Thursday, December 23, 2010

May You Live Happily Ever After

I had always love to attend weddings.

Especially more so for my good friend's wedding.

He should be considered as my male BFF I guess :)

I had to say he really put it a lot of effort to make his wedding a great success. Most guys hate going through the details and doing the research work. However, he seems to be enjoying it.

Great Job Winston :) She is really a lucky girl ^^ And of coz she is also someone who is so special that you wish to do so much for her~

I had always believe that True Love is when One can go all out to do something that One had always think it's impossible. When two persons are truly in love, nothing seems impossible.

It applies to myself and my hubby. And so does it apply to Winston and his spouse. He was never a great singer but he definitely sang his best or unbelievably well during his church wedding. I can see her shy yet delighted look on the bride's face.

It's really a lovely sight to watch two persons so in love with each other get married. It's rare these days already. Seriously I had seen couples who don't look quite in love during their wedding. To many, wedding had became just a process along the way when two persons come together.

But I never believe in that. So did my male BFF :) That's why we can be each other's morale support for so many years. It was never easy being the repeat students among so many younger friends. And it's not easy being one of the very few taking the old syllabus. Without his cheering on, I guess it was hard to believe I can make it in my As. And he had always been a great inspiration to know that One can do so much with so little time.

He never seemed to be tired after a long day of work. He is always looking for more business opportunities and at the same time working hard voluntarily for community and relevant good causes.

May you and your lovely spouse live happily ever after :)

Ermmm, try not to forget your female BFF here when you have some spare time! Haha...

Oh yes, Jamie came along to his wedding too. And I believe she enjoyed herself though she might not know what was going on. See how happy she looks...

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