Friday, June 11, 2010

2N2D Trip to Genting/KL/JB

We knew that we will be travelling this week, however we only knew we will have to set off on Monday night on Monday itself after Laogong got home from work. And because it was so impromtu, we did not have the chance to browse for the hotels. I had to drive to my client place to settle some Letter of Intent issue as well before I can go home to pack my bag. I was glad that things are settled before the trip, or else I will be half the time wondering how's the matter during the trip.

We set off at about 1am. Jamie was still awake and watching us went out. She must be wondering what time we would be back, because Pyone told me Jamie stayed awake till 3am that night.

Poor Jamie...

Anyway we had supper and reached the customs at about 2am.

The following is our short trip itinerary:

08 June 2010 (Tuesday)
1am – Had supper
2am – Set off from Singapore Custom

6.30am – Reached foot of Genting Highlands
- Had breakfast at Mcdonalds at the Shell Petrol Station cum Stopver

7.30am – Reached Genting Highlands
- Play Jackpot
- Tour the place

10.00am - Had Lunch at Marrybrown
- Watched Prince of Persia at 10.45am
- Ate the Prata Cheesy Sausage
- Laze and Have Teabreak at Starbucks

1.00pm – Set off to Kuala Lumpur
- Stop for Short Naps

4.30pm – Reach KL and Checked in to Hotel Istana (5-star), Twin Deluxe
- Took a Nap

6.30pm – Woke up from Nap
- Had A&W
- Shop at Bukit Bintang
- Walk to Berjaya Times to Shop

10.30pm – Reach Hotel and Took a Bath.
- Watch TV and Sleep

09 June 2010 (Wednesday)
8.45am – Wake up and Wash up
9.30am – Breakfast at Hotel Istana


10.30am – Went back room to take a nap
11.30am – Wake up and Pack up
12.00noon – Check out and head towards JB.
4.00pm – Stop over at Yong Peng for a rest and teabreak of Waffle Spicy Chicken

5.30pm – Reach JB City Square Plaza. Shop.
7.00pm – Had Mcdonalds for Dinner at City Square Plaza

8.00pm – Set off to Singapore
9.00pm – Reach home

Ya, we didn't do much because it was meant to be a Er Ren Shi Jie short trip where me and Laogong spend time together without the distraction from Jamie. We didn't plan what we want to do too, so just go to a place and see what we can do. Laogong loves the cold weather in Genting, that's why going there is a MUST in this trip. And then going JB for shopping instead of spending a few more hrs in KL was because we ran out of places to shop after one night since we know Bukit Bintang pretty well already.

Was happy we managed to watch Prince of Persia too coz only then Laogong has a good cosy place to steal a short wink... And also I think the movie is pretty nice with a very nice ending too :D I was thinking it was a corny show hence never had thought I want to watch it in Singapore.

Think Jamie was very upset she cannot find us for the last few days and she showed us black face when we got home. It took her a while to simmer down and let me carry her too. But she still refused to smile :( And I realized she can really do without me soon. I am not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

I think it will be good if I need to go to work but bad too coz I am not sure if she will still love me next time :( Haizz But well, we can't have the best of all worlds sometimes...

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