Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Xmas Weekends with Just Jamie ^^

hahaha.. I am so naughty to kept emphasing that I spent the weekends alone with Jamie (and Pyone). Maybe most people will think I am upset over it or trying to suan my hubby. Actually, I am ok with it. I was more worried that I had nothing to do over the weeknds than upset that my hubby went to KL with his friends.

I guess it's fair that he should have his personal social life too. Besides, I know those guys for as long as I know my hubby. They are really nice chaps :) Decent and Mature.

So friends out there, stop pitying me :P hahaha...

Anyway, it was a great Xmas Weekends with Jamie (and Pyone). I used to be upset that my hubby had no time for me. But things changed after I had Pyone into the family. She had become my good helper and good friend. We talked about almost anything and everything. I think sometimes I talk to her more than I talk to my hubby ^^ We had lots to share about Jamie and her growing up. She always had lots to share when I came home from work.

As much as she felt I neglected Jamie quite a bit coz of the late working hours (for the last few months), I felt that she felt lonely too at home. I could see her eyes sparkled when I came home. They sparkle as much as Jamie's eyes!

I would really hope things will change for the better and I can accompany both Jamie and Pyone more, especially we move to the new house.

Anyhow, back to my Xmas Weekends!

Saturday (25/12/2010)
It was quite a last minute decision to meet up and I am so glad we did meet up!

And I feel it's fate that me and Annie (who is my hubby's cousin's wife. Yes, sounds really complicated) can click so well ever since we started chatting about our wedding preparation two years ago. Following that, we had lots of sharing due to our pregnancy too.

It was fun watching the kids, even though they had yet learnt to play together. Jamie who was still unable to work then could not chase after Brian korkor at all.

Vivocity children playground really look fun! We even saw kids swimming at the pond area on the roof. Wow... And Vivocity is really thoughtful to install the baby changing room just next to the playground. The only pity was, it started to rain just as we wanted to bring the kids out to the playground to play after dinner.

Nevertheless, the two children enjoyed watching the dogs in Pet Safari and Shopping at Daiso.

Can't wait to bring them out together again :)

26/12/2010 (Sunday)

Was really that we can have a mini 'celebration' at Sandra house this year despite her confinement. Her mummy is really so nice. My mum would have kicked all my friends out :P hahaha...

Jamie was again ignored by another big korkor, Lucius. She really wanted to 'please' him. However, I think Lucius needs more time to get to know Jamie better before he can open himself up.

But it was cute to watch Jamie peeked over at Baby Alvern and even said 'Baby, Play.' to Baby Alvern. She was eager to share her mickey mouse with Alvern Didi too but Didi was far too young to response to Jamie jiejie :(

Anyhow it's really great fun watching all the kids grow up, especially it's the kids of your long term friends. Knowing each other for coming to 11 years, we had now progress from watching each other 'grow up' to watching each other's children grow up. One day, I will hope the three children can hang out together like the 4 of us too :)

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