Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Amazement of Online Networking...

How amaze can online networking be these days?

So amazing till you actually can get to know your neighbours even before you move into your new flat.

YES~ That's what I am doing now!

I now know both my next door neighbours even before I get the new house keys!!!

That's not all~ I know many neighbours from the next few blocks too which are within the same development...

It reminds me of the good old days back in my mother's place where we get to see the same Uncles and Aunties in the lift for the last 20 over years...

My mother likes to call it the 'Kampong Spirit'. And it does not exist in all the HDB estates. There are some particular estates like Yishun (where I came from) which are very strong in the kampong spirit...

After moving out of Yishun, I still get to see familiar faces at Chong Pang Market whenever I visited my mother. What's more, I realized most people who grow up in Yishun, likes to stay in Yishun or at least like being in Yishun whenever there is a chance.

The most amazing thing is from Sgmothers, I got to know this friend, who happened to be my Da Sao's younger sister's primary school BFF... And my brother used to teach her Taekwando too!

Singapore is small and through all these online networking, you will realize it's smaller than you think!

But of coz online networking sometimes can get you into potential risks too, especially if you share too much about yourselves, your family and where you staying. You never know if you ever going to have a BIG fan who will stalk you home or even bring inconvenience to your family members.

Hence, always be careful what you share and who you share it with...

Meantime, enjoy knowing more people through this amazing portal called the internet :)

Neighbours! I am so looking forward to moving into the same development, block or even floor with you :)

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