Monday, December 27, 2010

Time not Enough...

It always happened after a full weekend with Jamie.

And it's worse when I spent a LONG weekend with Jamie.

Time never seemed to be enough with Jamie. I never get tired of her. And fun time always passed really fast.

Though I always complained of how bored it was when I was not working, or how deprived and broke I was during that 18 months, I never really regretted over it either.

I enjoyed the full pregnancy and the early months after delivery. Without stress from work, I could really enjoy the motherhood process and enjoyment.

The only issue back then was just MONEY... If MONEY is not the issue, I think I will love to spend everyday and every minute with Jamie.

And now that I had worked for coming to 6 months, I started to miss those days with Jamie again, especially so when Jamie is so expressive and responsive these days.

I love to watch her play.

I love to hear her talk.

I love to kiss her on her cheeks and have her kiss me back.

I love to hold her tightly in my arms and have her hug me back.

I love to have sit on my lap or/and lean on me as we watch the TV together.

I love to bring her out and share the moments with her, though sometimes she can be such a monster. However, when I tell her nicely, she will understand and be good.

How I miss her so much now. And wish I can be with her always...

I never seem to get enough of her... :D

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