Monday, March 29, 2010

Keep Moving Forward

I was pretty moody for the last few days.

And very negative as well. Not sure if it's because of the post-natal depression which I may not have fully recovered from since my hormones are still changing since my delivery. The humming in my ears and the off-balance CG is still haunting me every now and then. I could felt myself not walking straight whenever I am on my heels :(

Sometimes I feel very lousy about myself or even finds myself unattractive and useless.

But I know I cannot allow myself keep thinking this way, and remember this Disney movie I used to watch some years back called, 'Meet the Robinsons'. It's a cartoon with a very meaningful Morale of the story which had cheered me up back then.

The story is about a boy who was a abandoned orphan, Louis. He had very much wished to see his mother's face and find out why did she abandoned him. He was a very talented young boy who invented crazy things. But because of that he scared away all the couples who wished to adopt him. And one day he decided to create something called the 'Memory Scanner' because he very much wished to remember what his mother looked like. He entered this Memory Scanner invention to a Science Fair at school.

However, an 'enemy' (Goon) from the future came to steal his invention. And the little boy's son from the future came to undo the wrongs of this 'enemy'. Everything got pretty complicated when the little boy's son, Wilbert had to take Louis to the future. And Louis got to know that this was his future later on. However just as he started to be happy about having a family at last, everything changed. Goon had claimed the invention his and changed the future.

Only now, then Louis realized that Goon was his childhood roommate who loved to play baseball but had sleepless nights because Louis had stayed up with his Memory Scanner invention. And being a boy who blamed Louis for his lost tournament because Goon felt asleep during it, he had grown up to become an unhappy and revengeful man.

At the split second just as everything was about to be changed forever, Louis took the time machine and went back to the past to change it back. Because of his brilliant inventions, he got himself a scientist couple who appreciated his talents and also his future wife to be interested in him.

The morale of the story was to keep moving forward because whatever the past cannot be undone and only when we made the best of what we have now, then we can build a better future for ourselves. And because we keep moving forward, there are bounded to have new windows opening to new opportunities in life. We could have a even happier future than we thought we can. However, if we are to be like Goon who forever focus on the bad things and is negative and cannot let go of the past, he would have wasted his life pitying himself and will never be happy again.

This movie once again touched my heart as I reminded myself to stop thinking of whatever possible wrong decisions I could have made in the past and focus on the positive lessons I learnt from my mistakes and keep moving forward... and I will never know what awaits me in future...

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