Monday, September 21, 2009

9 weeks more and counting down...


Can't believe it...

I got only 9 weeks more to delivery and I had yet gotten everything ready!!!

Kinda of panicking now :( Now looking through my shopping list also and checking what else i have to buy. The good thing is I have many nice people handing things down to me. Really Really grateful to them~!!! From baby clothes to stroller to stretch mark cream to baby cot to baby toys to even maternity pads, backup instant milk for baby etc etc etc... wow... I am very grateful to all the donors!!! 真的很感谢你们!!!

Think for the rest of the 9 weeks, we can count down together liao ^^ hahaha... and I can share with ya what are the stuffs I get in some shopping bag for baby :) I have this shopping list shared by a friend. Very very useful one indeed. And I will just have to amend it accordingly and add in the other items i need.

Tomorrow is going to be my packing day~!!! Hope I can get rid of most of the things i don't need to make more space. Then clear the two cupboards where the baby cot will be at, so that we can plan to move in the cot liao. Coz once we have the cot, we need to get the mattress and bedsheet ready oso... Hee.. alot of things hor? Coz my room is really small... will take a before and after picture for u all to see tomorrow before i start my packing~!!!

Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou~!!!

Nowadays I feel sleepy everyday wor... and having Pelvic pain from today liao... which means baby is going to be engaged very soon = will have more bladder problem and can't move around as much... sob... But thank goodness, I had enough fun so far~!!!

Heard that my hubby's exam will end on 25 Nov 09. So now am telling baby everyday that as much as mummy wish to see her soon, but coz of daddy's exam schedule, we two have to wait a bit more before we can see each other...

Another issue is... After being to so many first month celebrations, we realised we have a serious problem for our baby first month celebration... Yea, those who had been to my house will know we have a serious SPACE CONSTRAINT...

Sighh.. there are other options for our baby first month celebration... one of which is chalet. But then we also don't know the exact delivery date for baby so very hard to book chalet now. And most likely the first month celebration will be during the December holidays, so by then most likely we have no more available chalets liao :(

Haizz haizz.. see how ba... Will decide when baby is born :)

Stay tune for more count-down updates!!!

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