Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sicky Mother and Baby...

Was unable to sit up most of the time until today.

Most of my friends should have heard that I was admitted to TTSH on Saturday at 2plus. Yeah, it was another scary experience, and it seemed I had been going in and out of hospital these days :( Haizzz...

It all started with a sore throat on last Wednesday (19/01/2011). I went to get some medicine on Thursday from the company doctor... But it didn't helped me, instead I started a very bad cough. I went to see the polyclinic on Friday and took a Medical Leave.

That fateful night, I started running a high fever. The fever remained persistent till Saturday morning. Since Laogong was still on MC that day (he was admitted to TTSH few days back too but got discharged on the same day), he decided to send me to TTSH A&E for a checkup. By then I was sneezing and coughing non-stop :( With a 38.5 to 39.8 degrees fever...I even started to vomit whenever I eat.

I remained under observation in the A&E until 8.30pm. I was put on drip and injected with anti-vomit medication. Felt better and could eat some food. However, my fever remained high. I was told they review my X-ray again and suspected I had chest infection and the virus had infected my lungs hence the fever was so persistent.

At 8.30pm, when the fever hit 39.4 degree even after medication, Doctor informed me that I need to be warded for 24 hr observation. I was then transferred to the EDTC. I continued to be in a half asleep mode.

Doctor was getting worried, and decided to inject me with some medication to forcefully reduce my temperature. It was only then, my fever was under control. After another dose of antibotic and medication, I was feeling better liao.

At 8.30am on Sunday morning (23/01/2011), Doctor told me I could be discharged. However, I had to be bed-rest for one week and go for my follow up checkup on Saturday at the nearest polyclinic.

I went home and continue to sleep for the day. Was pretty upset about it because had wanted to celebrate Laogong's birthday for him but I was too weak to do anything for him. Sighh...

Today is my third day of rest. Felt better but still quite sick, especially after having to get up at 3am to kept toweling Jamie with ice water. She started a fever on Tuesday afternoon out of a sudden. She was still cheerful in the morning but suddenly had a fever after an afternoon nap. And the fever was persistent too.

It worried us that she might have infected my chest infection but Doctor did not tell me anything about my illness being contagious :( Took her to see my family doctor and he gave her antibiotic.

Jamie was really cute. I was telling her she better eat her medicine if not Doctor will give her a painful injection. And she had been drinking up her medicine without struggling. She got better too after the antibiotic. Initially she was lying lethargically in our arms. But after one dose of medicine, she was already up and playful. However she is still very weak still.

Haizz... sob.. poor Jamie... And poor us... a family of sick people now :(

Thankfully Laogong's recovery rate was really fast.. if not wonder who can take care of me and Jamie :( coz even my helper was feeling sicky yesterday...

Pray that we all recover soon... And can enjoy our CNY...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jamie Can Walk~!!!

Was really thrilled to saw Jamie FINALLY stood up on her own and started walking with no support~!!!

She was short for her age and looked really 'cartoon' walking around the house. Being small for her age, she can even move around narrow 'paths' without much effort!

At first she would be worried to walk into pitch dark bedrooms but now she felt excited to explore her way all around the house~!!! And she refused to let us hold her hands anymore!

But I noticed she is still wary when she is out of the house. She would hold our hands tightly or even refuse to walk when she is out of the house. I brought her to the playground yesterday and she even sat down to 'feel' the texture of the ground before she attempted to walk on her own~!!!

Look at how Pretty My Little Princess has become :)

Check out her taking her first steps...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Full Month Alvern ^^

Happy Full Month Alvern ^^

A month flies and now my dear friend Sandra has completed her confinement and Baby Alvern is one month old already!

Miss the good old days when I choose to laze at home or bring Jamie out whenever I want to :D Miss those precious days and moments I spent watching Jamie. Cleaning and Washing was seen as something very mandane then but now, it's something very enjoyable for me to do for Jamie. I guess too much of anything is no good :P

Hence I still have to work but yet to ensure I have enough time for Jamie. To see her new surprises everyday. And to have her kiss my cheeks before I go to work everyday and when I come home from work. And before we go to sleep :)

And I just remember that I hadn't blogged much about the preparation of Jamie's first year birthday party. Hmmm and since we are on the topic of full month, I will just briefly touch on the preparation for baby's first month celebration and first year birthday celebration.

I think when it comes to deciding how we will like to celebrate our baby's full month, it depends largely on 1) Budget 2) Targeted Guests

If Budget is a concern but not Guest Size then you can consider the following:

1. Less than 30 pax
- A potluck / home made food
- A simple BBQ session.

2. More than 30 pax
- A simple tea buffet at $5/pax

You can prepare the red eggs yourself too and buy some ang ku kueh + glutinous rice from the market to add on to the dishes.

If Budget is NOT a concern but Target Guests ARE a concern, you can consider the following:

1. Less than 30 pax
- Ala Carte Banquet at a restaurant - $25-$30/pax
- Buffet session at home - $12-$15/pax

2. More than 30 pax
- Buffet session at restaurant - $20-$25/pax
- Buffet session at Chalet - $12-$15/pax + rental of chalet

If you have no issue on budget, you can consider to add on to have nice full month gift sets to your guests. You can easily find the whole list of bakeries available online that supply these gift sets from $6.80 to $15.80/box. Different bakeries may require different minimum order.

Full month celebration is definitely easier to prepare than the first year party.

Will share more on the preparation for first year party shortly.

Finally Get to See the House Interior ^^

Last Sunday (09012011) was a very special day.

We 'celebrated' two special occasions on the same day :)

Not only we get to FINALLY see the interior of our new house, it's also our 11th year anniversary together :)

Time really flies... 11th year is definitely not a short time but yet having this new nest will mean we are going to embark on a new journey together, once again.

It's definitely will be a different feel altogether.

Compared to living in the comfort of my PIL's house, not having to worry about 3 meals and the utilities bills; having our own house give us more ownership and yet require more responsibility in managing the household.

All may sound scary... But it's definitely will mean topics for discussions. New ideas to brainstorm and new activities (search for appliances, lights and kitchen items etc).

I look forward to building the new nest together with my Laogong ^^

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally... My New Nest ^^

We FINALLY collected our new nest keys on 03/01/2011 from HDB :)

So excited over it.

Had started chatting with different IDs and Contractors to get a good reno quotation.

Stay Tune to check out my renovation progress k ^^

By the way, check out the link to my reLaunched Online shop k ^^