Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Slimming Progress

Finally found my weighing machine this morning.

I took a deep breathe and stepped onto the weighing machine...

Almost fainted when Pyone told me it said '60kg' 0____0

But realised she saw wrongly.

Okay, not too flattering either....

After 2 weeks of salad and minimal exercise and some treatments... I am down by 1kg~!!!! OMG... hope this means every 2 wks = 1kg. Hope I should be back to 48kg in 20 weeks time (5 months?!!) Ermm.. kinda of long...

Anyhow I had decided to sign up my RC gym instead! It costs $100 per person (One time payment) And I can use it from 7am to 11pm everyday. It's really cheap compared to the $1000+ we have to pay for the yearly gym membership :(

If I ever can wake up before 7am, I will like to go for a jog before I head to work... That's IF I can wake up before 7am :P

The RC is only opened for registration on every first and last Friday of the month. This Friday is New Year Eve, so I will need to wait till next Friday to sign both my hubby and myself up for this RC gym.

So looking forward to it~!!! Hope I can shed off more weight soon~!!!

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