Monday, November 30, 2009

My Delivery Diary (Belated)


I know it's towards the end of my confinement. I may not be able to remember the details even, but I will try my best with the 'narration'.

Guess most of you know that the decision to C-Sec on 11/11/09 was only made on 10/11/09 itself... And that it was because Jamie is still heads-up, with her little leg stuck engaged. Hence there is a danger of her kicking burst the waterbag resulting in complications if we chose to C-Sec on a later date.

And really~!! It could have happened because Jamie has strong legs... Hahaha...

Anyway, we did up the rest of the baby corner on 10/11/09 and also did a final check on the hospital bag... That night, I remember I cannot sleep. Hence when I checked in at 7am the next morning, even though I was very anxious and excited, I cannot help but dozing off while I waited in the queue to enter the operation room at 9.30am.

Yaa, we have to QUEUE up for the operation~!!! I realized it was because of the date. We did not mean to choose such a nice date for C-Sec but then I believe there are many who chose the date purposefully. And we were lucky to reach TMC before 7am, coz those who came on the dot were all caught in the queue at the patient service counter...

I was told that my operation time should be between 10-10.30am and hence I will be sent to the operation room an hour in advance. I was so early that I did not have much to do and just keep taking photos....

There was this lady whose time slot was at 9.30am. But she was caught in the queue at the patient service counter and only reached the ward at 9am. The nurse was so amazed she was still not ready by 9am. So I guess it's okay to be kiasu...

Anyway, it was a good 1hrs wait (I think, according to my hubby) before it was my turn. And I was half asleep when I was pushed into the operation room. I saw the very nice GA and my gynae who told me it won't be painful and I can just go into my sleep (again)...

Next thing I know, I delivered my baby~!!!

And it was really funny. I remember and my hubby reminded me later as well, that the first thing I opened my eyes was to ask him 'Our baby has big eyes or small eyes?' And after he told me 'Big eyes', I KO for the next few hours.

Hahaha... Yaaa.. Thank goodness, my baby Jamie has BIG eyes, like her mummy :P

See my little mermaid Jamie all wrapped up and fresh from my womb~!!!

When I woke up again, I was in a most uncomfortable state... I had this bad giddiness whenever I turned to my left. What's worse was I was on drip and all tubed up. I was so hungry and yet I cannot eat anything :( Haizzz...

I ended up sleeping most of the time on the first day... I couldn't talked much to whoever visited me and I didn't even know my hubby's colleague came to visit me~!!! Coz I was just KO...


The second morning I woke up feeling helpless and giddy and vomited a lot. It was such a bad feeling that I called my hubby and asked if he could come over immediately.

Frankly we were quite lucky. Because there was no more 4 bedder, hence we managed to get a free upgrade to a 2 bedder. And since my bed is nearer to the door, hence it is easier for my visitors as well.

Anyway, my hubby rushed down to see me. I guess every woman, no matter how strong and how independent they are, they will be at their most vulnerable state when they just given birth. There were so much uncertainty and they will be so unsure about whether they can be a good mother. Hence the support from their hubbies will be the most important at this period of time.

We were lucky to have the C-Sec earlier because my hubby then was still able to accompany me everyday at the hospital. However, because we decided to save on the expenses and not get a single bedder, hence he had to run to and fro home everyday.

Anyway, Thanks all the visitors who took time off to visit me. And I felt bad I was not able to talk much to each of them because I was still weak even till the day I discharged. And Thanks for all the lovely presents... I love them all :) And Thanks my dear friends who bought me flowers to make me feel better...because I really quite miserable lying on bed all day back then... feeling giddy...

However, I managed to be off dripped and be on porridge and semi-solid food on the 2nd day and normal confinement food on the 3rd day. Take a look at some of the meals I had during the stay...


My gynae told me I could be off tube and started walking and going to toilet on my own on the 3rd day...

It was not an easy first step and I had help from my hubby. I felt like a little child who had to learn how to walk again. My legs were weak and I seemed to be off-balance. I felt really giddy... But then I still made it~!!! Because I know I will like to bring my little doll home the following day. Motherly Love is so invincible right?!!

On the forth day when I was discharged, I was still wobbly but then when I had Jamie in my arms, I felt the strength of protecting her and wanting the best for her. And I could walk fairly straight then~!!! Wow...

As I watched her grow up everyday, I really wonder if I can bear to leave her in the care of others and go to work :( Haizzz...

Hee... anyway, lets think of this after CNY~!!! Meantime, I will enjoy my company with my baby doll ;) Take a look at some of her photos when she was born until now...

Isn't she cute?!! Kekeke... I am so in love with my baby girl :P

And take a look at Daddy, Mummy and Our First Family Photo...

Counting down to end of my Confinement...

Hohoho, 1.5 weeks more to the end of my Confinement~!!!

Actually I don't really mind not bathing... and I don't mind eating all the very nutritious food... But I can't wait to bring my baby doll out~!!!

Because Jamie is a November baby hence by now, most of my friends/cousins who gave birth in May, June, July and August are already bringing their babies out for shopping etc. Xmas is around the corner and so is New Year's Day. Hence I really hope I can bring Jamie out to meet my friends to celebrate the festive season like before.

Can't wait for CNY as well because by then Jamie will be 3 months old~!!! She will be more responsive and know more things already... So cute~!!!

Hee, but frankly sometimes as I looked at my little doll in my arms, I will be quite amazed that I am already a mother. Wow... As I watch my niece walked around the house in a very cute way, I do wish my little doll can grow up overnight too!

And it's very sweet to watch the very amused daddy carries her little doll in his arms and feed her milk... Somehow, I can see this fatherly glow around my hubby these days...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jamie is 17 days old...

Yeah! At last I can wash my hair today ^^

Though it was a quick wash with boiled water cooked in herbs, I felt so much better now. My hair is no more like hay or is oily~!!!

Okay~!!! Another 28 days - 17 days = 11 days more~!!!

Hmmm... think I will only be able to do my post-natal massages after my confinement, since the doctor said I need at least 2 more weeks before the wound can go without any dressing. Now I still have a water-porous plaster on my wound.

Painful or not ah? This is a commonly asked question. Hmmm... mixed feeling...

Sometimes it hurts, especially when I get up too abruptly from the bed or exert too much force onto the wound. However, there are other parts of the body that hurts more. Since the womb is contracting back to its original state, hence there are occasional labour-alike contractions...

I joked with my friend that 'now I know how it hurts when they delivery naturally...'

Take a look at Jamie's picture I took a while ago...

Hee... does she look cheeky? :P

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jamie is 15 days old...

Just went to see gynae in the morning. As usual, I waited for hrs... and got home at 1pm. My wound is sealed and the dressing was removed. I asked gynae whether I can do my post-natal massages now and she told me the massages are not necessary...

Ermmm... And she even told me about something horrifying... Some inexperienced massage lady split a mummy's wound and the mummy came in bleeding profusely.


However, the SPA had assured me that all their massage ladies are well-trained and experienced with C-sec mummies... Hmmm... maybe can try once then see if painful or not then decided...Yeah, will try once maybe next week or the week after next ^^


Oh yaa, just now had a surprise home visit by my hubby's friend who came back to Singapore for holidays...Thanks Liping for visiting me~!!!

And Thanks Isaac and Yeewen for visiting me on 21 Nov 09 too~

Hmmm... not sure if my mum will allow any more visitors after this weekend, because there will be more packing to do after my brother moved back home. So paiseh to those who told me they will like to visit me next week...


Time really flies, Jamie is 15 days old now. Take a look at some photos I took of her yesterday... looks abit different now right?


Ate 3 days of vinegar pig trotters and a new dish - pig tummy~!!!

Heehee.. heard I may have a chance to bath tomorrow... Hmmm...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Baby is 13 days old...

Errmmm... Yesterday wine chicken is not nice at all~~~

And hor, it's actually Martel cooked with chicken 0___0

So bitter... sob sob sob...

Never liked Martel... still a Vodka person :) I wonder if they can try cooking chicken with Vodka? hmmm... :P

Anyway, my mummy spent a lot of time on the dish... So I pressed my nose and finished the whole bowl of Martel cum Chicken Essence...

Heard that I will have Vinegar Pig Trotters today~!!!

Paiseh, not able to take any photos of the food I ate so far and going to eat because my mummy very sensitive to posting anything related to her online. So sorry...

But I will try to take some photos from now on whenever I can... :P


Hormonal Changes...

I remember I want to talk about this.

Have to warn all the mummies to be that EVERY MUMMY WILL SUFFER FROM HORMONAL CHANGES... it's just a matter of how bad is the effect...

I was one of the 'victims'... Was really not in the right mind during the first 1 week. I am glad I am back at home with my mum or else it could have lasted for 2 weeks or more. However, I believe even with lots more attention from your hubby, the mummies can recover faster too.

Anyway, nothing horrifying happened during my minor depression period... so please don't let your imagination run wild. Hahaha.. I simply, called my mum and cried like crazy. Or I will just sit on my bed and just cried for no reason. I guess there are many reasons that will lead to this depressed state. Other than blaming it on hormonal changes alone, we too have to prepare ourselves to handle the uncomprehending moodiness...

Few things we must take it easy before we deliver, so that we won't add on to the moodiness...

1. Amount of breast milk
I guess every mummy feels that being able to b-feed her baby is a NORMAL thing to do. And if she isn't able to do it, or have enough b-milk for her baby, she isn't NORMAL. I had that same mentality too. I was crying partly because I couldn't comprehend how come I don't have enough b-milk for my baby while many of my friends are like cows...

However, I realized later that for a start, every mummy has little or no milk. The milk supply will only kick in 10-14 days after baby is born. Every mummy is different, we shouldn't compared ourselves with our friends.

Two things to note when b-feeding is. The more stress you are, the less milk supply you have or the slower the milk supply will kick in. It is only with great patience and in a relaxed mode, then you can produce what you desire for your baby.

Secondly, now with more advanced technology, nothing is impossible. You can simply get medicine from your gynae to help in the kicking in and increasing of milk supply. I consulted in my gynae and she gave me some medication, and now the milk supply is slowly kicking in. So, mummies out there, don't worry k?! Relax! And enjoy the process. If really no choice, nowadays the f-milk is full of DHA and other nutrients essentially for your babies as well.

2. Post-delivery Finances
Before delivery, mummy may be worried about the pre-delivery finances and how expensive the hospital bills will be (like for my case). And after delivery, you may wonder whether you have enough every month to buy diapers and milk powder for baby.

Earlier on, I wonder if I am a stingy mummy to get so many hand-down clothes for Jamie and didn't buy many new clothes for her. However, I know firstly it's not necessary to buy too many new clothes since babies will grow up very fast. Secondly, I have to plan the finances properly so that we have enough for another few more months before I get a job.

Well, I guess there are some things we can't do much about. And since we have delivered our babies and that we have a greater responsibility for now, we should merely focus on this new responsibility. Anything else, we should let the man of the house do the job in 'hunting for the bread and butter'...

And I believe with careful planning, my hubby and I should be able to go through it together and provide the best we can (not we want) for our baby... Same for the other mummies k? What's important is the family can enjoy each other company together.

3. Taking up the new challenge as a first time mummy.
I believe every mummy has certain expectations of themselves and most of us will want to be a super mummy. When we are unable to meet our own expectations, we will be sad and feel lousy.

Well, no one is born to know everything. I felt really lousy at the start too. And that was another reason why I cried so hard.

- How come I don't even know how to make f-milk?
- How come I don't know how to use the steriliser?
- How come my baby doesn't sleep at night at the start?
etc etc etc

However, as the days passed, I am able to use the sterilizer, make f-milk and understand that babies are unable to differentiate day and night and hence they don't have regular sleeping hours at the start.

And now I am looking at how the Confinement Lady Bath my baby... I hope I will have some hands-on experience during the last week of my confinement :)

Thus, we must always believe that practices make perfect. So never give up before we even try k?

4. The 'mean' remarks from the old folks

I used to be very offended by some old folks who like to make remarks like:

- How come you no b-milk? Must be never eat enough this and that...
- How come baby keep crying? You never feed the baby is it?
- How come baby doesn't want to sleep? What did you do to the baby?
etc etc etc

Maybe during normal period, we will feel 'just offended' but yet tolerable. However, during our hormonal change period, all these remarks have x100 of the usual effects. And our brains will decode it has something very belittling and reprimanding...

Hence, we are unable to cool down and decode the questions to be just the old folks showing concern to the baby or even the mummy...

Frankly, I was very upset when my mil and grandma in law said those remarks to me during the first few days. To me, I was feeling miserable enough and yet they added on to make me feel even more miserable. I felt unloved and un-understand. And since my hubby was not at home in the daytime due to work and study commitments, I felt worse.

However, when I returned to my mummy's house and past the moody period, I started to feel that maybe my mil and grandma in law were just as helpless as me. And that they are not capable of correctly expressed their affections and concerns for me. However, from the many good ingredients they invested in my confinement dishes, I can feel their concern and love for me in their own ways.

Thus, as mummies, we just have to always be positive about whatever remarks said to us and whatever things that happened to us. I believe with a positive mindset, we can win the battle with the hormonal changes...

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Baby is 12 day old now...

Yeah! My baby is 12 day old now~!!!

Time flies... see her photo I took 2 days ago~~~ see how sweet is her smile :D

Finally, beside fish and pork, I see a new meat on my dishes... CHICKEN~!!! And I can eat eggs now too ^^ My mummy said due to the operation, I can only have chicken dishes from 12th day onwards... Heehee...

Had started sending out invites and liaising for Jamie's first month celebration.

Too early?

Nah... time flies... very soon my confinement will be over and she will be one month old~!!! I had been sleepy yesterday so since I am a bit more awake today, I better do some 'work'... Exercise my brain a bit and hopefully it helps to burn some calories :P

I guess most of you are wondering what I am eating at home...and what kind of routine I am going through during my confinement... Let me share with you all...

Daily Timetable for my Confinement

By 8.30am: Wakes up and Wash up
9.00am: Breakfast
9.30am-12.00nn: Rest and B-feed
12.30pm: Lunch
1.00pm: Wipe body with Chinese Herbs
1.30-3.00pm: Rest and B-feed
3.00pm: Tea break
3.30pm-6.30pm: Rest and B-Feed
6.30pm: Dinner
7.00pm-8.00pm: TV time
8.00pm-11.00pm: OTOT (normally I go online)
11.00pm: Supper
11.30pm-12.00mn: B-Feed
12.00mn-8.30am: Sleep and Wake for F-milk

Menu for Confinement (so far)

Breakfast: Oatmeal in Milo + Bread
Lunch: Rice with Steamfish + Vegetables/Pork + Tonic Soup
Teabreak: Oatmeal in Milo + Bread
Dinner: Rice with Steamfish + Vegetables/Pork + Tonic Soup
Supper: Oatmeal in Milo + Bread

So healthy hor :P hahaha...

I heard tonight I will be having Wine Chicken :P hehehe... And I had black chicken tonic soup for lunch also ^^

Hmmm.. I remember I said I wish to share about Hormonal Changes... Let me share in the next entry k?

And I owe you my Delivery Diary too... Stay tune ^^

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Baby is 9 Days old (7th day of my Confinement) - It will never be the same without my family's help

Hihi All,

I realized when our mothers tell us 'when you have your own child, you will appreciate your own mummy more'... It's true... It's really true...

Not only your own mummy but all your own family members.

I was not in good terms with my mummy since young and had not been very close to my older brother too. I guess I was always thinking that my mummy doesn't know what I need, nor my older brother is proud of me. And I always thought I had a 'bad childhood'...

I guess I was silly and had made myself feel miserable for many years. And every time I ventured on something new, be it my career or business, I will very much wish my family members can be proud of me and tell me I have done a great job. Even during school days when I had performance, I always invite my family to support me. And during my birthday every year, I insisted everyone must be home to celebrate for me. I thought that was what we call parental and kinship LOVE...

I spent a lot of effort on my wedding planning in wish to do it well so that my mummy has 'more face'. You cannot imagine how happy I was when my mummy told me on my wedding night that she is really proud of me because it was a good job done...

However, I realized I was just being stupid and had relied on something 'shallow' to feel good about myself and the wrong notion that only verbal praises from my family's mouths = they are really proud of me.

I guess even if they don't praise me too much, it doesn't mean they are not proud of me, or that I had not done a good job. What's really important, is that they are there for me when I need them.

My family members had stood by me since I was pregnant. My mummy always cooked good food for me when I visited her. My tired daddy and/or brother, who had to wake up early every morning to work, would insist of sending me home if my hubby wasn't free to fetch me, after each visit to my family. My brother, re-scheduled his appointments just to ensure he could fetch me from KKH when I was warded the other time (when my hubby was unable to fetch me due to work commitments).

And through the confinement episode, I appreciate them even more. It will never be the same without them. As a mother now, I realized I was very much loved by my family members... in silence, unconditionally...

I guess, many more mummies are like me, have now appreciate your own mummies more too...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Baby is 8 days old (6th day of Confinement) - Feeling Much Better

Hi All~

My girl is 8 days old now~!!!

6 days had passed since I was discharged.

Finally feeling much better now. I wonder if it's because I feel that I am in my own mummy's good hands now... But I know for sure, with my mummy around for almost 24/7 looking after me and watching over the new Confinement Lady (CL), I feel more at ease and 'safer' leaving my girl in a stranger's hands.

I just arrived at my mum's house yesterday after I sacked the previous CL and requested for a replacement. Sorry for the late update because I was not only physically unwell but emotionally unwell before today. I can't say I am perfectly fine emotionally now too. However, I know I feel much better already.

Actually I wish to ask for refund for the previous CL since she was really not up to standard and hasn't been listening to instructions too. Rather lazy as well,always trying to eat snake, no initiative and don't seem to know the right knowledge for confinement (eg. what I cannot eat or do)...

So far the new CL seems good and sincere. Maybe for a start, when she nagged at me like my mother, I feel a bit offended. But then slowly I realized she means well. And as I hear her life stories and realized that whatever I am going through is just no big deal, I slowly become more receptive to her. Moreover, I believe it's because of my hormonal changes that I wasn't able to behave as normal.

Hormonal Changes is really no joke. Any cheerful person hit by this, will become really moody and maybe even depressed. Share with you all more in the next entry.

Check out my girl latest photo I took today :)

Everyone said she looks even more like daddy in the photo...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Big Thank You to All My Friends who Visited me~!!!

So Sorry to all...

I will really need to slowly blog each entry... please bear with me ^^

Hee... show u the latest picture that I take of my girl ^^ with her eyes open~!!! hahaha... Coz so many people complain cannot see her BIG eyes... I had been trying hard wor... not easy leh.. coz she is always sleeping...

Ehh.. this is when she HALF OPEN her eyes... I try to see if I can catch her with her eyes WIDE OPEN... hahaha...

In this entry, I will like to list down all the friends who had visited me so far... and that I really appreciate their efforts to come down and visit me at the hospital and my home! And Thanks for the gifts and flowers!!! I love them all :D

Hee, I even have a Visitor Time Schedule...

Here goes!!! Thanks all those who visited me once again...

Day 1 (Wed) - 11 Nov 09

5pm: My family
6pm: Annie Pang
6.30pm: My inlaw family
7pm: Jason and Sibel
9pm: Yeewen

Day 2 (Thu) - 12 Nov 09

11am: Joseph Lee and Josephine
12pm: Vincent and Wife
12.30pm: Yit Siang, June, Siew Teen and Connie
2pm: Qiuling
3.30pm: Bixia
5.30pm: Charleen and Alan
6.30pm: My inlaw family
7pm: Chuichan
7.30pm: Kherray and Owen
8pm: Danny and Baoli
8.30pm: Annie Lim and Family

Day 3 (Fri)- 13 Nov 09
12pm: Wangz
2pm: Ivy
3.30pm: Mr Lee
4.30pm: My family
7pm: My MIL
7.30pm: Meimei, Winston and Karin
8pm: Gabian, Peijie and Suzhen
8.30pm: Peijuan, Joey and Joey's hubby
9pm: Jiancai, Annie Pang, Jianyuan and Brenda

Day 4 (Sat) - 14 Nov 09 cum Day 1 of Confinement
11am: Gen
7pm: Xiuping, her bf, Vendela and Bohai

Day 2 of confinement (Sun) - 15 Nov 09

4pm: Edmund, Weineng and Shuting

Really Thanks everyone so much!!!

More to Thanks~~~

Huiling, Xiuzhen and Meilan
YCK Secondary School
And all friends who has shared my joy on Facebook ^^

Thanks and Many Thanks from my hubby and me :)

Announcing the Arrival of Jamie 骆可萱

Hihi All :)

Finally hear from me hor?

So paiseh, I was in the midst of making some arrangements...

Will let you all know more in the next blog entry.

Sorry for the belated entries and updates. I am currently still recovering from my wound and side effects from the C-Sec (GA), hence I will need some time to blog everything down.

However, I will not wish to deprive any of my readers and friends!

Hence, Ta-Da hereby I will like to post a picture of my Little Girl, Jamie 骆可萱 !!! I am still waiting to find the chance to take more photos of her, especially with her eyes OPEN... She has really beautiful BIG eyes... like her mummy :P Hahaha...

Sorry ahh, I am so in Love with my Jamie that you will find me praising her alot... Bear with me please...

Announcing the Arrival of Jamie...

She is born on 11 Nov 2009, with the weight of 2.71kg and 44cm ^^

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All Ready for Jamie ^^

Hohoho, don't ask me why I am still awake... Just can't sleep... I guess I am too excited... So is Jamie... She had been moving and moving the whole day since we decided to C-Sec and deliver her tomorrow... wait... no... I mean, in a few hours time!!!

YEAHHH!!! We did some Final Makeover to the Room And Jamie's Baby Corner and Now it's all ready for my little girl ^^

Can't wait to see her lying contentedly in her little cot...

And hor, her Daddy is really sweet~!!! He is busy rushing an assignment which dateline is tomorrow and yet came to play his part in decorating Jamie's baby corner!!!

See hardworking Daddy at work~

The finished job~!!!

Some Touch up by Mummy and All is Perfect~!!!

Bought this really cute Night Light for my baby girl~


All Is Done and Ready for Jamie ^^

(Did you notice any special about the wall sticker?!)

More Updates when I deliver Jamie in a while time ^^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Happening Day Today... I am Delivering TOMORROW (11 Nov 09)

Today is really a Happening day leh...

Had wanted to book the C-Sec date as next Wednesday (18Nov09) and purposely push forward my gynae check up till today, instead of the original date on Friday...

And ended up with a surprise~!!! Tell you more in a while...

This morning I went to meet a friend (another mummy) who recommended me this Spa and Massage Centre - Rustic Nirvana. She had previously signed up a series of massage sessions with them and greatly recommended their good service. She is very interested in their 1-for-1 Post-Natal Home Confinement Package offering at S$838 (UP. S$1283). And asked if I want to sign up together with her.

I had been wondering whether I should really sign this package up since I am not working and we have to rely on my hubby's single income for a few more months before I can join back the workforce.

Thus I was pretty surprised when I told my hubby about it and he actually supported me to sign up this package!!! OMG... He said it's important to stay pretty and regain back the shape, even after I become a mummy!!!

I was really surprised!!!

And very grateful... However, I guess he is pretty hopeful about the results of this package too since it's more expensive than the traditional Malay Jamu Massage... However, I believe there must be a reason for the great recommendations for this package. Hence, really worth a try. Furthermore, the package includes many more treatments which the traditional Malay Jamu Massage doesn't provide.

Unlike the traditional Malay Jamu Massage which only includes Massage + Binding of the Tummy Wrap (which you will need to pay separately for it too) - duration is about 1 hour, this package includes the following treatments in all.

Home Confinement Package
- 5 x post-natal jamu massages
- 5 x sea salt applications
- 5 x portable steamy wonder
- 4 x overnight jamu wrap
- Complimentary 5 baby massages + Tummy Belt (worth S$750)

PLUS Another 5 additional sessions of post-natal jamu massages at ANY of Rustic Nirvana branch.

Sounds good hor? I heard Baby Massages are quite expensive if you sign a separate package but while I have my massage, my baby can have hers also wor!!! So good life hor...

The package sounds good hor?!!

Oh Ya.. I heard the Home Confinement Package can be used for New Mummies within 1 year from their delivery. Hence if any of the New Mummies out there can also consider signing up this package too :)

Or you can sign up for a FREE trial session of Post-Natal Massage with them by subscribing to their Mother2Baby Club online - or simply email to for more information.

Okok... Time to announce the BIG NEWS!!!!! The EVEN MORE HAPPENING NEWS~!!!

Yeahhh.. Just after I met my friend to sign the package with her together at Rustic Nirvana, I went for my gynae checkup~!!!

I asked her about the booking procedures for C-Sec for Jamie. She tried to attempt to turn Jamie again but gave up since Jamie had responded earlier with the Contraction Scare on Last Saturday...

We had TWO Options then... Whether to Take the Risk and wait till 18 Nov 09 to C-Sec OR to C-Sec tomorrow. We thought really hard. Tomorrow seems like SO NEAR... and We seemed so UNPREPARED...

But she was right when she advised us that, it would be better to go for this expected/prepared C-Sec which is TOMORROW then to be caught unexpected/unprepared emergency C-Sec due to waterbag rupture by naughty Jamie...

Thus, we decided not to take the risk...



The feeling ah... I felt freaked out at the beginning... then I felt excited... And now... I felt at peace coz I know I don't have to be waiting for Jamie again OR worried about her well-being in my womb now since I am going to see her tomorrow ^^

But there are alot of mixed feeling when comes to deciding on GA. Had wanted to try Epidural but then my Gynae advised me to reduce complications to almost zero by choosing GA... I guess it should be the right choice too then... Since we both want at least close to zero complications...

So I am going for C-Sec with GA on 11 Nov 09... Best Wishes to myself and Update you all when I can ^^


Monday, November 9, 2009

Counting Down... ANYTIME...

I think the wait is going to be over very soon!!!

After the scare last night, plus the continuous tighening of my uterus... I know, the wait is definitely going to be over very soon. However, it's whether we are to wait and let it happen and ended up paying more for the emergency C-Sec (since we aren't hopeful about Jamie turning around on her own)... Or we should take action and decide on a planned C-sec... Which means, schedule a date for the C-Sec ourselves...

But of coz, if we are suay, then there is still a possibility of us going into emergency C-Sec before the scheduled C-Sec date...

Well, so no matter what we choose, I think there is no 绝对 too.

Actually, I am a bit worried we didn't buy enough disposable diapers and the standby formula milk powder. As much as I wish to be a cow, sometimes we may not be granted our wish also mah. Just like, I wish very much to deliver naturally, so I can proudly say I feel like a mother... Since being able to deliver naturally should be something very 'natural'...

Okok, I won't talk about it liao. Coz some of my friends are trying to ask me to 看开一点, especially those who ended up C-Sec also. I guess everyone wish to delivery naturally, but sometimes it's just fate... So we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves too :)

Anyway, I was talking about the disposable diapers and formula milk powder. Heehee...I think I am the only mummy who bought so many brands of disposable diapers to try. But I did not meant to be so kiasu... But it's so hard to find Newborn and S Size diapers from the supermarket now~!!! Hence, whatever brands I see, I grab. Think there are really many baby cows this year :( Okay lah... It's a good thing too :)

At first I did not buy S Size diapers, until my cousin reminded me. Since Jamie should be above 3kg when she is born, hence it will be good to standby S Size diapers for Jamie too for the first month. Or at least, I have a sample packet for my hubby to refer to if I need him to help me restock the diapers. Hee, and I had been doing a lot of research from various supermarkets. Generally the prices of Diapers and Milk Powder is almost the same, unless there are some special discounts going on or if the expiry date for milk powder is nearing.

My newborn Disposable Diapers. Thanks to Annie for the Huggies - 24pc. I bought the Mamy Poko 52pc newborn diapers for $17 at NTUC... So expensive...

I bought another packet of S Size Petpet Diapers 46pc for $8+ though. So Cheap... And my cousin strongly recommended it~!!! Mummies out there, you can buy a packet to try too since it's so cheap. Another brand which I want to find the S Size Diapers to try too is Fitti. Lets see if I can find any of it these few days. And if you are sending your baby to infant care or childcare centre, you can use the NTUC brand also. Heard it's very cheap also :) My niece (13mth old) uses it at home and Mamy Poko when she goes out.

So far, the most expensive brands I had seen is Pampers Active Baby. But I think Pampers Comfort is cheaper, close to the price of Fitti and Petpet.

But for milk powder, I am less adventurous. My cousin recommended Mamex (Mamil) which is cheaper. But I decided to try Similac and Enfaclac instead. And they are not cheap lor. $42 for 900g (per tin)... OMG... And I heard from my cousin that her baby boy can finish one 1.5kg tin of Mamex Milk Powder in 3 weeks. In average, a baby drinks 500g of milk powder per week 0____0... What's more, she is still breastfeeding him at the same time!!! Just imagine how much milk he drinks if he relies solely on Milk Powder~!!!

I bought a 900g tin of Enfaclac for $42 and another 400g tin of Similac for $19.90 from Watson. But I really hope I have enough breastmilk to feed my girl so I can save on formula milk...


Heehee... For those who are still wondering what to give me for my baby first month... Heehee... Some of the items you can buy me...

1. NTUC Vouchers
2. Carrefore Vouchers
3. Cold Storage Vouchers

Ehhh, please don't give me Taka Vouchers or Robinson Vouchers because I doubt I will be buying baby items from there. They will just end up with another baby :P hahaha... Sorry... Because I will most probably need to buy mainly milk powder and diapers only...

If you want to help me save trouble. You can buy me:

1. Milk Powder - Similac or Enfaclac
2. Disposable Diapers S Size (for baby 3kg-8kg) - Fitti, Petpet, NTUC, Pampers Comfort or Mamy Poko.

Best not to buy me newborn clothes because:
1. I have a lot of hand-downs newborn baby clothes already
2. Most likely baby will overgrown very fast

If you still prefer to buy Jamie Clothes, you can buy clothes for 3mth-6mth or even bigger clothes :) So that she can wear it for Chinese New Year and later. :)

But of coz, if you are worried you get the wrong size clothes or the wrong brands of milk powder, diapers or even the vouchers, you can simply give us an angbao which will be used for buying essential items for Jamie and/or contribution to her future education etc.

Paiseh to all my friends who find me very frank. I guess, everyone will wish to buy us or/and Jamie something we need. Hence, I guess it will be good to list out what we really need. So that, all your good thoughts can be rightfully appreciated ^^.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pre-Delivery Dinner with Good Friends (2)

Ran around a lot today. And had a BIG scare...

Went to pass Wenwen some things in Boon Keng, then went Bugis together with her to Bai Bai... to pray for smooth delivery and Jamie's turning over (if possible).

We had lunch at Siam Kitchen then met Xiaxia at Far East Nailbar for our pedicure ^^

Take a look at my yummy lunch... Siam Kitchen having Set Lunch offer at $11.90 and includes an appetizer + a main course + a drink. Simply top up $1.90 for authentic thai dessert... Hee... actually I personally quite like Siam Kitchen ^^

The Green Curry is really shiok~!!! Both me and Wenwen had that for main. I had thai fishcake (spicy) for my appetizer while Wenwen had the spring roll for her appetizer. And we both had their homemade Ice Lemon Tea... Nice...

Hee, then we went to meet Xiaxia at the Nailbar for our pedicure. Had been visiting the Nailbar since my wedding. Can't help but do some 'advertising' for them coz the young female boss really did a great job for my wedding manicure and pedicure. It was quite a lastmin request somemore becoz my own manicure shop suddenly just moved and I was quite lost back then, on the eve of my wedding!!!

Thank goodness the Nailbar saved me! I heard they have another branch at Orchard Plaza now but then I still prefer the first shop I went to. It's very conducive, at a quiet corner in Far East. Nice massage chair, helpful and friendly manicurists. And the boss is very nice also! I remember she treated me packet lunch or dinner once even~!!!

Take a look at the great artwork by the lady boss (heard she is only 23yrs old)...for my wedding manicure...

Today I did a pedicure + goat milk treatment for hydration, removed my thick dead skin at the ball of the feet... + nail mask :P hahaha... Sound cool right? And Xiaxia did her feet facial + red wine mask :D And Wenwen did her Caviar Spa~!!! Sounds even COOLER~!!! Pity couldn't take pictures of all those :P heehee...

See my nail colour...

After our tai-tai pedicure treatments, we went for our yummy steamboat dinner! But hor, the wait for the food is a bit sickening... We went to Crystal Jade in hoping to try the steamboat there. But then the queue was too long. We then took a cab to Liang Seah street to queue for Xian De Lai. But hor, the queue was like so long until I became hungry and grouchy :P But the service staff was quite nice. They gave me a chair so I can rest while we were in the queue...

When we finally got our seats, we really FEASTED!!!

And the Scare came. Wenwen had to leave early to meet a friend who was staying over her house. So me and Xiaxia decided to take a walk around Bugis after the dinner. However, I suddenly had a serious tummyache and contractions alike kinda of pain...

The pain came in intervals and I decided I had to go home in case it's time... So I asked Xiaxia to drag me to the taxi stand and she sent me home. In the cab, I was in pain at intervals too. It was so scary... My hubby was at the void deck to receive me when I got there. And the pain came again when I got home.

BUT... the relief came when I ran to LS... And the pain subsided after that. I guess it was the tummyache that kick start the contractions... And luckily nothing else happened.

I am fine now... And I hope Jamie can stay put for a while more...

Hmmm... Maybe I should get her bed ready soon... And the wall stickers ^^