Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super Glue!!!

Sighhh... I wonder whether I should be happy that my baby is super glued to me now :(

I am Happy that she loves and needs mummy. But at the same time, it's very tiring when she is always looking for me. She used to be okay when my MIL and Grandma-in-law carry and play with her. But now, she doesn't even like her own Daddy carries her for too long 0___0 even if I am just sitting next to her and her Daddy!!! She will keep looking at my direction and whining away.

And yes, she SCREAMS a lot these days...

I was looking at her photos when she was still soft-spoken.. And missed those days. Coz now she screams to get everything done - want attention, want mummy, want food...etc.

My friend told me I have to wean her off me. But frankly speaking, it's very hard when you are staying with the inlaws. I guess the old folks are always worried why the babies are crying. And hence, as much as I hope my baby can be more independent and wish to let her scream until she is tired and gave up her nonsense, I get very stressed when the old folks come knocking at the door asking why is the baby screaming away.


Worse, whenever I am not around, even if her Daddy is around, she will still cry the whole house down. And she is really FIERCE... don't be cheated by her frail and cute look!!! Hahaha.. She can cry till her whole face turn purple if she is REALLY upset... And so far, it's when she can't find me :( Haizzz...

Tell me, should I be glad that she loves me so much or should I be worried how will she be when I started running around???

Well, I am currently looking for a maid, and will be continuing with my freelance property + online shop... Partly, I wish to spend more flexible time with Jamie and partly, I will like to give myself another chance to see if I can excel in property.

Lets hope things turn out well. And hope poor Jamie can be more independent soon...

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