Thursday, December 30, 2010

Movie Review - Hello Stranger

I know I had skipped writing quite a number of Movie Reviews already, which include Chen Zhen - Fist of Fury, Harry Potter, Rapuzel etc.

But I feel that I cannot skip this one.

After so long, I finally found pleasure in watching another really GREAT Romantic Comedy :) The last one I saw and felt is really good was Valentime's Day.

This great movie I will like to recommend is called 'Hello Stranger'. It's a Thai Romantic Comedy.

The Story is about how two Thais met and get to know each other in Korea. The man was there on tour package to keep his promise with his just broke-up girlfriend since they booked this tour before they broke off. And the lady was there on backpack and lied to her boyfriend to attend a Korea friend's wedding ceremony. Ended up the lady's lie was discovered and she broke off with her boyfriend over a long-distance phonecall.

Two heart broken souls then stood by each other and spent many wonderful days together. They grew to like each other. However, on the day of departure back to Korea, the man's ex girlfriend appeared in Korea to patch up with him. The two 'strangers' then went back to Korea separately to live their own lives.

The man who once again was with his ex girlfriend then realised he had fallen in love very much with this stranger he met in Korea. However, because they had not exchanged real names or contacts, hence he was unable to find her. But the magical thing happened that both of them appeared at the same theatre to watch a Korean performance. Yet they were not able to bump into each other.

The man had never believed in fairytale love before he met the lady. That was the reason why his ex girlfriend broke up with him. He did not believe in marriage or living happily ever after. When he met this lady in Korean, he did not believe he would fall in love with this lady. However, the lady is a great Korean Romantic Drama Fan. She believes in all the 'impossible love in the world' and she knew she was in love with this stranger, but yet his aloofness pissed her off often.

Back in Korea, the man realised that Love is when two strangers felt so at ease with each other even if they knew nothing about each other. In other words, you can call it chemistry or fate. He then made a call to the lady's favourite DJ's radio and coincidentally, the lady was listening to the radio...

The movie ended with the DJ asking the man to leave his real name and contact with them...And the blissful look on the girl's face when the man expressed his love to her over the radio...

It was really a great ending. And this would mark the beginning of their relationship, I think.

I guess there are still many people in the world who do not believe in love at first sight or falling in love with a 'stranger' very deeply. And I am not relating to those who fall in love with Con-Men or Love Cheaters who just want the ladies' money.

But maybe because there are too many Con-Men and Love Cheaters around, hence human beings have become very cautious in where and who to place their hearts with. Things were so much simpler in fairytale stories, when a prince saw a commoner girl and fell in love at first sight. He then swept her up onto his royal stead and brought her to his palace where they live happily ever after...

But lately I noticed people are very aloof about relationships too. Instant get together and over night they may break off already. It's really sad huh?

Anyhow, I am still one of those who believe in Happily Ever After kinda of relationship. And I had always believe Love Can Make One Do Wonders...

And I believe that two strangers can fall in love after spending days together. Because me and my hubby are a good example of two semi-strangers who got together after spending 8 days together continuously.

We did not go on tour but we spend every afternoon to night together back then. We aren't really strangers but we only seen each other a few times (exclude watching him walked around in school or eating in the canteen on the same table) and it was during the Countdown to Year 2000 when we actually have 'a good look' and interact with each other.

We then hangout as new friends together for the next 8 days because of our similar holiday job working hours. Miracles happened and Ta-Da it was like we really cannot do without each other after the 8th day. Of coz, we did try to think over whether it's just an temporary infatuation or overdose of seeing each other etc. We did try to logically think over the feelings we grew for each other in just 8 days.

But we were unable to find a word or words to reason it out with ourselves. We tried not to meet on the 9th day and it felt as if we lost a part of our souls. We really did not quite know about each other and yet did not think about the challenges ahead of us. I guess it's really magic that brought us together. And yes, we are celebrating our 11th year together on 9th Jan 2011.

Ever since, I enjoy sharing my story with my friends and tell them not to run away from these magical feelings... But well, I think most humans still don't believe in it... Do you?

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