Monday, October 26, 2009

Hurray! Finished the First Appointment today~~~

Went for the first appointment this morning for the one and only property case I did this year...

Hehehe, everything went well and was very glad my mentor came down to help me. Was kinda of lost since it's my first (and only) case.

And he will be helping me for the Completion of this sale, since I should be delivering soon... Really thank him for helping me so much...and taking time off to guide me...

Frankly, I am still thinking what should I be doing next year... as much as I know I need some fixed income, but sometimes I will feel isn't it wasteful to just give up like that. Up to now, I still have no answer...

And I have to share this secret with you all. After staying home for so many months... I actually felt scared to go for interviews and to go meet new people again. Sad right?! But then, my hubby has great faith in me and think it would not be too difficult for me to get a job with reasonable pay.

Well, I really don't know.

For now, I think it will be nice for Jamie to be born earlier so that there is someone or some thing to entertain me during my lonely days... Lately, my hubby had been very busy at work and I felt neglected. However, I guess I had already expected him to be busy during every Mar-May and Sep-Nov... So I just have to entertain myself somehow.

This week I will be going out quite a bit while I still can. Walk more when I can...

Oh yaa.. wanted to take cab today to TPY HDB HUB but then ended up it was the morning peak hours and I ended up taking the bus instead. Not too bad actually. hehehe... save money also ^^

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