Friday, June 11, 2010

Jamie has 2 teeth now~~~

Been some time since I last blogged. Was pretty busy with my sick Jamie... who ended up coughing and sneezing.

Took her a week to recover. And was so happy the recovery welcomes 2 new teeth too :D She now has her two bottom front teeth :D

Yea, she bites. So have to be careful these days...

Nowadays she is kinda of spoilt too, always insisted to have what she wants. But well, I guess I can't do much about it too if I need time to do my own things too. And yes, she has grown more independent now and can make do with just my helper these days.

I guess it will soon be time to go to full time working.

But I believe I will really miss her :( But I wonder if she will miss me as much too. Nowadays she is back to calling for 'Mama' and 'Baba' again. I wonder why do infants kept changing their habits. I guess she now know that calling my Laogong 'Baba' can get ilhim to turn around and response to her. And hence she really enjoys calling him that :) And I am happy to see Laogong more engaged with Jamie now too :)

Now uploading photos for the 2N2D trip we had in Genting/KL/JB. Quite amazing to visit so many places in such a short time right? I really enjoy the impromtu trips we had... And I feel more at ease on a roadtrip to Msia than on public transport... Coz I can sleep with ease and bring everything I want along too LOLz... I even brought a lot of pillows and my softoy dog with me too :D And yaa, I can sleep in peace when Laogong is driving too coz I have faith in his driving :D

Pity we couldnt find any baby clothes from the trip. But I compensated it by buying yesterday for Jamie instead ^^ Hahaha... Stay tune for my short trip journal in the next entry :D

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