Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Weekend of Advance Birthday Celebrations

Really love my 4 close friends for the lovely Weekends of Advance Birthday Celebrations!!! But still, miss my dear friend Ivy and her baby boy Lucius. However, I believe she will be strong and be back with us very soon.

We miss you very much, Ivy!!!


Saturday (24 April 2010)

12.00pm to 1.30pm

Attended a Sgbride forum friend's full month celebration. Her baby boy is really cute and resemble the father.

The buffet food is good too, as expected because it's from Neogarden.

Anyway just wish to 'discuss' about something I saw and don't think it's quite right at the celebration. There was this little girl who misbehaved and her mother reprimanded her in front of all the guests. I guess it's okay to reprimand the child but not nice to make such a scene. Not only the child may feel humiliated and it's also not very polite to the hosts. After all, it's a celebration and we should always think in the shoes of the hosts. What will her in-laws think about the lady host if they know this mother is a friend of the lady host? And scolding the child with harsh words in front of outsiders will only show how ignorant and helpless the mother is, not being able to get the child to do as she wishes.

I remember my mother used to warn me before I went out with her that if I misbehave outside I would be caned when I got home and plus being grounded for the rest of the week. She would pinch me to 'hint' that she did not like what I was doing and it served as a warning to be too, that I would get it from her when I get home. This method really works and I never dared to continue my nonsense after her first pinch each time we went out.

I guess even though the methods used by the older generation may be outdated, yet we can always recreate and improvised on the effective methods to make it our special discipline methods for our own children.

But of coz, Jamie is still young so I won't know if she will misbehave when she grows up too. But nevertheless, I guess I know how I wish Jamie can behave when she goes out and I can learn along the way how to discipline her when need to, at the right time, using the right method.

1.30pm - 2.30pm

We left the place at about 1.30pm and shopped at the Cold Storage at North point. I am really happy that I have a helper with nowadays. If not I really don't know what to do when Jamie wants milk and yet I need to get something done. With Pyone around, I can leave Jamie safely in Pyone's arms as I paid at the cashier and they stayed at a corner with Jamie getting her milk.

We bought the ingredients and headed towards Yeewen's house by Cab.

3.30pm - 5.00pm

Yeewen was all ready with her homecooked Bee Hoon and bought curry chicken. And now left me with my sushi. Once again, I am grateful that I have a good helper with me. So that I can cook in peace while Pyone entertained Jamie.

At the same time, Yeewen and Bixia went crazy with Jamie as well. Hahaha..

Soon all the food is ready. But it started to rain. And by the time the rain stopped. It was already 6pm. The sky was still gloomy and we were worried the ground would be wet and muddy. Hence we decided to have our picnic at Yeewen's house instead.

It was a cosy and relaxing 'picnic' session. We watched TV as we feasted!

And then here comes the cake!


It's my favorite Tiramisu cake from Baker's Inn~!!!

It's so nice that I think I can finish up the whole cake myself!!! Hahaha but I was too full so I could only have two slices :P Heehee...

Thank you Wenwen and Xiaxia for the wonderful and homely birthday celebration!!! I am looking forward to our 3 dishes + 1 soup gathering ^^


Sunday (25 April 2010)

Sunday was another happening advance birthday celebration.

It was really nice of Sandra's hubby's Fuwei to get his sister to book a BBQ pit for us at her condo.

We shopped for the BBQ food at about 2.30pm and headed to the condo. We reached at 3pm and the weather was really good! Not too hot and not rainy as well! We quickly changed into our swim wear and jumped into the pool. Jamie was as excited as us! She was hugging her new toy from Yeewen's sister and got into her swim suit for her swim. Laogong helped to blow up Jamie's float and we were then all ready for the swim!

Jamie had a good one hour swim and even missed her milk time. She was showing signs of being hungry but yet she didn't wish to miss the fun. However, after a while, she really cannot tahan the hunger and 'asked' daddy if she can have her milk then continue the swimming.

However, it was advisable not to let babies swim for too long, hence it was just nice when Jamie got up for her milk. After her milk, Pyone and I brought Jamie for her bath. I must say (again) that the condo has really bad bathing facilities. The toilet was open-concept and unisex. Hence I had to take my bath in the 'open' too with Pyone and Jamie staring at me. Jamie was pretty amused to see her Mummy in bubbly soap though and was giggling away as I bathed.

Jamie had her bath in the basin instead, because the shower was abit 'painful' for her. It was Jamie first cold bath and she was really brave! Maybe she even liked it very much, like her Daddy!!! Heehee... Was thankful once again I had Pyone around and she helped Jamie wiped dry and changed while I got on with my bathing.

After our bath, it's time to set up the BBQ pit :D It had been some time since Laogong and I had such a happening weekend, partly coz of his work commitment and study loan. I really had my fun too helping out with the preparation of the food.

Russ came in time to join us for the BBQ. She brought along her Mummy Brand chili sauce and fried bee hoon!!! YUMMY, had always loved her mummy's cooking~ And thanks Sandra's mummy for the beef curry too :D Yummy!!!

Jamie was then watching Daddy blowing bubbles...amusingly...

And the two girls suddenly MIA and came back with a birthday card for me!!! So happy!!! Thanks Sandra and Russ :D

We then feasted the BBQ food and beef curry and Bee Hoon!!! Not forgetting the marshmallow, bacon and roti prata~!!~

After dinner, we were so full that Laogong decided to go for a night swim. While San, Russ and myself sat at the pool chatting about our Uni days.. it is close to 10 yrs since we knew each other.. well, time really flies...

And we started to miss Ivy even more...

Last but not least, we had the cake time :D It's a very yummy chocolate cake which is really spongely and creamy at the same time :D Yummy...

But poor Jamie was irritated but the camera flashes and refused to look at the camera anymore after the first few shoots...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Swim Date with Kayden korkor

Biography of Jamie about her First Swim Date!!!

Finally!!! Yeah! Finally, I get to have my first swim~

Was so worried when Mummy frowned as she looked at the raindrops pouring down when we were in the taxi, on our way to Aunty Kherray house. And I knew that Mummy will be very sad if she cannot bring me for my first swim again :( She had been feeling guilty about falling sick on the date of my intended first swim. She even packed the bag one day earlier but then she was just too sick to even get out of the bed. But I didn't blame her because I would want her to have more rest too. There will always be another chance for another swimdate.

When we reached Aunty Kherray's house, Kayden korkor had just woke up from his nap and playing on his walker. It looked really fun and I would like to try it too. Mummy seemed to know what I was thinking and asked if Kayden korkor can lend the walker to me for a while. Kayden korkor is really so sweet and nice! He even let me played with all his toys! And he also taught me how to read!!! I hope we can grow up to become best friends!!!

We noticed Mummy and Aunty Kherray checking the weather every now and then and wondered if we can still swim today. At last, at about 6pm, the rain finally stopped and we headed towards the swimming pool. First we went to Yishun Safra, then we realized the pool is not opened to the public on weekends. Wahh, what a suay day today! But luckily, Yishun public pool is just 5 min away from the Yishun safra.

When we reached the pool, we can't wait to jump into the water. I was really fascinated by the slides in the baby pool. Wonder when can I play with it with Kayden korkor?

Mummy was very happy too that she finally can put on her new swimsuit too and go swimming with me. I think she said she hadn't swim for years. Wow.. how long is that?

I love the new float Mummy bought for me!!! And it was not easy to blow the float up coz it was so BIG!!! But I am still too young to ride the float on my own. Thus Mummy had to hold on tight to me to play with the float. I hope I can grow up faster so I can play with the float on my own!!!

I noticed Kayden korkor has this very cute neck float and I will like to try on it but I think I am too small for it. So I guess, I will just keep to my sitting float and let Kayden korkor play with his neck float.

We were just having fun when it started to drizzle again :( So sad... Mummy and Aunty Kherray were worried we catch a cold and thus that's the end of our long awaited swim. We were changed and then brought to a coffee shop nearby to buy dinner. After that, we headed back to Aunty Kherray house. I was so sleepy that I KO-ed on the carrier while Aunty Pyone was carrying me.

When I woke up, Kayden korkor had bathed and it's my turn to bath. After my bath, I rested on Kayden Korkor's rocker while it's Kayden korkor's turn to KO. Aunty Kherray is so nice to me! She let me have Kayden korkor's porridge and it's so yummy and I hope I can grow up faster so I can eat more!!!

After my porridge, I KO-ed till Daddy came to fetch us at 10.30pm. It was a happy but tiring ride home. And I was soon fast asleep after Mummy wiped me down for the day and changed me into my pajamas.

I love to swim and hope to go for another swim date soon! Please call my Mummy if you will like to date me for a swim k ^^

Friday, April 16, 2010

Finger Licking Good!!!

I made red apple puree for Jamie with 1/4 red apple just now. The food processing kit really comes handy! However, I think it requires a lot of post-preparation washing. Lucky I have my good helper with me to help me clean up everything after I prepared the puree and started feeding Jamie! Thanks Pyone!!!

Jamie really loves apple like her Daddy! She even tried to snatch the spoon from me to feed herself! Nowadays every second we are like 'fighting' with this little angel. She will do her flipping during Diaper Changing and now she will do the SPOON SNATCHING during feeding... Faintz... And she is growing stronger everyday! Pinning her down during Diaper Changing makes me arms ache~~~ Because she really uses all her might to try and flip even when I hold her two legs tightly together. Aiyoyo!!!

Anyway she really likes the Red Apple Puree and asked for more! And she ate it in such a cute way!!! Each spoonful she took in, she accompanied it with a moment of thumb-sucking! Hahaha... Maybe she was amused how tasty her thumb seemed when she suck and eat at the same time :P

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jamie First Visit to the Library (to borrow books) and Facial with Mummy

Another tiring day today!

Hahaha, guess I cannot stop going out whenever I am not sick :P Let's hope I stay healthy for many more weeks ^^

Frankly I realized I had enjoyed myself so much lately that I am all recharged to start working really soon :) Yeah, I guess I had almost burnt myself out for the last 4 months plus before the arrival of my new helper.

Pardon me if you have mistaken what I mean. I have always enjoyed spending time with my baby girl. However, things is kinda of complicated if you are staying with the inlaws and not working. Maybe it's just me being paranoid but somehow I feel that I am expected to contribute more at home, example doing ALL the housework.

Taking care of Jamie had taken up most of the time in the day and at times at night when she chooses to play till past 12 midnight. Plus all the baby related houseworks, it's kinda of burnt up a large portion of my ME time already. But most older generation won't understand what's ME time. To them, not working is having ALL THE TIME in the world to ourselves. Sigh...

Anyhow, bringing baby out alone is no longer an issue to me. I started to enjoy it a lot. However, I can't bring her out ALONE for too long, because (1) She doesn't always like to be in the stroller these days and she is getting heavier to be carried on the carrier for a few hours. (2) It's tiring when I still have all the baby related housework to do, after I reached home. (3) Inlaws may think I am going out to anyhow spend money again. Hence I can't bring baby out anytime I want to.

Was almost burnt out over this.

UNTIL Pyone came to my rescue!!! Really appreciate her help and the availability of this extra pair of hands. I can now spend more time enjoying being with Jamie ^^ And I can bring Jamie out more often too! This helps to recharge me and get me ready to slowly build up my momentum to work. If I had to start work immediately after Pyone's arrival, I will definitely be less than willing to start work. However, after enjoying this 'Tai Tai' lifestyle, I started to feel, it's time to earn the bucks to maintain this wonderful lifestyle :P Hahaha...

Anyhow, back to today's Blog Topic :)

Forgot that today Grandma-in-law has her usual physiotherapy session, hence ended up needed to bring Jamie and Pyone along to my facial session. After the WITC scam, I had become pretty paranoid and decided to finish up all the on-hand package with the other salons. I had always been scared to go to the TPY facial place (not convenient to reveal the name here, if you are interested to know more, please ask me in personal ^^) because of their pushy style. However, I will really like a good facial after 1 year. Hence I decided to pay them a visit today.

See how excited Jamie was to go gai-gai...

See Jamie all ready to go out!!!

We reached TPY central pretty early. We had lunch at my favourite Loh Mee stall!!! Yummy!!! And then visited the Library for a while. It's Jamie's first time borrowing books from the Library (despite visiting the Library a few times already). She was really excited when I showed her a book about COLOURS. She seemed to like bright colours like YELLOW and ORANGE a lot. She even stretched out her hands to flip the storybook!!!

We borrowed 3 books for Jamie! See her first 3 borrowed Story Books!!!

As usual, it was a stressful Facial Session with a few people - from sales manager to even the beautician, 'nagging' at me to sign up another package. I have to say I quite like the firming treatment I did today but I think I know feel that for that amount I have to pay for the facial package, I will rather buy a whole set of SK II product and diligently apply them everyday. I think the effect may be better than going for a once a month facial!!!

Yeah, you are right!!!

After being cheated and all, I am definitely a BIG BIG fan of SK II :P Hahaha... I always am since a few years back. And even more so now ^^

But well, like what my hubby always says, 'How can your eye-circle go away when you continue to sleep late every night? The salon is just talking cok when they said they can cure your eye-circle' and 'How can once a month facial works more more wonder than using SK II everyday and eating birdnest every week?' Hahaha...

But I have to say hor, so far my massages work, but need to do exercise at the same time too to help break down fats even faster. If not, it doesn't work as well. Anyway, I am going to activate my remaining 1 year of California fitness membership next week~~~ It's time to work out and burn those fats~!!!

And hor, I really feel SHIOK when I succeed in rejecting the signing of another facial package! I was sooooooo worried they don't let me walk out of the salon manz! But I guess they can't be nasty to me when I have the baby with me :X Hehehe...

Hee, after my facial, I took Jamie for her shopping spree (again)~!!!

Hahaha, Shopping nowadays is all about Jamie :P Even Pyone agreed with me ^^

I didn't realized there is such a MEGA KIDDY PALACE in TPY Central!!! OMG!!! And I had so much fun, just window shopping!!! Saw a walker which is really nice and pretty. Will get it for Jamie in a few months time after she starts crawling.

Take a look at Jamie's Loots. Hahaha, actually I did not buy many things. Just bought some 'essential items' which I had thought of buying for some time. Got Jamie her rubber duckie for bathtime, some face towels (always run out of it because Jamie drools a lot MORE these days), more socks (9-18m), a snack container (soon she will get to eat gerber puffs etc) and a pretty pretty hair band! Tried it on for her just now and it looks really pretty on her!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Food Weaning is Fun!!!

Hihi All :D

I finally can say I think I had fully recovered from my stomach flu... Oops.. Touch Wood... LS this morning but then after that it's okay. I hope that's my last LS :P

Started Food Weaning today :D

Had wanted to sell away the two Food Weaning Gift Set I got for Jamie's full month, but I guess they come in handy now ^^ Opened them up and used them today :D

Hope to introduce more new foods to Jamie everyday :D

Let's start first with 1 brown rice cereal meal a day - dinner + a fruity puree for dessert. I will keep to the afternoon meal of white rice cereals + milk till Jamie is 6 months old. After Jamie is 6 months old, I will slowly introduce her gerber puffs and other baby biscuits for her to ease her itchy gums :P Think she will love them :D

Take a look at Jamie's Brown Rice Cereals for dinner today!

Not sure if you notice she ate about 50% of the cereals which is MORE than all the amount she had eaten so far! She had learnt to swallow the food from a spoon too :) So Proud of my Jamie ^^

After her cereals, I made Red Apple Puree using the new food processing set as well. The last time I made Red Apply Puree was using the traditional method of carving it slowly out using a teaspoon and then mashed it up into a watery soft state. It's a more tedious method than using my new Food Processing set. I just need to use Rub 1/4 of a red apple on the grinder to and fro. And then mashed the grounded apple. It takes me less than 5 minutes to prepare everything!!!


Take a look at my red apple puree!!!

Hope to share more of my Food Weaning Experience and 'Recipes' soon ^^