Monday, March 29, 2010

Jamie is well again!

So Happy that Jamie is Well and Happy again :D

She was so unlike herself yesterday.

Normally she will not want to lie on bed and do nothing if she is not sleeping. However, yesterday she just laid there in bed, looking so helpless. The medicine had made her weak.

She seemed to have many questions in her mind, as to what was happening to her and why did she feel so weak?

My hubby and I gave a nickname to the fever - fire monster. And told her she had to fight off the fire monster to be well again. I told her to rest so she could fight better and when she gets well, we can go gai gai again. She looked at me and 'agreed'. She was a good girl yesterday and slept for many hours.

At night she was well again and wished to get out of the bedroom. I walked her around the living room and she was even happy watching my MIL mopped the floor. She played with my inlaws too to show how much better she had gotten.

She is my happy and cheerful little baby again!!!

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