Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movie Review - Xmen First Class

If you are a Xmen or/and Marvel fan, this movie is not to be missed!

It kinda of sum up all the Xmen's series together, telling us how did everything come about:
- How did Prof X and Magneto come about?
- How did the two of them fall apart?
- How did Prof X became handicapped though he seemed so powerful?

And many other questions that popped up in our heads every now and then as we watched the Xmen series.

Like the part wheh Hugh Jackman came on screen as Wolverine. The whole cinema was like screaming uncontrollably!!! OMG... And I did as well~ But pity he did not join the team this early.

Was pretty shocked to know that Prof X was such a flirt in his younger days, using his powers to woo and please girls in the pub. Was surprised to know that Mystic actually likes Prof X initially and what made her turn towards Magneto eventually.

Understood why Magneto was so bitter about humans. It all boiled down to a bad childhood and loneliness and fear of non-acceptance created by the human race. Though its cruel, but we had to admit few humans will acknowledge even the same kind from another country, not to mention a different kind. However, we need to sympathised with most who are fear of the unknown.

It was really sad to see the Mutants fall apart... Afterall, they only have each other. This scene is such a trademark. I cannot but be reminded when the two mutant seniors were allies and great friends.

The actions were great though some may hope for more graphics.

I was shocked to see Hank there in human form. He was so different from the Hank in the Xmen series. He was unable to even accept himself in this drama. The Hank who became the mutant diplomat in the ministry was so much more confident.

After watching this movie, I feel like watching Xmen series all over again...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New House Almost Ready!!!

Past few weekends had always been about the new house.

Am really happy and grateful to my ID who rushed the work for us so as to meet our targeted dateline. But seriously looking at the amount of work to be done, we are really surprise he could complete the reno in less than a month. Most importantly, the job was really well done :D

We really like what we see...


We took 2-3 weeks to confirm the reno design because we went on a short trip during the Labour Day long weekend plus we took some time to think through about the ceiling design to achieve the ambience we want.

17/05/2011 (Tues)
1. Confirm reno design, materials and colours

19/05/2011 (Thur)
1. Measurement for carpentry works
2. Fabrication started in the back end after the measurement

21/05/2011 (Saturday)
1. Bought sink, stove, hood, taps, toilet accessories etc
2. Bought all lights and ceiling fans

23/05/2011 (Mon) to 27/05/2011 (Fri)
1. All Wet Works are done (kitchen base, washing machine base, bathroom kerb etc)
2. All Ceiling Works (living room, dining room and master bedroom)
3. All Painting
4. Acid Wash
5. All Electrical Works and Piping Works
6. Select the grilles and wallpaper we want.
7. Vanity overhead panel

30/05/2011 (Mon) to 03/06/2011 (Fri)
1. All Carpentry done - kitchen cabinet, master bedroom wardrobe, master toilet vanity, living room cardboard, bomb shelter, bay window, tv console in living room and master bedroom.
2. All Lights up and working
3. Bought roller blinds for 3 bedrooms
4. Aircon installation
5. All Ceiling Fans installation

Seems that the house is all ready for move in?

Just a bit more till the official move-in date :D

1. Wallpaper for living room and master bedroom
2. Rubber lamination for 3 bedroom
3. Windows and grills for service balcony
4. Grilles for 3 bedrooms and living room
5. Mounting the top layers of the kitchen cabinet and vanity cabinet in master bathroom
6. Installing of stove and hood
7. Installing of sink pipes and taps
8. Paint touch-up
9. Buy basic electrical appliances like rice cooker, electrical flask
10. Buy basic utensils and cutleries

So looking forward to see everything done next week :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jamie going to School

Yes. I finally made up my mind.

I guess this will be the best arrangement.

I need not worry what if there isn't any placement before next March. And I don't need to spend too much time to shop for a 'good' centre.

I guess there isn't any perfect centre anywhere. However, they are just trying to make a living, at the same time using their beliefs to educate the children and assist in their character development.

I won't say the choice I made is THE BEST but I heard it's branded. Of coz, the staff's rate is one of the reason too. But the most important thing is, it's not only regulated by law, it is also regulated by my own employer(s).

It's not easy to make this decision. Afterall, I heard too many horror stories. However, I just feel it's time for Jamie to grow up and stop thinking she is always a baby.

Seriously, sometimes I hope she can continue to believe she is always a helpless baby. However, she needs to grow up. At 18mths, she cannot even be bothered to hold her own milk bottle. My helper loves her too much to scold her. I love her even more. Thus it will be good to let her learn from the other children.

It will be good for her to learn how to socialise too. It should still be a few more years before I decide to close factory or have another child. She has to learn how to care and share from somewhere else in the meantime.

I really hope I won't be like those paranoid parents whom I spoke to before.

But I guess it's normal to be anxious and worried about Jamie's well-being :P

I will be making the startup payment = registration fees + 1 mth deposit + 2 wks prorated fees + registration fees + insurance fees etc on 6 June 2011. Jamie will get a chance to have a look at the school.

15 June will be her first day of school. I will accompany her for the first 3 days in school. After which, I will ask Pyone to spy for another two days before we entrust her to the teachers.

Hard Truths that Wakes the Giant...

Many will feel that hard truths are something we should prefer not to know. Sometimes I feel that way too. However, being able to feel the pain is better than feeling nothing at all about it anymore.

After feeling upset over it for so many years, I finally know the answer. I finally know what I had thought had happened, did happen.

For those who are still guessing what I am talking about, guess not. Because I will not want to talk about it anymore. I am happy to know the answer that kept me sleepless over the years.

And yes, I cried very hard over it before. I still fear for the worst. I still fear the history will repeat itself. I fear all efforts will be gone to the drain because of this stain.

I keep telling myself that I have to be extra grateful and thankful for this second chance. It did not come easy. It came because of many efforts from people who still believe in me.

Thank you all my friends who still have faith in me and believe in me. Thank you very much! I will not let your efforts and prayers gone to waste.

I will keep working hard till the last second from the verdict.

Only two months and I feel belonged and loved by my new comrades...

Please let me stay here for good...