Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I was doing some archiving for the previous entries and realised I only wrote so little entries for the last few months :(


Most people will tell me, it's really hard to maintain any hobby when you have a full time job. But I believe in 'We are what we conceived to be'... Or something like that. Haha.. Lets hope the person who taught me this won't be reading this blog :X

Anyway this phrase means as long as we have faith either in ourselves or in something, it will just come true. So I am going to continue to tell myself that I WILL NOT give up this blogging hobby and maybe I DO hope one day, I can hit an amazing number of hits per day too :P hahaha...

Oh yaa, I realised too that many of my friends are my ermmm 'FANS'? Hee..

Thanks everyone *Kisses* and more *Kisses*

I will continue to work hard in blogging ^^

Hoping to post a few more entries today :P Stay Tune :D

Oh Yes... My new website is ALMOST DONE :D Going to Add a Link here too :)

Stay Tune :D

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