Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nesting Mode...

Hihi All!

Yes~!!! I remember that I owe you all a blog to share how Mummies-to-be can be pretty and happy even during pregnancy~~~

Sorry for the delay~~~

Currently in a nesting mode and packing my room for baby :D

Had been wanting to pack the room for a while but then there seem to be soooooooo many things lying around the room, hence I really don't know where I can start packing...

But today I am in the Nesting Mode and wish to clear some space for baby!!!

And there seems to be so much to be done within this 12 weeks... so better start doing abit everyday ^^

I promise to write the blog by this weekend k???

Meantime, I will like to share with ya all one awesome website and photobook service my friend recommended me!!! Coming up shortly...

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