Monday, June 25, 2012



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Gynae told me it was a good size though I lost weight.

I guess as long as the weight gain is on the lil one is ok for me.

But everyday is a challenge now thinking of what to eat. Sometimes I really have no idea or even no appetite to eat. There is also the fear of puking out what the lil one doesn't like.

So far, other than the spicy food n bread&butter which last for two weeks, there is nothing else I could eat more than three days. I have to eat keep changing the menu for every meal before the lil one 'throws tantrum' again...

I used to b such a easy person to feed becoz I simply eat everything and anything... But now I am the most fussy eater I had ever seen in my own life too lol

I tried to b understanding n stay positive but sometimes, due to work location, I get very upset with this changing appetite... But well, I hope this will last not longer than the first trimester :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Anytime, Anywhere

It's kinda of early compared to the last time to b stuck by this discomfort. But well every experience is different I guess.

Though it could happen anytime and anywhere but it also has its blessings. At least I can eat fish and seafood this round lol

Skin is getting bad these days but I think this is part and parcel of hormonal change.

When boss asked me what help do I need after I returned to work, I told her frankly I don't know. Becoz I was not working when I had Jamie. There was no rush in anything and pace of life was OTOT. This is the first time I experience stress during this difficult period.

But I feel it has it's blessings though. At least we don't have to b worried got money for milk powder and diapers or not. Now I can even think of upgrading the ward to something more luxurious but not sure if it's worth the extra hundreds to spurge like that :(

Another blessing about working now is it stops me from thinking nonsenses. I remember I was crying a lot when I had Jamie becoz I was alone at home and negative thoughts just kept poisoning me. As much as I knew I am growing even fatter now, I also know I have datelines to worry more than my increasing weight.

But of coz this one has to go through more stress with me than Jamie. And I hope this means, the child will love me even more too, after knowing how much stress Mummy needs to go through to keep the job to ensure he/she gets a good life...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012