Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamie is Sick :(

Felt very bad that I actually wanted so much to go out yesterday even though Jamie just had her 2nd dose 5in1 jab. I should have known that Jamie would most likely have a fever, just like the other babies. Haizzz...

I felt really bad about it.

Before I went out, Jamie was still okay and cheerful. So I really thought she will be okay like the last two jabs.

When we received the call that Jamie was running a fever again, the first thing I thought was wanting to be there for my baby girl. Just like my Mummy was always there for me when I was sick.

When we got home, Jamie was soundly asleep. She just had her medicine and seemed okay. I checked her temperature and realized it was 37.4C. It was still a manageable fever. I was thankful that my MIL had used the cold towel method to cool down her head.

As I carried her back to the usual sleeping corner, Jamie opened her eyes weakly and gave me a smile, that seemed to say 'Mummy, you are back!' It made me feel even worse. I hugged her and kissed her and told her that Mummy will be here for her.

She looked relieved.

However, I sensed that Jamie was not her usual self. She was not smiling cheerful and looks so frail and weak. I felt my heartache. What happened to my Jamie?

I remember my da sao gave me a packet of Pigeon Cooling Plasters and took out one to put on Jamie's forehead. Jamie looked disturbed by that thing on her head. And tried to take it off a few times. And I thought one plaster looked too small to cover the whole head :(

So I took out another one and put it on her forehead too. Hmmm... she looked kinda of cute with the two cooling plasters across her forehead. And it blended it with her top she was wearing. She looked like a Japanese chef!

Jamie stayed ahead for the next 1-2hours, looking at me contentedly. I whispered to her that Mummy is not going to leave her alone liao. And will be here with her. So she can sleep when she wanted to. I kissed her all over to assure her how much Mummy loves her. She mumbled and kept talking to me and my hubby. Makes me feel so relieved and yet heartpain about her having to go through the torment of being sick.

I remember I never liked being sick as s child. I had always been a very outdoor and active person and being sick means I had to be kept on my bed and in the house. Hence I always prayed that I can recover fast and well so I can play again. I believe Jamie was feeling the same thing then too. But being young, she should be pretty curious at what was happening to her body and why did she feel the heat all over her head.

Slowly the heat subsided and Jamie could go to sleep...

The next morning (today), Jamie had her fever again. Feeling very worried now. I remember the traditional methods of my Mummy used to put icy cold towels on my forehead over and over again to 'absorb' the heat. I decided to try it out. I did the routine for about 1hr and Jamie was better already. Her medicine started to take effect too. She is now having her sleep.

I really hope Jamie gets well soon and be back to her usual cheerful self...

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