Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jamie is 7 mth old liao!!!

7 months have past and Jamie is 7 months old now!

Frankly, sometimes I still cannot imagine myself to have delivered Jamie :P

Actually a bit sad that I haven't spend a lot of time with Jamie lately. Working on a flexible working hours also means, I can't fixed a routine with Jamie where I have a certain fixed schedule which I spent time with her. It's like halfway through our playing, I may have to leave home to work. I wonder if her staying up all nights lately means she is protesting she wants more time from me, and since I am staying up late every night, it seems like the best time I can spare for her too.

Seriously, sometimes I feel I am losing Jamie everyday :( Haizzz.. I must put in the effort to spend some quality time with her... And this can only be so if I have fixed working hours...

Anyway, steal a glimpse at my pretty Jamie...

She is a big girl now :D My pretty little princess :D

I was trying to carry her as if she was a young baby but realized she has all grown up... Wow.... And I seem to have missed out 3months of her childhood coz I had let Pyone took over all my duties... I feel so redundant nowadays :(

I hope to find back the loss time...

I want my Jamie back...

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