Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carebears counting down to Jamie's First Year birthday party...

3 more months to Jamie's first year birthday party~!!!

Jamie just had her 9mth routine checkup on 14 Aug. Everything is great and she has no hearing issue. But she seems to be either stubborn or distracted easily :P

She seems to be purposely ignoring the sound which the doctor plays into her ears with a device. And when she was told to look in front at a toy, she purposely looked around instead. I guess my naughty girl was trying to be cheeky. Anyway she did response after 3 times of playing the noise in each ears.

Jamie is 69cm now, weighing 8.3kg. Cute height and good weigh :D Jiayou Jamie :D

She can sit upright very steadily now and can stand up on her own with support and while holding on to something. She can crawl faster on a bed than the hard floor.

The pillows are no longer enough to barrage her. So we moved in the playpen and made it comfy for her to sleep. This will be where she will sleep in the daytime and at night, she will still sleep with us.

She is more cheery these days and ever so adventurous about food... I think she has tasted more food than any of her peers had...

Her hair is getting thicker but I hope it can be longer by her first birthday :D

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