Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Gungho Mummy~!!!

Yoyoyo :D

It's my 30th weeks now~

Can feel Jamie moving a lot these days... and sometimes she will give me her 'shadow kicks'... hahaha.. quite fun actually. But I think I am looking forward to see her in person more than just feeling her ^^

And I am staring at this poster of a cute female baby with the cutest and most innocent expression you can imagine. She has this big big eyes and look so KAWAII~!!! I hope Jamie is as cute as the baby in the poster ^^

10 weeks more... think I better seriously pack the room and make space for my baby girl soon... very soon... coz u never know if she wants to surprise her mummy and arrive earlier than expected~!!!

Waiting for the 7mth to be over actually... clean up the room a little... squeeze some space out, throw away the unnecessary items etc... sacrifices have to be made from daddy and mummy because of the space constraint... But well, it's all worth it~!!!

And as Gungho Parents, we just came back from our Genting Trip~!!!

Hahaha, and this is our first drive-up to Genting somemore~!!! We thank all the passengers on board for their faith and trust in our driving though I know alot of the parents were pretty upset we actually made an overnite roadtrip, despite being our first drive-up to Genting...

We had a lot of fun, merely just sharing moments together, relaxing and bonding. And most importantly enjoying the COOL weather~!!! Love the weather~!!!

Laogong and I also had our many first times together during the trip:

- First roadtrip to Petaling Jaya and Genting
- First gambling experience
- First visit to the mushroom farm

5 of us (Laogong, me, Yeewen, Yeepey and her bf, Yi-shun) set off at 11.30pm, headed for supper to fill the mummy's tummy and then chiong past the woodlands causeway by 1.30am. It took us less than 4 hrs to reach Petaling Jaya to meet up with Yeewen and Yeepey's sister, Yeeting and bf, Zhiyong. We took a short nap till 8.30am, had breakfast and drove up to Genting. We reached there before noon. Managed to check in earlier and look for lunch.

After Lunch, we spent a good 4-5hrs in the Casino, trying out the various 'games'. We like the 'Big and Small' game the most and frankly speaking.. the tiger slots are the most boring...zzz...

Anyhow we discovered some techniques in the "Big and Small' game and were pretty thrilled about it. We didn't win any money though but lotsa experience and the fun of it ^^ The last time we were in Genting was in 2005 but we didn't have a chance to really try out the games. But this time, we tried them out and it's a good experience.

Dinner time was full of surprises because it was Yeeting's birthday. And after dinner, we had a 1-2hr rest before we explored the place further. We even walked out into the open to 'experience' the WING.. phew... sooooo coldddddd...

The next morning, we went to the well-known mushroom farm 10minutes away frm Genting before we headed back to Singapore. We stopped by Yong Peng for dinner around 7pm and reached Singapore before 9pm.

Yea, it's a short short trip but I think every mummy and daddy or mummy-to-be and daddy-to-be deserve a good getaway before all the chores come in. At least you won't feel that you miss out a whole part of your life after you have your baby. Guess what? Even my brother and da sao went traveling when my niece is 6 mths old... I think I will do that too. At least there is something I can look forward to. And also at least it means the baby has added colours to our lives and not making it black and white instead...

Check out the photos~~~

we had reached Petaling Jaya and setting off for breakfast!!!

some nice scenery on our way up to Genting...

Our Pictures

Dinner time

Eating Icecream and La Ko-pi Together

The Fog and The Wind...

The Morning After...

More Photos before Byebye to Genting

The Mushroom Farm

On the Way Home...Love the Initial D alike route...Plus the Fog...

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