Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hihi All!

I am back!

But will keep this short k?! Coz I was packing halfway and miss you guys, so left my stuffs lying around and came over to my Lappy...

Some of you may have noticed that I had posted on Facebook the 'Growing Old Together' series of Photos of me and my Laogong from 2005 till present. Over the years, we no longer keep hard copy photos. Instead, we keep alot of digital photos which actually makes browsing easier but yet with lesser human touch.

And of coz, we are always worried about our PC crashing... and lost all the photos... Being someone who loves to take photos, I will think if I can print out the photos at a reasonable cost and fairly good quality, will be great.

I was thinking of how to find the contacts to do so, when suddenly I remember a friend of mine, Jane had used a online printer to print out her wedding album. As we all know, it's sooooo expensive to add more photos into our wedding album and hence many of us, will simply buy the whole CD and find another way of displaying the photos. As for us, we save about $1000 for not buying the CD... It is quite of a pity but we really have no such budget that time.

Jane showed me how easily she can edit the photos using the printer's software and had her photos printed out beautifully. And it costs less than $200 for 40 pages of Debossed
Hardcopy Books (size - 15.43" x 11.57") ~!!! Cool rite?!! If you want something like a coffee table book style, you can also go for the Softcover Books at 40pages for $56( size of 8.62" x 11.69") Very affordable right?

Most likely, I will be printing my very own series of Growing Old Together Photos with my Laogong. And for my baby, I will be printing her year book too ^^ So that we can conveniently browse her growing up photos :) You can even do your very own 'Growing Up' photos collection or if you love phototaking, u can print your own portfolio too ^^

Heard they are having 25% discount now till Mid September 2009... Find out more from their Facebook Page and also the website itself :)

Click on the photo below to link to the website and you can direct yourself to their Facebook Fan Page from there~!!!

I had downloaded their software to start editing a photobook~!!! Will share with you when I had done so :) U too, share with us if you had tried or will try the service k :)

P.S. By the way, this is not an advertorial, just sharing what I think is COOL ^^ Hope you all find it COOL ^^ too :)

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