Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Growing Old Together


I know some of you must be thinking how come I hadn't been uploading much photos of myself here...

Actually if you really want me to upload hor... I actually have TOO MANY photos to upload coz I love taking photos~!!! Heehee... And those who know me, knows that I had been uploading a lot of photos into facebook lately too :D

But okay lah, I should upload photos here too :D

Recently, I uploaded a Photo Album in Facebook called "Growing Old Together" that listed out all the major moments I had with Laogong from 2005-2009. Yea, I am still finding time to sort out the photos from 2000-2004. Will post when I found them all k?

Hereby, I will post a summary of the Growing Old Together Album k?


First Visit to Yeewen's house

My Favourite Ah Lian hair colour

Our First KL Trip


The Proposal - at Bintan


Our ROM-moon Trip to KL and Bangkok

Our First Overseas NYE Countdown - Batam


Our First Snorkelling Trip - Redang

Our First Roadtrip - Taiwan and Hongkong


Our First Mosquito Feasting Trip - Pulau Besar (hahaha...)

Our Wedding Album

Our Big Day

Our Honeymoon - Japan and Shanghai

Our First Xmas Together as Mr and Mrs Lok

Our First NYE Countdown as Mr and Mrs Lok


Our 9th Year Anniversary

First Mega Aquarius Birthday Celebration for Laogong

Valentime Day Celebration

Bintan Trip (before discovery of pregnancy)

My Birthday Celebration (with our new additional)

Our First Roadtrip to JB

Our First Roadtrip to Malacca

Night Safari after 28wk scan

Hohoho... And these are only from 2005-present. Wait till you see the photos from 2000...

Okok, will dig it out and post it for you all to see k :)

Wow... it's 3.30am already~!!!

I better go and sleep soon :) My Jamie is kicking me non-stop... she must be sleepy ^^

Nitez All... Hope ya, enjoy the photos :)

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