Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hopefully the last bad happening in year 2015

Almost 2 months into my new job. I am enjoying myself doing what I am good at and enjoy doing.

I am quite a SOP 女郎 and I enjoy planning and developing systems, workflows and protocols in doing things. Of coz, everything can go wrong in actual operations. But this doesn't mean we should do without a system or do not try and develop one. 

I guess being an internal auditor is inevitably not going to make me someone "popular" in the organisation. But I believe once they, who put me under their hatelist, go through mentoring and coaching with me, they will find me a very nice and easy-going person. ^^ Just that I am objective when it comes to getting jobs done. Oops.. 

The year is coming to an end and I really hope only good happenings will follow me for year 2016. Hopefully my 2 nights at TTSH is the last bad happening for year 2015. 

It all started with a yummy buffet lunch at Carlton Hotel on the fateful Sunday (20 Dec 15). I started to feel naueous and LS near dinner time. After two rounds of throwing up, I headed home and threw up more times. By 8pm I was dehydrated. Laogong was unable to tush home in time, so MIL sent me to TTSH's A&E while Laogong met us there. 

I was told that apart from the stomach virus attack, I had other complications like UTI too. I was then admitted to TTSH for further blood tests and stomach virus & UTI treatments. But there was NO room in the whole TTSH! 

There I was stranded on a corridor bed at a B2 ward from Monday (21 Dec 15) 2am in the early morning to 4pm in the afternoon. But the good thing about being on a corridor bed compared to being in a ward is, you are TOO visible to all doctors and nurses who were always walking past you. Hence, I got lots of attention from various doctors and nurses. 

I was put on drip and still throwing up gastric juices since 2am on Monday because I was too hungry after throwing out all my lunch (and I didn't had dinner) since 8pm. I started to moaned and begged for some food or milo. But Inwas told I cannot eat or drink anything until they receive instructions from my doctor. But the next round would be at 8am! 
So i kept begging every nurse who walked past me until one kind nurse pass me some milo. Thanks to the milo, I finally could get my sleep. 

I started my first meal since I was admitted by throwing out more gastric juices. This porridge is tasteless but at least it is real food! I finished 3/4 bowls of it thinking I should not "overeat" since I feel better. However, I regreted shortly coz this was my only meal of the day till I finished my MRI Scan (urinal and kidney) in the afternoon! Argh...

The wait at the Radiology Department was very long. I went at 1pm and only back at about 3pm. It was long past lunchtime but I was starving so I begged for food again. A kind nurse gave me this. I munched my biscuit blissfully as nurses changed my drip and gave me
another round of antibotics.

There was still no room for me and Laogong told me he had already upgraded me to A ward, in hope I will get a bed soon. Finally, I got my bed at 4pm but the B2 ward staff was very busy and understaff, hence they only completed the file transfer close to 5pm. 

When I finally got into my A ward, I was feeling so relieved. Dinner was still porridge and tasted bad. Argh.. and the fish is not fully cooked! Oh gosh.. I am not going to get more stomach virus.

I didn't finished my dinner and asked for teabreak! Yes! A ward teabreak is really not the same compared to B2 ward! I actually got a yummy banana muffin!!! You cannot believe this but I am a big hospital milo fan! Hahaha.. 

Laogong was really sweet and surprised me with flowers and hello kitty balloon! He also brought the kids over to visit me! I miss my little darlings!

So happy Yvonne visited me! See how happy the kids to see Godma! And see how cui I was! Argh! Thanks goodness it is over! 

The breakfast and teabreak before I discharged was really a great treat! 

Looks so nice hor? Taste so nice too! 
Finally I passed the blood pressure check and doctor allowed me to discharge. Coz my blood pressure was low (83-92) until Tuesday morning (116). Yes! So looking forward to my own bed and my two darlings! 

Feeling much better now and all packed for our family genting trip! Thank goodness I recovered in time, otherwise the kids would be so disappointed. They had been counting down to their "mountain" holidays and the cool weather! Packed all my medicine and warm clothings ^^ Packed lots of food to entertain the kids too! Haha! 

Really I hope all bad happenings will end right here and right now. Now I know the importance of not only being slim and pretty, but also healthy and has strong immunity. So I am looking forward to a healthier lifestyle in the coming year! Will talk about my new year resolutions in my next blog post ^^ 

Meantime, Merry Xmas to everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 7-8 @ Taiwan (15-24Jun15) -九份人情,十分幸福 Old Town Charm

Oops! Sorry for the delay in blogging on the last three nights of my Taiwan trip. I was busy catching up with my family commitment and two more short trips, since I returned from Taiwan! 

I am really thankful to have my supporting inlaws and hubby who understand the need of my "short break". I understand very well that not everyone has my kind of "freedom" as a mother.

Frankly, by the 7th day I had started to not only pack my luggage but also tidied up my mood. It was a long 2.5hr ride (NT356 for 2 pax) from Hsin Chu TRA station (新竹) to Rui Fang TRA station (瑞芳) via TRA and the time was well-spent with me looking at my mobile calendar and arranging my schedule. My friends must have been surprised to receive my messages and how I had arranged my schedule as if I was not out of the country at all.

Seriously, for the first time in my life, I did not dread coming back to Singapore. I knew there was no pile of work waiting for me, nor not-understanding covering officers/bosses waiting to stab me (or had already stabbed me without me knowing, while I was out of the country).

Last few days of my Taiwan trip were spent in Jiufen (九份)、Shifen (十分) and Taipei (台北). This is my 5th time in Jiufen (九份) and my 2nd time in Shifen (十分). However, I love these two old towns so much that I don't mind revisiting them over and over again. 

If you let me choose again, I will like to spend more nights in Cingjing (清境), Nei Wan (内湾), Jiufen (九份) and Shifen (十分). I seriously don't feel that I belong to the modern society. I feel more at ease amongst the rich cultural heritage buildings.

We board the TRA train from Hsin Chu (新竹) TRA station and reached Rui Fang (瑞芳) TRA station at 11.07am. We had wanted to take the NT30 public bus to Jiufen (九份) and walked through the old streets to our Minsu (民宿). But the hot glaring sun at Rui Fang (瑞芳) TRA station that greeted us turned us off. Some cabbies which were stationed just outside the station waved at us and signaled that they would only charge us NT250 a car to our Minsu. 

Being exhausted from our ambitious 2 continuous nights of destination hopping and our luggages which had gotten heavier with the many facial products we bought from Hsin Chu City, we accepted the cabby's offer. The cabby even asked if pinky was filled with stones when he removed it from his boot :P Hahaha...

Arrival at Rui Fang TRA (瑞芳)

We alighted at Jiufen (九份) backhill (后山), enteance of Ji Shan Jie (基山街) near our Minsu and walked for about 10-15 min before we found the Minsu. The cabby was unable to drive us to the doorstep because the road was too narrow for cars to go through.

Our very cosy Minsu - Go-Walk Jiufen aka 閒晃九份. We paid NT1000 in cash for our one night stay. 

However, the Minsu staff told us that we were only able to check in at 4pm. They suggested that we deposit our luggages and visit the Jin Gua Shi Museum (金瓜石博物馆) since it was still early. 

As we walked towards the bus stop to catch the bus to the museum, we admired the great scenary just outside our Minsu! So pretty! 

We were feeling hungry and decided to have some lunch before we go to the museum. Found this "restaurant" less than 5 min walk from the Minsu. These 3 yummy dishes cost us NT290.

This is my 5th time in Jiufen (九份) but my first time to the museum. I heard about it but it didn't come across to me that I should sacrifice my shopping time to some museum. But since we had some time and Qiuling was keen, so we paid NT30 (2 pax) for the bus ride to the museum. As we walked down towars th

The museum visit took us about 3 hours but we were well-educated about Jiufen's history as a coal mining town.

tour finished 
buy papaya milk NT80

gave the 3 packets of coffee. 
and bought 5 Nougats. share with Qiuling NT950
3 Mochi free
Alishan tea NT600 for 3 packets 
dong fen, dou gan and fishball soup NT90
gui Hua cha NT35
hai Liao NT100 for 3
Keychain NT60
pipa mi get free pipa juice NT200
8.13pm rest 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Obasan to Hot Mama #6 - Hair Makeover

I was lucky that the queue at the SK polyclinic was okay today, though I reached the clinic only at 9.45am. Had wanted to go earlier, but was caught up with some errands to run.

No lah, I am technically not sick. But I do need to see a doctor for my decaying wisdom tooth :(

Yeah, it started to decay and then chip-off bit by bit last year. But during to my pregnancy, I could not attend to it. By the time I visited the dentist last month, I was told that my right lower wisdom tooth was 'Hopeless'... and decayed... and had infected the molar next to it!!!

Was given a referral letter to see a private dental surgeon to remove the wisdom tooth. But the thought of paying $1000 to pull out one wisdom tooth makes my pocket hurts...So, I decided to follow for the cheaper (but more time consuming) way to get my problem tooth removed.

The queue was faster than I expected it to be. By 12pm, I not only received the referral letter, but also an appointment made with the National Dental Centre via the polyclinic helpful staff.

Work had been tough and I know I need to pamper myself a bit today. I was lucky that Compass Point has a Jack's Place branch! Yes, my favourite steak is still from Jack's Place! I looked at the menu and stared at the Jack's Special Steak for a good 5 minutes. I could have ordered a cheaper but bigger piece of steak. However, I know what I need is not a bigger piece of steak but my favourite steak. So I placed my order and was happy to see my favourite dish appeared in front of me!

I looked at my watch. Hmmm... Maybe it's a good time to recharge myself.  I made a few phone calls and... Yippie! Off I went for my soak-off + classic manicure and pedicure at Varnish cum Reflections Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza! As usual, I am not someone who likes loud nail arts so I chose french manicure with nude colour for my toenails ^^

Love it Lots!

As I was doing my mani-pedi, I noticed my manicurist, Michelle, has this really bouncy short Korean perm. She looks so cheerful and bubbly in it. Years back, I had a bad experience with perm hair. I made a bad decision to perm big romantic curls but did not dye my hair. My perm did not last more than 1 month on my hair. I also knew Laogong prefer that I keep long hair so I dropped the idea to try a short Korean perm.

I requested for a Haircut + Hairdye + Hair Treatment instead. Was amazed at how fast my hair can absorb the hair dye. It was like only 15-20 minutes and my hair stylist, Matthew (Michelle's brother), told me the colour is all ready!

See the colour after my hair wash!!! 

And my thinning hair :( 

Mummies are so self-sacrificing k! See how haggard and unappealing I had become over these 4 years! But I don't regret having my two lovely cute children! They are my precious ones! 

Now that I have decided to 'close factory', it's time for me to do some 'repair works' and put in some efforts to look good again!

The next step is for Matthew to reshape my hair and to cut bangs for me. I had always loved Abby's thick bangs but never know if I can wear it well. Matthew was certain that I will look good in the bangs so I decided to give it a try. 

True enough, it turns out great!!!! I think I look like a doll now and what I need is more eye makeup = mascara and more defining eyeliner! Not sure if I will have the time to do extra makeup every morning but I will try lah :P

OMG~~~ I really love my new look and new colour!!!!!

Hope you like it too!

Planes - Our Capabilities are not restricted by what we are made of

Our Capabilities are not restricted by what we are made of.

A crop-seeder plane had shown to the world that, his capabilities are not restricted by what he had been built for.

Went to watch this awesome movie with Yvonne (aka Godma) and Jamie last weekend. As this movie is from the producer of <Cars> so I didn't bother to read the reviews before I bought the movie tickets. I knew Jamie will love this movie a lot too because she is a big fan of <Cars>. 

Actually I had always felt that <Cars> was never meant to be a children's movie. If you feel so too, then you will agree that <Planes> too was meant to be for adults. Because the moral of the story seems to be too heavy for the young. 

Watching this movie, cheers people on because it shows how the underdogs or those who are not looked up to, can do far more than what you think they can do. You need not have a good background to achieve great things in life. 

Dusty, the crop seeder knew his engine was not meant to fly for long period of time. He even has fear for height because he never needs to fly very high. But this doesn't not stop him to have big dreams. He knows that by getting the right coach, he will be able to overcome all his obstacles. 

Skipper, the legendary former fighter plane, was the ideal coach for Dusty. But Skipper has a secret...

But the movie was not just about achieving the 'impossible'. It also shares the truth that to achieve this unflavourable victory, we require slight 'moderation' and lots of effort to catch up with the rest who already have a head start. If Dusty had not done his engine moderation and agreed to change his original 'look' (by removing the seeding device), he may not have win the race. Hence, as much as we should be positive and idealistic, we need to be realistic and willing to accept feasible suggestions too! 

There are people out there who want to prove others that they can do it, but yet they are too stubborn to accept others' suggestions to change. We have to be clear of our strengths and weaknesses before the 'fight', so that we can strategize to maximize the best of what we have, and yet make required changes to convert our weaknesses to strengths!

The movie also shows that being good and genuine will draw people to wish to help you. Dusty wants to win the race and he believes he can. However, he was humble and sincere. Therefore in the end, the other planes reached out to help Dusty when he was in need. 

It's really a great movie and should not be missed! Do take some time of to catch it in the cinema! 

6 more hours to Jamie's BIG SIX!

Happy Deepavali everyone!

How's everyone celebrating your public holidays? Today's Jamie's play date with her 3 besties! And of coz our little Prince (aka the Thorn among the Roses today) joined in the fun too. As the Kidz Amaze @ TPY is super packed today, I don't get to lie down on my favorite beanbag :( and have to sit outside on the plastic chairs. Okay lah, it is not too uncomfy and I get to enjoy my ME time while the children get to have their fun. Hehehe...

This morning, Jamie got her birthday surprise from her BFF Alessandra who stays just next block to us and they had fun with the toys and iPad, before we headed out to meet her other two besties, Isabella to have Happy Meals and Playdate.

Morning Surprise from Alessandra

Setting off to TPY Safra

Happy Meals! 开心餐吃了好开心

All Ready for Kidz Amaze!

As you all know, it had been a very busy 5 days for us - Jamie and me especially.

Time flies... My little Princess is not only turning 6 years old in less than 12hrs, but had also graduated as a preschooler. 

Jamie's K2 Graduation on 6 Nov 2015

Next year is the start of a whole new adventure for her and I hope she will grow stronger, be more resilient and survive through the challenges like I did in my schooling days :) There is no easier way out but to fight your way out...

My Strong Little Big Girl in Uniform!

Was browsing her Graduation Certificate last night. Wow.. it shows how her kindergarten sees the importance of this new phase in her life...

Jamie, soar as high as you can. It does not matter how fast you soar, as long as you get to your destination. We will be proud of you for who you are :) 

Looking forward to when the clock strikes 12midnight tonight.. Miss the little baby who I used to coax to sleep every night. I enjoyed the most of my pregnacy and motherhood when I had Jamie. She was an easy baby to conceive, apart from the food poisoning incident and the mutiple contraction scares. 

I get to have a taste of my first motherhood and was very hands-on until Jamie turned 7 month and I went back to work. Of coz there were times when I was very fed-up and needed some ME time but I appreciated the time I spent with Jamie back then. Till now, I feel that Jamie and I are closer than James and I, was due to the time we spent together before I returned to the workforce.

I really miss those wonderful days I spent with Jamie. Now that I have a more work-life friendly career, I will work on striking a better balance with my career and home roles.

Birthday Girl with her Joy and Saddness @ POLW

This year, we held her "home party" at POLW once again. Initially I wanted to change to an indoor venue due to the haze and potential bad weather. 

Eventually, I still decided to take the risk and hold it at POLW because it is not easy to find a venue that allows outside cake and food without signing a birthday package. Plus, Jamie is definitely more of  a water lover like her father. 

We were really blessed and lucky that the weather was great at Sentosa on 7 Nov 2015 (Sat). It was raining heavily or drizzling non-stop in most parts of Singapore, just before the party started. I had to assure my guests via whatsapp that the weather was great and the party would resume. 

Jamie receiving her guests

Jamie gets to "decorate" her cake using the "Inside Out" figurings together with Godma and she was so thrilled with the water play with her cousins and friends! 

Decorating the Cake with Godma

Singing Birthday Song

Make a Wish

Cake Cutting

All Ready for Water Splashing Fun!

Thank you everyone for taking time off to attend Jamie's party. Jamie had lots of fun with her friends and cousins! Thank you for all the lovely gifts too! 

Lovely Gifts!

Wanted to let Jamie do cake cutting in school on her actual birthday on 11 Nov 2015 (Wed). But due to their field trip, I decided to do her cake cutting in school on 9 Nov 2015 (Mon) instead. 

The theme for the school cake was "My Little Pony" so Jamie requested me to look like Pinky Pie, while Laogong decided to be Rainbow Dash! 

Jamie gets to help with the school cake decoration too and she was generous enough to let her classmates have the cake toppers after cake cutting. 

Self-Decorated My Little Pony Cake

Jamie and her forever fan, James!

Group Photo

Singing Birthday Song

Making a Wish and Blowing Candle

This year Jamie was especially happy because Laogong managed to make time to attend her school birthday celebration (Finally!). As this will be her last school birthday celebration (I doubt primary school has this "culture"), I am very happy it can be so "exceptional" too! 

Cake Cutting

Let's continue to count down... about 6+ more hours to go...!