Will be so cute to watch the two girls holding hands and looking at animals together :D Heehee...

And I can't wait to know which animal Jamie loves most!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Dates with Ivy

Really enjoy the weekly dates I am having with Ivy these days :D

It was always hard to catch up with each other due to our baby commitments. Now that our little ones are older, we can actually have more time for ourselves.

At this modern age, there are not that many Stay at Home Mummies already and hence it's a blessing that we have each other as a mini support group. I still remember the days when we spent together waiting for our partners to come back home from work. If not for her, I will be bored to death at home alone during pregnancy and before I started working. If not for her, I will have an emotional breakdown after feeling so burnt out with the baby, before my helper arrived. Thanks to her, I learnt about how to plan my wedding, how to plan my baby and how to apply for my helper. She has always been my 'mentor' in many ways. And she has always been so independent and helpful.

Now I wish to be there for her always :)

Looking forward to our next weekly date.

And many many more weekly dates together :D

Happy 6 months Jamie!!!

Anyone miss me? I think it's some time since I last blogged.

Had started working, lotsa homework to do everyday.

Hate cold calling but still got to do it. Ok la, it helps to build up my vocal confidence too ^^ And most importantly, learn to be more thick-skinned. I always think I have very thin skin coz I get very upset with others' comments sometimes. I guess in sales, we cannot take all comments too personally.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever be able to catch up with the many already successful sales-friends. I really wonder. I was never from the sales line. Customer Service yes, marketing yes but not sales. Kinda of tough to learn to read gestures, facial expressions and non-verbal communication...

But I always love challenges and I wish to try whatever job I had not tried before or never thought I will try.

Yaa.. Frankly, Sales was the last job I will want to do. Not that I am a shy person. I am from drama and I can be quite vocal if I want to. But then, I feel selling something to someone is like a big responsibility. Unless I am convinced that this product is good and value for money, I won't sell it to another person.

Yea, that's my attitude to my sales job and biz now. I want to make sure those products I put on Ministry of Babies and Jolene's Fashion Buffet is value for money before I sell to others. And I want to make sure the house I sell to others have no major problem before I can hand it over to the buyers...

I always enjoy adding value to others' lives. Sounds very noble? It was my motto in life. To add value in all my friends' and family members' lives. And now it's my motto and promise to all my clients.

I am treating my property work as a goodwill job. A job that helps others to find their dream homes or offices. A job that helps others buy properties with good investment values. A job that helps tenants to rent the right house and to help the landlords find the right landlords to take good care of the house.

Frankly, I don't understand why there are so many black sheeps in the industry. And how can they possibly sleep well at night after cheating their customers? Don't they feel guilty about it? Or they just feel it's the clients' fault for being so easily cheated by them? Because of these black sheeps, property agents have very bad name in the market. And it's harder to gain trust and faith from the clients nowadays. However, I believe as long as the other parties know that u are truly sincere in helping them solve their property issues/matters, they will still be willing to engage our services.

I truly hope not to disappoint my clients and my friend, Charleen who has so much faith and trust in me. I will work very hard!!!

Happy 6 months old Jamie :D Mummy will not disappoint you too :D U have been very understanding to mummy lately since mummy started working. U have been a good girl and mummy will work hard for u k? So mummy can buy many more pretty dresses and fun toys for u :D But don't worry too :) Mummy will still try to spend as much time with you as mummy can k? :D Love you so much, my little angel :D

Sometimes I feel so lousy as a mother who has to think so hard and so long before I decided to buy a toy or some clothes for Jamie. I really hope I will stop feeling so lousy soon...

Catch a glimpse of Jamie now that she is 6 months old :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting Started.. with Work

Finally I am getting started with my work.

A friend asked if I or Jamie suffered separation anxiety.


Remember I mentioned that Jamie was not able NOT TO SEE me at all, even for a couple of hours. But then things got better when she got used to my new helper. But since I returned from my 1D1N JB retreat, she displayed her preference for me again.

I am of coz happy to feel needed but I am curious why so again? Hmmm, maybe not being able to see me for a full day and night had made her more insecure and was worried I don't love her as before? Maybe... But I definitely miss her alot too whenever I don't see her. I have this photo of Jamie in my iPhone and whenever I looked at it, I really miss Jamie. And wish I could just fly home immediately...

But guess, to ensure financial comfort, we really need dual income. Good thing is my working hours is still rather flexible and I had not entered the ultra busy period yet.

Was busy for last few days and managed to close one room rental deal. Small deal but first one since I joined my friend in DTZ. Hence really happy about it :) It was a morale booster!!!

But I realized having stopped working for almost a year, I had become a rather shy person. Well, I believe it will only take a while for me to brush up my social skills again and soon I will be gliding through humans again :)

Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou!!!

Jamie started her Porridge Diet

Started Jamie's Porridge diet on 9 May 2010.

My nice MIL had made corn soup specially so that we can use the corn soup in Jamie's porridge. So Jamie had Corn Soup-based Porridge with Carrot and Potato for Lunch on Sunday.

On Monday I used Pork for the soup base instead. And added fish in too. Realized there is this fishy smell in the porridge. Wonder if it's normal. Any advice to remove this fishy smell? Anyway Jamie still finished a bowl at Lunch and 3/4 of a bowl for Dinner.

She also had a new snack in the afternoon. She finished two pieces of Baby Bites - Carrot Favour. Wow... She must have gotten used to the taste of carrots because I added carrots in almost all her meals.

Why ah? Frankly, I am very worried she become a Da4 Jing4 Shi4 like me. Hence I hope by eating more carrots will reduce the possibility of her ending up with thick glasses.

Ohh, I let Jamie tried the Teething Rusks from Heinz too but I guess maybe it's coz she hadnt had teeth yet hence she don't really enjoy sucking or chewing the teething rusks.

She tried the Apple and Cranberry Cereals the other day too. It was kinda of sweet, but she didn't like it that much. I realized she prefers brown rice cereals to white rice cereals. Maybe that's the reason, other than being too sweet. I guess I can introduce this fruity favoured cereals for snack time or breakfast next time.

Tried my new slow cooker today and find it really easy to cook for Jamie :) Think I am quite inspired to introduce new things into her diet slowly :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jamie many first times day...

Heehee, 04 May 2010 was Jamie many first times day.

Not only she had her first bus ride, her first skytrain ride. She also had her first Teething rice husk and her first sip from the sipping cup! Kekeke.. It's so fun these days introducing new food and new ways of eating food to Jamie. And also exposing Jamie to more things too like the various types of transport other than cab and car. At the same time it was something new for my helper as well. She seemed to be amused by the extra long bus. And it seemed that in Myanmar, they can get up the bus from the back as well. Sounds interesting to me.

Frankly, I am looking forward to visit Myanmar with my helper one day :D

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1D1N JB Retreat

It was a short but good getaway.

And it was the first time I left baby at home alone overnite with my helper. Frankly speaking, I really miss my baby during the retreat but I know my commitments to this family does not only circle around the baby. My largest commitment is still towards my hubby ^^ Afterall, without him there won't be Jamie. Without him, I won't be able to enjoy my SAHM life for so long too :D

And I learnt now that it's very important to keep falling in love with each other everyday...

We only decided on the trip on 2 May itself. It was already 5pm after Jamie's gymboree lesson and we were wondering if we should drive all the way to KL... When my new mentor cum partner, Charleen called to recommend a very nice 5-star hotel for a stayover in JB, I thought it was a good idea. Though JB seemed a bit too near, but then at least Laogong can get to do up his car on the next day. I checked out the hotel and it costs only RM290 per nite with 2 pax breakfast for a Deluxe room with King Size bed and Sea View. Wow... How to find such good stuff in Singapore?

Laogong was still doubtful about spending the retreat in JB but when he was greeted by the nice nice hotel room, he was really thrilled.

He was even more thrilled when we found this very nice pool side bar with live band singing. We ordered our all time favourite draft hoegarden and sat by the bar listening to the songs. I really love the feeling of in the city yet having the beach resort feeling. It reminds me of Rasa Sentosa somehow. A nice hotel by the sea and yet in a city... :) Sweet laogong dedicated our favourite song - Can't get my eyes off you to me ^^

In the morning, we were really not willing to wake up becoz the bed is too comfy and the view from the room is too beautiful.. Once again I was reminded of Rasa Sentosa...

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5467452437249252674" />

The next morning after our very filling buffet breakfast, we visited my friend's house which is just behind the hotel. It's a nice 3 storey + 1 basement terrace with a simple yet cosy setting.

She then recommended this very car accessories shop which Laogong then did up his car.. He add-on a good set of sunscreen + change battery + change reverse sensor. All costs him about RM1200. I guess it was a good deal since it will definitely be more expensive to do it in Singapore. And we were happy we finally have the sunscreen or window filter on because half the time I felt as if I was cooked when the sun was scorching hot...

While waiting for the car to be done up, we shopped at Holiday Plaza. Laogong had wanted to have his hair cut and hence suggested I can dye my hair as well. I took the stylist recommendation and had my hair cut, coloured, highlighted, did scalp treatment and colour retreat. Laogong did his hair cut and scalp treatment. All for the cost of RM 519. I hope we were cheated :P hahaha... because they claimed that the treatment products are expensive products but frankly, I know nuts about branded hair products. But it does look good. And I like the head massage the most ^^ So did Laogong ^^

And ta-da, I went to JB with brown hair and came back with gold hair ^^

It was definitely a good getaway and we managed to get a lot of things done, other than spending time together... I guess I will like to frequent JB more often next time to buy my groceries even :P hahaha..Looking forward to use the JB contractor my friend recommended us too :D

And most importantly, I will work hard to save up for a better trip with Laogong end of this year :D

But hor, I wonder if I can leave Jamie at home for so long or not.. Think I will miss her alot... :( She missed me alot too. I remembered when I got home, I can't help but kept kissing her though she was sounded asleep. And after a while, she woke up and was fidgetting on the bed. I called out to her and said 'Mummy is home.' And she suddenly turned around with a shock look and look at me. She must have thought she was dreaming. Suddenly she smiled and wanted to hug me. And for the rest of the night, she just wanted to be hugged by me. She even smiled to my helper and my mil to show off that her mummy is home!!! Wow...

And the whole of Tuesday, she just kept clinging on me. Whenever I placed her down, she will just kept calling 'Mama, Mama...' I can't helped but carried her again and hugged her tightly. I then decided to bring her out with my to buy the groceries because I doubt she will wait for me quietly at home.

Hee, can't wait to bring Jamie for a trip too!!! Think will be so fun :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jamie loves her new varieties of food...

Had started to introduce new varieties of food into Jamie's menu.

Started with fruity puree like apple, then papaya on 21 April. She seems okay with them. And went on with Pumpkin puree which she loves very much!

Gave her ground fish into her brown cereals last night and she looks so happy!!! It's not hard to prepare the food and I am thankful I have my helper to help clean them up after the feeding too. I really salute those Mummies who prepared the food and cleaned up all by themselves!!!

Decided to be even more adventurous today. Took away her normal milk base and gave her corn soup base with her brown rice cereals instead. Added ground fish, potato and carrots too. And she finished 90% of her food. She looked like she really enjoyed the food but I think I put in too much cereals for her to finish. She started with 3 tbs and yest was 5tbs and today i tried 8tbs... hmmmm think 5tbs is just nice, she can have more of the other food in her cereals instead. Look at how I prepared her yummy lunch today...