Monday, May 27, 2013

Editing My Blog

Hello~~~ Good Morning?! Hahaha... If you noticed the messiness of the Blog Labels... Yea! I am in the midst of editing my blog! Had been procrastinating over this... for as long as I can remember :P So hopefully THIS IS IT~!!! First of all, I had registered a domain name for the blog~ Hurray!!! The new URL is! But you still can find me on and of coz on nuffangx too :) Please download this awesome Apps IMOTIV so that you can follow your favourite blogs! With this apps, you can be updated on the whole list of new posts by your favourite bloggers! And don't forget to add me in lah :P Only managed to 'clean up' the side column a bit. Wonder if it looks better now? Halfway through the Blog Labels... Hope to get it done by end of the week! Stay Tune ^^

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I wonder if I can ever meet my KPI and blog on a weekly basis (at least). Trying really hard even to find time to stone...

Having running nose now and my throat hurts too. And today was a bad day for me. Apart from the cases that poured in like flood, I also started to panic about my competencies.

Many will think I am coping okay and just need time to catch up on work. After all, 4 months is not short and there had been restructuring  during my absence. 

Maybe I am asking too much of myself? Maybe I am pushing myself too hard? Maybe I should just stop trying to prove I am not as bad as I thought I am?

I always tell myself, if others can, so can I. Even if it means extra effort, I feel happy being able to achieve what other people can. In a way, I believe God is fair. We are made differently but yet our different strengths and weaknesses actually help us to catch up on each other. 

I may not be as gifted as many, but I was given the gift of perseverance and determination. You can even call it stubbornness. But I had made it this far with this gift. I may take a very long time just to catch up but as long as I don't give up, I always have the chance to catch up. 

Today, someone told me that if one day we find ourselves needing to work so hard until it burns us and affect our health, we should start to find another job which we can be more competent in = a job that needs lesser effort to achieve the same result. This brings me back to the same question - Is this our cup of tea?

But if we just settle down in our comfort zone, will we ever become a better person? Since we are already competent in what we are doing, are we going to become complacent? 

That will then be another can of worms...

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Time flies!

This is already my 3rd week of work!

And I can feel my energy being drained out every single second. 

I had been trying to juggle between work and my two cuties. I must say I really admire those who can take care of two kids and manage the housework on their own, after office hours. 

Even with my very capable and competent helper, I already feel shagged out. How do those who survive do it?

I seriously think I need to learn to manage my time better so that spending time with my kids will not become a chore. At the same time, I need to ensure I have sufficient ME time too before I burnt out... 

There are so many things on my list which I wish to do... Wish I can complete them soon.