Friday, September 11, 2009

11-13 sept 09 - Roadtrip to Genting Highlands



yaa, I will be off to Genting Highlands in a while.

Thanks all for the concern, sending me comments on my Facebook to remind me to check with my gynae for the need of declaration letters etc. I think I will bring along a copy of my EDD date letter from my gynae ^^, just in case...

But should be fine lah.. coz I know of someone who drive to Genting just 2-3 weeks before her due date too ^^

Anyhow, I feel all mummies should enjoy themselves before the caretaking chores come into the picture. And it will definitely be minimum 6 months away from our next overseas trip. Hence as long as we are well and okay, we should go for a short getaway during our pregnancy :)

Another reason for the getaway is for the daddy as well. Coz not only the mummies will be tired out when baby comes, the daddies too had to make the sacrifices and commit to more time at home with the mummies and babies too. Hence, we must give the daddies a good treat as well.

All the more, when my hubby is a teacher and he can only 'get away' (literally) during the school holidays. We had been traveling during the December Holidays since 2005, but yet this year we can't do that because my confinement period will fall in December. Thus, it will be fair to let my hubby has his getaway during the September Holidays.

My hubby has always been very supportive all along, and even now with a single income, he has been very very understanding still. He will even be giving me a single bedder room~!!! I am so thankful to him!!! Thus, I am going to have his thrill and fun in driving up Genting Highlands~~~

Will take lotsa pictures and post it once I get back on Sunday :)


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