Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Feast...

Went to meet PJ today for lunch.

This girl hor, is so difficult to book!!! She is always so busy with work! Hence when she said she is free, I am more than happy to make time for her.

Hee, but I realized all my friends are really sweet. They are always worried about whether I can walk long, or whether I can tahan the weather etc. And they will slow down their walking pace for my sake.

I hope I am not someone boring to hangout with :(

Went for Kushinbo Buffet Lunch today!!!

Frankly, it is such a luxury for me now to eat Kushinbo, but I guess I have a good excuse to feast now... Quite sick of porridge everyday for lunch... And also, I really need a breather before I become more senile. Just want to go out more when I can lor.

And these days, I am really bored at home :( sob... my hubby is always sleeping after he got home from work... haizzz... But then he is working hard now for our future mah... and coz I am not working :( Haizz.. so I cannot complain about it too...

Anyway, share some photos I took today ^^

Haven't updated my latest pictures too. This week is my 36th week... See how big my tummy is~~~

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