Sunday, June 27, 2010

Suddenly A Big Fan of Tom Cruise!!!

Seriously, I was never a Fan of Tom Cruise.

I had always thought he is not very good looking, shot and of big ego. Read a lot on papers that he didn't like to take roles that makes him look ugly or dirty. And he only likes to show certain angle of his face which he thinks he looks best in. He seems to be only interested in showing what he thinks he is good in, and not what the movie goers want of him.

Unlike him, Brad Pitt was the Blond and Tanned Guy who seems to be taller and always pick movie scripts with depths. He never minds too much about getting himself dirty or ugly. Looking at all the movies he had done before, you can see his growth. However, things changed after he got together with Anglie Jolie.

After I watched the Movie Knight and Diaz, I have a switch in preference.

I was a bit shocked to realize, Tom Cruise is actually not that short (maybe because Diaz is not too tall?!) and also he is able to be both fair and yet garang.

Ermmm, yes.. I had always thought fair guys are less garang than the tanned ones. But I think ermmm some guys just don't get tanned even if they go under the sun as much as they can.

Anyhow I really like the plot for Knight and Diaz and the Name of this movie is just great! Cruise = Crusader = Knight vs Diaz = Day.

The movie seems to tell us that some times it's not that bad to lead an exciting life too ^^ And the movie makes girls wish to have a knight like Tom Cruise to protect them from all danger!

Way to go Tom Cruise!

I think he looks great in Long Hair. His deep set eyes really suit Long Hair better than short hair...

See below for the pictures... Agree with me?

Seriously if a guy who that sort of pretty eyes look at me in the eye, most likely my feet will go soft and I will lost my sense of speech for as long as he is in sight...

Hahaha...I feel young again, going crazy over movie stars :P

Last but not least, I think Cruise and Diaz are like the best match I saw in so many movies. I think they are like even made for each other in real life. Tom Cruise has this boyish face and eyes that makes me want to protect him and yet he is a big boy with a big ego who wants to be the knight. And Diaz is always like a young girl who is excited over little things, and need some discipline by the big boy once a while :D

I used to watch their Vanilla Sky. Forgot about the plot but I think it's a very intense movie... Don't mind re-watching it...

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