Saturday, April 19, 2014

*Cries* Another week without Sunshine

Had to go for doctor's review today because I noticed some pox hadn't started drying up yet.

As I sat in the clinic, I noticed many other patients coughing and looking psle. One was even vomiting into a plastic bag. I tried to cheer myself up by thinking that my germs should be the most potent, so I shouldn't be 'afraid' of their germs. I never really like going to the clinic or hospital. Not that I am afraid of eating medicine. I just don't like to be in places which I can sense a gloomy atmosphere. To me, hospitals and clinics have a gloomy atmosphere. 

True enough, the doctor gave me a gloomy news. Sigh.. It will be another week with no sunshine :( 

James and Jamie had been stuck at home for a number of weekends due to Jamie's chicken pox then mine... I hope this week will pass soon so that I can bring them out for fresh air soon! 

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